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  1. Because doing starchart is endgame. We need endgame content, not new features that just scale enemy level and armor.
  2. I don't think K-drives should be considered an option when traversing the map. They're slow, clunky, and can be beat by almost any frames default mobility.
  3. been there, done that. doesn't really change much tbh.
  4. wait for the unvault then
  5. You realize that DE makes money off of things players purchase right? If the content is bad and people don't like it, DE should consider adjusting what they're doing to what the player base wants, it's how they make money.
  6. Looks fun. Let's hope that the Relay Construction event will have leaderboards.
  7. With the Sacrifice being released, are there any plans to make Archwing more meaningful in the game? As of now, there isn't much content that includes the use of the Archwing. The quest for it was sweet and all, but after that it's sort of disappointing. The Jordas Verdict was the only Archwing mission people ever did. On top of that, the missions in the star chart are buggy and need patching. Did I forget to mention the innumerable misdocks in JV? The AI needs improvement, the enemies get stuck and crowd up too easily. Also, there is no content in the game that requires you to use a forma on any of your Archwing gear. The last thing that actually required you to forma your Archwing weapons was JV. Archwing was released on Update 15. We are now on Update 23 and we've seen little effort made to include Archwing into the hype of the game. We have 9 total Archwing missions in the entire star chart. For the thousands of mods we have in game, 46 of them are Archwing mods. Warframe is a game about space ninjas, and it has a lot of Earth, but little space.
  8. Quasars would like to enter their dojo to Prime Time tonight 🙂 Image: Times: Good luck beating the top time!
  9. Of course it's given out after it's nerfed FeelsBadMan. The cheapest prime frame in the game has now become cheaper
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