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  1. --Q--Captain

    Warframe Endgame Suggestion, please read!

    what about scaling rewards as an endgame nice ideas otherwise
  2. --Q--Captain

    Grineer pets

    I think we should get some actual content, rather than just more mastery rank that can be completed within a few hours.
  3. --Q--Captain

    Sybaris Riven Mod

    Try trade chat.
  4. --Q--Captain

    Why does no one play conclave

    Most people have never actually played conclave, they just trash on it because it's the thing to do.
  5. --Q--Captain

    Rivens need to be revisited!

  6. --Q--Captain

    Bugged quest?

  7. --Q--Captain

    Fortuna 1080 Wallpapers

  8. --Q--Captain

    Please let this be the next open world.

    Can we just... not have another open world? And maybe get some endgame?
  9. --Q--Captain

    The Remote Observer: Vol 43

  10. --Q--Captain

    Accolades Feedback

    Requiring kills would eliminate Lunaro though. I think it could be changed to 100 game wins. 10,000 kills is equal to 400 games won, with every game being 25 kills (max). 1,000 kills is only around 40 games won, which isn't a lot.
  11. --Q--Captain

    Mature a Kavat

    I'm not really sure why you wouldn't mature the Kavat. You can fix the gene degradation by using DNA Stabilizers, they restore 40% of the DNA integrity. If you run out of stabilizers, you can buy 6 DNA stabilizers for 5,000 credits or 75,000.
  12. --Q--Captain

    Dojo decorations - proper water

    How would they design the actual decoration though, in terms of shape and size?
  13. --Q--Captain

    Missing [ayatan anasa] trade link

    It should have been added yes, but they have other things that are more important to work on.
  14. --Q--Captain

    12 Hours Kuva Fortress Survival run

  15. --Q--Captain

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.1

    You realize that DE makes money off of things players purchase right? If the content is bad and people don't like it, DE should consider adjusting what they're doing to what the player base wants, it's how they make money.