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  1. Granted.but somehow a portal opens a path and leads to earth I Wish WhiteRose could take a rest and stop messing with this discussion.
  2. Granted,but now you need to farm 3 argon crystals,30 nitain,and 700 ducats I Wish raids would do a comeback
  3. Granted,but they get cancer I Wish for whiterose to get a girlfriend
  4. Granted,but he gets mad cuz he gets pinged all the day I Wish for the moon to have 3 airs
  5. Granted, But now a new bug appears making you stay in the k drive until you leave I Wish Steve Sinclair would be my bf
  6. Granted,but now archwings have less dmg I Wish Rebecca could be my GF
  7. Granted, But then a hot chick appears and steals you and kindapes you forever. I wish my Warframe wasn't stuck at "checking for updates"
  8. How many times people have made Warframe reworks or ideas that have been ignored for a long Long time
  9. Whatever your ideas or good or bad,I can assure you this won't happen in the next 2 years,DE look more at Reddit than the forums suggestions,which is bad.
  10. Its time to stop with the "where you dreaming bout fortuna coming today! well get rekt is not! take this S#&$ more serius for #*!% sake.
  11. Nha DE wont look at feedback that is givin UNTO DA VOID,for real those threads get forgotten.
  12. But please...Look at the feeback 😞 dont let the feedback die in the jade ligth.
  13. wherew is the hype site loolollolllolol
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