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  1. Kuva lich progenitor bug checking how my wukong prime lich looked like on the railjack i realized that he had excalibur helmet instead of wukong, tried another lich and it was the same any kuva lich, at least on railjack lich should have the progenitor helmet on his shoulder liches all have excalibur helmet happen always
  2. corpus reward bug caches are not awarded (at least at venus proxima orvin-haak and neptune proxima nu-gua mines), was farming the athodai but after a couple of runs i realized i was not reciving the same rewards as before the last update and that the ones missing were the caches rewards, tried another corpus planet and it was the same not sure if it's happening always from anywhere, but i started it from the railjack in the dojo, returned and started another, and even started from an ended mission should have gotten the mission reward, the bonus reward, and then the caches rewar
  3. Bug report: dojo armory mod bug Sometimes equipping weapon mods in dojo reset the stats instead of adding them, happened already once with my velocitus (didn't get screenshot) that did reset weapon damage instead of add electrical damage, now it happened with my chakkhurr in which case it reset the critical chance upon equipping hammershot https://imgur.com/a/mB7QnFp haven't understood why it happened, but happened only at the dojo armory should add bonus to a stats but it reset the stat or other stats
  4. bug report: railjack crew weapons not working as they should Testing out some weapons on a crew member in the simulacrum I found out that some weapons don't get the benefits of mods; kuva kohm worked, cynex worked, ignis wraith worked, prisma tetra shot in burst without mod bonus damage and i think it reloaded before the clip would have been empty, Soma prime did not get bonus, baza didn't get bonus, my kitgun didnt get bonus, phantasma didn't get bonus. so many weapons don't get the right modded stats. https://imgur.com/a/NE2rvZn crew weapons should get mods bonuses, but of wha
  5. Bug report: wrong level railjack Doing various railjack missions to level my xaku and tetsu, when after a few i noticed that even if i had earned a lot of affinity to get to level 20, in mission i was still level 9. Getting back to the dojo i realized that my level was correct in the armory and the upper left corner profile info in the menu, but under the hp bar my level was still 9 as in mission, getting back to the orbiter locked my level to the correct ammount.
  6. Bug report #1: failed mission screen locked was doing the first mission of neptune proxima (vettore arva in italian), jumped in with xaku trying to level it there with my new tatsu, rushed not to the objective but the nearby station, died a couple of times, completed it and jumped into a crew ship, died again and the mission failed (not sure if it failed before i finished my revives, wasn't counting them), but at that moment the game locked into the fail screen and didn't want to log out of the mission, could have checked my profile so it wasn't completely frozen. After some minutes, st
  7. Ho aperto warframe subito dopo l'aggiornamento Railjack 3.0 e mentre vedevo il nuovo plexus ho notato che due mod, Predator e Section Density, hanno lo stesso testo, ovvero "danno critico torretta". Dato che sul plexus non ci sono le statistiche degli armamenti, le mod sembrano uguali, però andando al porto railjack ho visto che le statistiche in realta sono correttamente aggiunte come probabilità di critico una e danno critico l'altra, quindi l'errore è nella traduzione che può essere estremamente problematica per qualcuno inesperto. allego lo screen delle mod
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