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  1. I think the rewards need looking at. The endo is nice and all, but when you don't have anymore mods to max out, the endo/ayatan aren't very useful anymore. It would be nice to see some kuva in there too. We also need something to continuously spend the vitus essence on in the shop. Once you buy everything, they're kind useless. At the very least adding relic packs would make farming arbitrations worthwhile.
  2. I just want a an option to change between a toggled channeling and a held channeling. The forced toggle feels clunky when I just want use channeling in short bursts for things like dispatch overdrive or life strike. I end up burning a lot more energy then intended with the toggle due to it being slower.
  3. This seems largely useless with the change of the Knell being a full auto weapon now. Usually if you miss the first shot, you're likely to miss the 2nd one as well. It would be nice if the signature weapon bonus was a longer buff duration instead.
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