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  1. Killed my lich at level 5 solo. Just spun around him with galantine prime and stabbed.
  2. You have an issue with a level 90 nox? I usually cc them on divine spikes and kohm them in the face since that’s their weak point.
  3. You still still get something for dying. It used to give you nothing but everyone just wants the lich to run away. There’s very little to nothing that kills you in here and really this is about people stabbing vs not stabbing. Not if the deaths are meangingful or not
  4. I would rather it just kill me and move on. Deaths in this game don’t matter to me but then again I played way too much dark souls to care.
  5. Honestly that would be more upsetting cause now you’re in this hype state of maybe you did kill it maybe you didn’t. Just to find out you didn’t.
  6. It also doesn’t make you right. Let’s not forget that tidbit 😉
  7. You’re getting mad at dying in this game? I see the death as I know what mod doesn’t belong in that slot AND I got some murmurs for it. I’m still closer to killing my lich.
  8. And what do YOU want to see the lich do when you fail to kill it? Punch you and leave? Cause that’s not gonna do a lot to you.
  9. Again I see it as an ok mechanic. You don’t. You’re not gonna change my mind nor I yours.
  10. So you obviously weren’t playing when it first launched cause it used to be that way. You got nothing from failing to kill your lich. I found it as I know what doesn’t belong in that slot. Still got an answer even if you don’t like it.
  11. Sure you say it’s meaningless I see it as an ok mechanic. I don’t care about “losing” recourses as you get them back after killing/converting your lich. If you try to stab your lich and you fail is it just gonna bounce with its tail between its legs? Offer you no consequence to your actions?
  12. I did answer, you and him don’t seem to grasp the answer. You die to your lich you get 10 thralls worth of murmur + let’s say 10 thralls. You got 20 thralls worth of murmur. You’re now 20 thralls closer to discovering your liches weakness. That’s the answer and I’m not sure what it is that both of you don’t get.
  13. Whenever someone fails to kill their lich I always just put “f” in the chat for a funny meme. Deaths in Warframe aren’t impacting you at all. So what if you got killed by your lich? Did it affect you? It put your energy down to default start of the mission but did nothing else.
  14. It’s not silence, it’s refusing to indulge in your heated campaign. You say the deaths are pointless I say they’re fine. If you wanted to get rid of the death the. How about your lich passively gets stronger the more you neglect it. Doesn’t kill you but if you ignore it/don’t try and stab it you’re punished even harsher by your lich going up by two levels with more stuff stolen.
  15. I won’t answer your question cause of how rude and demanding you sound. Therefore I’m ending this discussion since it seems neither of us are going anywhere with it.
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