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  1. I believe Finishers have been moved to the interact button. (the button you use to reload and open lockers.)
  2. I like being able to pay to skip. I 'waste' much of my day at work and I don't want to feel like I can't progress in warframe because I can't put aside the time it takes to grind things. Not being able to skip would make this game feel like a second job, and I don't need a second job.
  3. (PS4)Ragology


    I believe the acceltra's projectiles become Aoe after a certain amount of time. Do they become this way at a farther distance when projectile speed is increased?
  4. Also make it stop prioritizing dead bodies on the ground.
  5. The heavy attack button has been changed to "secondary fire." (default R3) Zenistar's disk also has a shorter duration, but it goes up when you have high combo counter.
  6. I've only tried in simulcarum so there's always a chance that things don't work right in there, but did they remove the bonus damage that Gara's Shattered Lash used to gain with the combo counter? Whether I'm at 0 combo or 12x combo, the damage remains the same, sweep version or poke version.
  7. I'm 80% sure DE doesn't use glaives enough to notice what we've lost.
  8. Yeah that's what I mean. Life steal is Vaska's defense, but I don't think that's on par with what the other Kavats have access to.
  9. I'm hoping that once they introduce the "devil trigger/limit break" system that people will be able to scale into the 400+ endless runs again. Honestly they could implement it now if the effect was simply "Warframe glows as if they were channeling, makes all mods work the way they did before the latest melee update."
  10. I look forward to the instant revives once we get the update on ps4, but yeah I don't see it living long without a strong defensive mod like Mischief (invisibility + decoy) or Reflect (invulnerability +damage reflection.)
  11. I think they should add more auras that give the extra 4 points of polarity. (I think we've only got two and they're both Y polarity?)
  12. With the recent update putting a leash how much our weapon damage can scale, DE will have an easier time designing things to challenge the playerbase.
  13. Shotguns divide status chance between the amount of pellets they shoot. This is partly why DE won't nerf the Kohm rivens since the riven's "status chance" stat would below the threshold and make the weapon a lot worse (at least that's what I've read.) Mara detron might be using shotgun logic. As for the other weapons not proccing, I hope its a simple bug and not a change in how growing power works. (I think my sentinel procs mine most of the time.)
  14. Maybe DE is selectively reading posts about how we've got too much energy and can spam abilities nearly nonstop in a mission without challenge or consequence?
  15. I'm just glad that they're working quickly instead of letting systems exist/settle for years before making changes like they usually do. (Not saying that I agree with their changes)
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