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  1. Broken syndicate mods? All of the Weapon ones. Basically every single one doesn't have it's advertised bonus but does properly add the various AOE Effects. i mainly use toxic blight, and it has -zero- effect on the elemental damage of the weapon, but it's burst effect does work properly. So either that's broken, or the bonus effects are only during that "Power up" phase and that's not made clear anywhere important or obvious (If thats the case, the mod card should be like "+1 Blight, +100% Toxin damage while Blight is active" Rather than "+100% toxin damage, +1 blight")
  2. And therein lies the problem. What you're basically saying is that if your team is dying, your support should be tanking more. Seems odd to me. i'm not against this, but what gets me is that everyone focuses on her 3/4 skills and not her 1/2 which are the totally useless ones and also the ones you're stuck levelling with for the longest time. So, out of my curiousity, how would my idea of making her 1/2 into PBAoE effects make her tankiness worse? you're already punchfacing things to make the whole blessing+link combo not totally trash.
  3. The problem with it being an instant heal and then effectively having a cooldown (Because of the lasting effect) was that it was still crap. Nothing like using it because your team is low, only to have the wave end a second later and everyone die in the rush of the following wave start.
  4. ^^ The problem with trinity as a support is that her pure support skills (Well/vampire) Require being cast on enemies, which opens a whole can of worms nowadays with the sheer damage output and debuff capability of the average damage frame Hence why i feel so strongly about making her main 2 skills use herself as the focus, rather than the enemy. Mechanically this is the same thing basically every single other frame in the game currently does. The -ONLY- exception right now is Nyx and mind control, which doesn't see as much use in the face of her also having chaos and it having the same issu
  5. Answer me this, then: Why bring trinity who requires the leaving alive of enemies and use of directly-targeted auras, when any frame can bring more powerful and easier placed consumables that do the same thing as her 1&2 skills, but don't require a target and don't even cost energy, and are equally stuck in place? wouldn't having another damage frame/debuff frame be 10x as useful? i've personally never been in a team where we've hit L70+ enemies and felt that trinity was doing bloody anything since they nerfed blessing to not just be 10s or so of pure invincibility. (and i should mention,
  6. Let me rephrase this: Her powers are so mechanically broken that against anything less than the most powerful raw mobs in the game, they're totally useless. Yes, when used on a level 80+ Infested ancient her "Well" type powers are great, but in normal gameplay against mobs that scale to roughly 40 most things are pretty much dead long before her skills are useful. I'd rather see her skills made useful in -all- forms of gameplay before a pass dealing with insane amounts of scaling. a broken system is still broken even when it only works in one certain place. Go ahead, take a mag to a def
  7. thats just it, no frame should be intentionally scarce. No matter how good they are. Nova for instance is still stupid easy to get and is one of the most useful frames throughout the game. Vauban is also crazy useful, but he takes random luck and possibly months of waiting to aqcuire his components, this is highly stupid. Mesa is the same way, luckily some of us caught on to the nav pay and got 4-5 keys worth before the nodes basically ceased to exist because they complete out in 10m or less. I know the game is F2P, but having to kill phorid 5-6 times per key is still a goodly bit of farmin
  8. it makes Mutalist Salad as easy to fight as lephantis & hek who also require keys but have much more easily farmed key nav drops. Making it require 40x the effort for the same reward (One single warframe) as the other 2 is just going as full retard as Vauban still being an alert only drop. Which is a system that still needs to go die in a void portal collapse. The goal here is to make phorid have a reason to be downed and it suffices. it means infested invasions can progress more often and more people will actually want to kill him, rather than the 1 random nav coord node being completed
  9. Option 4) Phorid has a chance to reward a nav coordinate when the mission is completed, rather than relying on the annoying battle pay system.
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