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  1. No. It doesn't. However, Invisibility is not invincibility. I agree it's very strong but it does have drawbacks (unlike permanent invincibility). You can be energy starved (Eximus, etc) You can be one shot by AoE (quite easily since you rarely build defense on stealth frames) You can be one shot by random stray shots You aren't splitting damage with rest of team (they get hit more) Playing the game where you have a mandatory spamming of one button isn't fun. Dropping into Operator (especially out of necessity) every 5 seconds, isn't fun. I get that they are in the game this way now, but if you prefer to play that way, I find it odd. Operator in general isn't fluid and half of the abilities are useless while the other half are OP. How many times have they reworked and will rework operator because of reasons like this. Like I said previously, I do not like permanent invincibility. It's a bad mechanic and should have massive drawbacks (being unable to move, being unable to attack, draining massive energy, or health, etc.) Hildryn get's it for free automatically when necessary. It should not have a high uptime. You say you hate Dragon Key build and an arcane should be nerfed. But a build where you hold Melee Auto attack macro to get permanent invincibility is somehow ethically superior because "active gameplay". I don't agree. As well, it doesn't even remove the playstyle. Your shield stealing melee build will still be good. You just won't have invincibility all the time. This sentence doesn't exactly make sense. But I think I understand the sentiment. We'll have to agree to disagree.
  2. I was trying to sort that out a little through the use of the Plunder Projector. I played around with sending a new pulse every 2 or 3 seconds. Still not sure which I would rather. Having duration while using projector doesn't hurt your shield return after the first wave comes back. The way I intended it was so that new waves can be sent out while old waves are still in transit. So you always get the a new wave back every 2 or 3 seconds (whichever I land on) and duration truly just affects the range of enemies effected. This of course is limited to when you are using projectors. But does that ease your concern? I realize it may not be apparent with how it looks on paper.
  3. I agree that this would be better outright in terms of strength. Though I think, thematically, it makes more sense on the return given the name of the skill. Kind of like reaching your arms out slowly and then snatching everything. I think I see why you hate the cooldown now. You don't like dragon key + Arcane Aegis invulnerability build, presumably, because it requires little input and just a gear setup. But I would argue shield stealing on Rakta Dark Dagger to spam invincibility cycles is not that far off of Decaying Dragon key setups. It's exceedingly easy to execute (melee is pretty easy) and requires a specific weapon instead of a key / arcane. To me the main difference between these setups is playstyle and doesn't affect power level that much. The entire reason I nerfed the invincibility the way I did was to limit invincibility to a specific uptime (3/15 = 20%). Invincibility spamming is too powerful and is easily abused. Being immune to damage 100% of the time isn't good game design. Just like someone holding down a melee auto attack macro doesn't make someone skilled. I would hazard a guess that the intended purpose of this passive is to be a last resort defensive stop gap. It is not meant to provide permanent complete invincibility. Whether you make it that from a Specter, Arcane, Mod, Weapon, or otherwise is irrelevant. In fact, I'd change that feature back, if someone from the warframe design team tells me it was intended to provide 100% invincibility up time.
  4. You already have to hide at extreme levels of the game with a big shield build. If I have 4000 shields, and Aegis my regen would be (15+.05*4000)*2.7+60 = 640.5. That would take a minimum of 6.24 seconds to refill if you didn't get hit after invulnerability and you didn't use a single ability. Both of these being somewhat unlikely. So you are already hiding at minimum 3.24 seconds when you lose your shields right now in a big shield build. I would maybe be ok with lowering the cooldown to 10 seconds, but I believe having permanent invulnerability is bad game design. This nerf hits dragon key WAY harder than a big shield build. Secondarily, the taunt is actually something I put in to increase tanking consistency. Adaption, Arcane Aegis and Barrier both proc off of being hit so they would fall off less. It's not just a support mechanic. I picked an assortment of enemies. Including enemies that are good against shield frames. I am using Rapid Resilience so I rarely have a problem against toxin or slash procs. I would use Prime Vigor if I had it for a little more HP cushion and bigger shields as well. I get along just fine without it though. Are you of the opinion that a naked weapon using no arcane, frame, or mods should be able to kill all levels of content. I don't hold that view. I also don't think frames should be capable of tanking all levels of play out of the box. Even if they are a tank frame. In my version, with Haven projection and augment, Hildryn would be far tankier than her current iteration while also being better at support. This should allow her to tank Arbitrations and Sorties with relative impunity without relying on a shield gate crutch (which basically leaves her without the ability to even use abilities). This isn't about Nezha or whether I know all the shield gate mechanics in the game. The only place you would actually see a loss is at the most extreme levels of the game where you have to shield gate (which I believe is a bad mechanic in general).
