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  1. Garuda's 4 lets her hover above the battlefield. (I think garuda is some kind of flying god, based on dufferent games I've pkayed.) She also gives aoe slash in a decent radius and then uses blood to make a deadly explosion. Its pretty fitting I think.
  2. Well since we've got abilities that make defense, exterminate and survival mussions a lot easier, its probably fine to do it for cache hunts as well.
  3. Rivens move a lot of plat. I don't think DE would get rid of rivens unless they could make up the plat in other areas of the game.
  4. No. I dont want to feel like I cant do a mission because no one brought a healer or defense based warframe.
  5. You'd combine two mods to form the new kind and still have hundreds of mods left over? Maybe if the combined mods would expire like argon crystals do, that way you could continue to recycle your excess mods. Perhaps the combined mods would be free to upgrade too (unless people are in need of an endo sink, so not sure about this part.) Or maybe the mods would be at max upgrade level when created.
  6. The duration increase given by your "combo breaker." lets say it takes me 3 crouches to become invisible. Do I get the 1 second duration increase for every time I gain % with a crouch, or do I only get it once I'm fully cloaked?
  7. DE only uses greatswords. I'm 90% sure they're gonna run a script that reduces the attack speed of all melee by the same amount and then any adjustments after that will be in response to youtuber feedback. Im pretty sure thats how they handled things when they messed with aoe weapons damage falloff.
  8. I just want her deluxe to have huge boobs like the hyldryn fan art. I'm pretty sure DE reduced the size of her chest so that there would be less clipping, but if the deluxe skin comes with a new idle stance then DE would be free to bump her up a few sizes. Or maybe the community could start caring less about clipping in general so that DE wouldn't have to be so rigid with some of their designs.
  9. "Grakatana." For Clem. For honor.
  10. I'm not sure. I think Revenant is one of DE rebecca's favorite frames (she even got super emotional when talking about his deluxe yesterday) so he might not get the kind of rework that could do his eidolon theme enough justice.
  11. No but I think they gave the acid shells treatment to khoras whipclaw recently so both can join in on the inconsistancy. We all miss together, tenno.
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