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  1. Please offer the Glassmaker Sword again at some point. I haven't been able to find the Conduit Weave clue anywhere in the last crime scene anywhere & customer support hasn't helped me at all. It's a geometry error since the item won't pop up through the map itself. That & even then, the map mechanics of the floating platforms, the timers, the limited points & the disapearing platforms along with the memory game have instantly sucked the fun out of this for me. Customer service which in a perfect world should've been able to help me wasn't able to & I highly doubt that the forum
  2. PLEASE add a aura mod slot to Necramechs, Arcanes to Necramechs & give the Voidrig Necramech a healing ability too. Necramechs in general just seem like over size glass cannons that need stronger mods like corrupted mods. I'm also really hoping to be able to bring them along for more indoor missions as well. These are things that should have been thought about during the development process. I love them, they brought me back to Warframe, but PLEASE, please please please, fix them more, please.
  3. Fixed Necramechs losing Affinity when destroyed and the Warframe you are using dies. It took this long to this? Ffs guys, come on. >_< This really killed my will to play, I had to force myself to level up the Voidrig, it was really frustrating to say the least. Now please give the Voidrig a buff so that it isn't a glass cannon that falls apart, even with Storm Shroud which is literally a weaker version Iron Skin.
  4. Crap. 😞 They just look so ugly on him with Prime Details toggled on.
  5. So I somewhat recsently purchesed the new Tennogen Skin for Chroma/Chroma Prime & it just looks terrible with Prime Details toggled on. I know that Mesa Primes Prime Toggle was fixed, what about the other Primes? Not just Chroma & Mesa, but the other Prime Warframes & Tennogen Skins as well.
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