  5. My Goodness! I apologize! You are correct about the 300. For whatever reason, since I came back to warframe recently, I conflated armor damage reduction in League of Legends which is x / (x + 100) and not warframes' which is x / (x + 300). You are correct. In warframe, it should be 300. I really shouldn't play League.....bad for the brain apparently. Thank you for that. In correction of the Above Toxin Damage calculations With 100 Armor: You would take 150 damage With 300 Armor: You would take 150 damage. (no difference) It actually makes the nerf from 300 to 100 damage even less of a big deal. But it would hurt the armor augment on Haven.
  6. I agree the dragon key build is stupid. Which is why I nerfed it. It isn't fun. I also agree that some Arcanes are quite a bit power creepy in many circumstances. However, Aegis is in no way overpowered compared to many other arcanes (really only the useless ones). It's actually pretty ok with how it's designed. I consider myself fairly well versed. This may get a little math heavy to illuminate my position. The following should help. ARMOR Hildryn's armor is fairly irrelevant in the current build of the game. She doesn't have energy so she can't go Quick thinking and Armor does NOT effect shields. In any way. One of the only things that bypasses shields (Slash) is also considered TRUE damage and ignores armor to begin with. So Toxin is pretty much the only thing you can actually interact with. To calculate out Toxin damage, we would use the armor formula for mitigation (x/(x+100). This means the original amount of Toxin mitigation is (300/(300+100)) = (300/400) = 75%. The new Toxin mitigation would be (100/(100+100) = (100/200) = 50%. This would mean taking 100% increased toxin damage ***IF*** warframe didn't work the way that it does. We would actually only take around 30% increased damage. SEE BELOW FOR ACTUAL TRUE DAMAGE CALCS 1. Impact damage Shield killer damage. Having the potential to actually apply armor to shields with my augment (not the way it works in game currently) we would be twice as strong against every thing that doesn't outright ignore our shields. Impact's damage wouldn't be effected by the armor regardless due to armor penetration mechanics. 2. Slash True damage. Nothing can really be done about this. It's true damage. Except under Haven's projection in my build we would reroute the slash damage to shields. As an aside, slash damage never hits really hard. It just seems that way because it ignores armor and shields. So effectively we have a massive tool against slash. 3. Toxin Ignores Shields. If we ignore Haven's status rerouting, toxin resistance mods, toxin resistance arcanes, armor arcanes, and anything else we can think of, this armor change is outright not a big deal. The first thing we need to understand is that Tenno (the player) has a 50% weakness to Toxin damage. This means whatever armor bonus we get is actually ignored by this amount. With my 100 armor a 100 damage toxin hit would deal 150 damage. My 50% armor bonus is removed entirely by my weakness and then the 50% is multiplied. In hildryn's current build with 300 armor she would take 112.5 damage from the same hit. The 75% reduction is lowered by 50%. So now you have 25% armor so the 100 goes down to 75. Then it is multiplied by the 50% bonus ending in 112.5. 150/112.5 = 1.333 repeating. So 33% extra damage. I made a small video of a variety of grineer L60 as I afk. Most people playing Hildryn aren't having a problem with normal enemies. Especially at this level. Also, I would never be standing here and taking damage like this, and I could get a LOT more survivability if I wanted.
