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  1. Please stop butchering Rivens all together. Some people spend 100's of dollars on plat/grind alot to get enough plat to buy them & the upcoming riven change would make them utter crap for Prime, Vandal, etc variants.
  2. The upcoming Riven Changes should ONLY be for the Kuva Weapons. They're terrible. All of my Prime Weapons will be utter crap if this goes through.
  3. It would've been nice if we got a few free Pexilus Adapters with this update in addition to the Pexilus Adapters from the Syndicate Stores being cheaper & not requiring a Forma to build them. That & if the Pexilus Mods would also been expanded to include more Mods for more variety too. Reload Speed should've been there along with Fire Rate.
  4. But still though. Some guns like the Exergis or the Tigris literally require a reload speed mod at the cost of damage due to having to reload them so many times. The only way to make them playable is with a Riven which people shouldn't have to do.
  5. I'd like to comment on reload speed not being one of the primary & secondary exilus mods. Why? Reload Speed really kills alot of guns for me in this game & having a slot for reload speed would've finally fixed alot of my problems. Also, I tried finding the right forum for this, but it just wasn't there.
  6. I really wish that Atlas/Atlas Prime got a buff or a rework or something. He's just Rhino, but you have to keep using his 1 a million times in order to stay invulnarable.
  7. When is Equinox Deluxe going live? I'm really looking forward to it. 🙂
  8. His new 2 still needs work. I don't see myself using his speed booster at all. That & the nail grenade & the Tesla Drones could also do more damage too please.
  9. I'm REALLY hoping the Corpra Mag Skin got accepted for Round 17.
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