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  1. His "knowledge"? He is an Anti-Progress person,if DE does what he wants, we would have No Archwing, Open world, etc etc..only 3 hour Mot survival like he likes. Remember its rant about the changes in the login system? because he wanted players to get the zenith to 500 days instead of 100? now that's selfish. Remember when he ranted about some small changes about Fortuna enemies to balance it? He is a close-minded person that only thinks of the benefits on "vets", and doesn't think on Newer players. (He even calls himself "The Voice" of the community,Imao) as for info 1 - Region chat (Yes,even region chat helps Lol) 2 - Wiki 3 - Discord komrades
  2. I Bet this OP and the appreciation thread are both Rio accounts.
  3. Granted.but somehow a portal opens a path and leads to earth I Wish WhiteRose could take a rest and stop messing with this discussion.
  4. ya guys that are having this problem should raid the prime time and demmand and answer.
  5. What if the forums maintenace is to cover this up and remove it? I start to believe this is a conspiracy.
  6. #*!%ing DE,for real "OMG DE LISTENS TO ITS PEOPL..." Thats a FECKING lie
  7. what has DE said about this? nothing shrug
  8. Steve Sinclair and rebecca bobs needs to wake up asap and fix this imao.
  9. similar problem but i am stuck at "checking for updates"
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