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  1. I noticed that we STILL can't trade Primed Chilling Grasp. It's only been a week & I have 2 extra of them in my collection that are gradually becoming more & more worthless over time, thanks alot DE, your response time is astounding.
  2. It wasn't my fault, I just didn't have enough. How are you even defending this. This is ridiculous.
  3. So when is the Glass Maker Key coming back? I only had enough Credits to get the Ornament, but not the Key. This feels like a rip off right now & to everyone who could only afford one or the other at the moment. This should've been available 24/7 DE, why don't you think of these things.
  4. I still didn't get my drop from over 12 hours ago & yes I did claim it.
  5. Error Occurred Drop was not claimed. I f'ing knew it. It's not letting me claim it. Why can't you people just leave well enough alone, the old system was finally working.
  6. Okay: Account has been successfully linked. That's it right?
  7. It maybe easier to contact them, but CS doesn't usually get back to us until days later & half of the time there help is either non-existant or they're just unable to help us at all.
  8. We should get it automatically, I just don't like the fact that they're changing how we're getting it.
  9. Friendly, right. I got screwed out of so many rewards last time they said that this was friendly & no one ever replied back to me at all. I missed out on alot & I have every right to be angry about this.
  10. Why do you guys have to screw up a good thing? You have forums for a reason. Ask the playerbase first. Set up a pole for things like this. Here, I'll do for you. Should Digital Extreme stick to Twitch Drops 1.0 or Twitch Drops 2.0? A. B. See, that's not hard. It literally only took me a few seconds. Why couldn't you guys do that? Ffs. Now this probably won't work & I'll end up getting screwed out of a bunch of rewards just like last time this happened, great, just great. Thanks alot.
  11. Will you guys PLEASE make the freaking Vitrica Sword available post Glass Maker? I mean sure the crime scene aspect was interesting & all, but the clues ended up being trapped underneath the geometry itself. I tried to talk to customer support about this & they wanted to do this whole confusing, long, drawn out process that involved going over the entire software of the game itself or something like that. And then they just told me to go to the forums instead. I even told them explicitly that I checked out every single Youtube Video tutorial with Glass Maker Crime Scene Chapter 5, look
  12. I was on 12, I dropped it back to 11, thanks!
  13. I still can't connect to the game after the hot fix.
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