  7. Made an updated version after thinking through all of the feedback. It is listed in the OP but I'll include it here for convenience. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uFq62yHRcL9VvOKmvM518X3B9OKURZmokWcFxUly3LI/edit#gid=2096445414
  8. I agree the flat steal doesn't scale very well, especially outside of survival / defense. I honestly didn't want to seem like I was just proposing a bunch of power creep. But I may actually change it back to steal the direct amount it pillages. So, current Pillage works very much like a corrosive proc works. Meaning your stealing X% of current. If I have lets say Growing Power (Aura), Power Drift (Exilus), Umbral Intensity (Normal Mod) that would give 84% Ability Strength. Base Pillage is 25%. The table below should demonstrate the front loading of the current vs my proposed system (if you used the actual stripped amount). You can see by the 3rd proc it would already overwhelm the current way it works and be way more effective in subsequent pulses until armor is completely removed. It would take until Pulse 4 to even out if you had absolutely 0% ability strength. CUR vs MAX 25% 10% ABI STRENGTH 84% 84% TOTAL STEAL 46% 18% STARTING ARM 10,000 10,000 PULSE STEAL 1 4,600 1,840 PULSE STEAL 2 2,484 1,840 PULSE STEAL 3 1,341 1,840 PULSE STEAL 4 724 1,840 PULSE STEAL 5 391 1,840 PULSE STEAL 6 211 800 PULSE STEAL 7 114 0 PULSE STEAL 8 62 0 PULSE STEAL 9 33 0 PULSE STEAL 10 18 0 Interestingly Vauban's Bastille works very weird. If you mod it to remove say 50% armor over its TOTAL DURATION. You could hit an enemy with like 14 Bastilles without removing all their armor. Each Bastille is considered "1 Proc". So it is % of total removed while they are in one instance. After that instance is removed, the next bastille will use the new current armor amount not the original max amount. But I digress.
  9. Fair enough I suppose. My personal opinion is that if she was great and clean and people really liked her, everyone would figure out a way to get her. You are certainly correct to some degree though. It is certainly a hit to her tankiness. I didn't want this to be a straight "buff me in every way thing" so I took some defense out of that and spread it around. In this version you can immune on demand but it costs something (not attacking + massive shields). Yah. I was a little worried about giving her more mobility. I replied to a comment in a similar fashion earlier in the thread.
  10. Please allow to explain a few of these points. A lot of my rewrite is nuanced and may not be evident with how I wrote it. - Pillage per hit(Plunder in rewrite): Pillage stops stealing meaningful amounts pretty quickly and is front loaded in the current Hildryn. This would basically remove its curve where its really good and then useless (maybe some numbers could use adjusting). This version is pretty good almost all the time. It also picks up ammo and mods. Not huge but can save you a companion slot or for when you don't have a companion. - Balefire: It's augment will allow it to have very strong status builds and Parley spam allows you to auto (even orange) crit if you have an Arcane Aegis Decaying dragon low shield build. Also while airborn (in the writeup) you gain double the aoe size. It ends up being at least as good (likely better) than a staticor in both of these variants by my estimation. - Aegis Storm Mobility: I somewhat agree here. I debated making sprint speed scale flying speed and friction change your in-air dash. Wasn't sure and didn't want it to feel too power creepy. - Armor Reduction: I believe 100 armor is a 50% damage reduction (x/(x+100). 300 would be 75% damage reduction. It is quite a bit lower but shield will be twice as strong with augment. - Slash Procs: Please correct me if I'm wrong here but all Slash procs are considered true damage and ignore armor. Slash base damage would still be applied to the shields directly (which are twice as strong). For toxin, I believe this sentiment would be correct. Though toxin has many workarounds to my knowledge. Playstyles: - Plunder (w/ credit farm augment). Increase credits on the go (for people who hate the index) - Low Shield Decaying Parley spam: 100-200% base critical chance add. Glass cannon build. Eidolon hunter maybe. - Parley Balefire on the ground: Big crit damage Balefire. Easier to maintain without other skills draining. - Flying Balefire w/ Augment: Napalm Heat status builds (much better after they changed heat to stack) - Haven (w/ armor augment): REALLY strong buff to really everyone buff very strong for shield frames. So your making many support frames even better. This got long. Sorry
  11. Thanks for actually reading through it. Those are some good points on the thematics. I mainly pulled the theme from Haven (Pirate Havens were ports safe for pirates to unload stolen goods etc.) and Pillage which is somewhat self-explanatory. I was also trying to capitalize on the Railjack stuff. You are right about her current theme being Valkyrie / shield maiden though.
  12. *PLEASE ACTUALLY LOOK AT THIS RE-BALANCE BEFORE COMMENTING* If you are assuming I don't know how Hildryn works, what she can do, how strong she can be, etc. please don't. Hildryn is underplayed (perhaps due to accessibility), her design often doesn't coalesce, and her theme feels weak at best. This IS NOT just QQ buff me thread. It is a serious attempt at balance and design. *NEW* After Feedback: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uFq62yHRcL9VvOKmvM518X3B9OKURZmokWcFxUly3LI/edit#gid=2096445414 OLD Version: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EWt4uvrPLlNjfn-59qSMDrX2rIXmsUlfqrugE1kvlig/edit#gid=2075689574 In any case, thoughts?
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