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  1. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Steel Meridian General Title - what reward?

    You will get everything from your main syndicate so just pick whatever looks nice
  2. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fortuna defence objectives and extractors are too squishy

    True, but you can beat sortie spy with Excalibur if you know what you're doing, so why not a low level bounty? All I'm asking for is the freedom of choice which seems to be reducing with each new content update. Sanctuary, Eidolons all have a meta and you can 'try' to play them with something else but you won't get far or will fail miserably
  3. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Let's talk Nova

    This should be part of her base kit tbh, it's her only defensive ability yet it gets removed in two seconds if you're surrounded by enemies, specially when using Spova because of overextended
  4. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fortuna defence objectives and extractors are too squishy

    Then lower level bounties were what I was referring to. I jumped in with Valkyr and Boltor P to farm Garuda but every one of those three missions had something to protect, I had to go back with a range duration Limbo and redo them because of it. I really don't see how giving the defence target a bit more survivability is a big deal tbh, it wouldn't make the mission any less difficult at all, just less annoying to farm alone
  5. (PS4)Equinox21697

    PoE Bounties Idea

    Pretty sure DE said they will be updating PoE to have a quest giver outside the gates similar to Venus
  6. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fortuna defence objectives and extractors are too squishy

    I have no problem dispatching them, but if even one gets left unchecked (which is easy to do since they blend into the background at times) they're gonna melt your objective if you don't have a bubble, I used Limbo to farm the first three bounties for Garuda but what I'm trying to say in my OP is all these defence missions are restricting possible loadouts, which is a bad thing imo You're comparing a regular bounty to something like Eidolons in which I'm always the support btw. See what I said above, that's what I'm trying to get across. I have every frame and most weapons and big mods maxed so I could make a loadout to breeze through the missions but that shouldn't be necessary
  7. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Dire Eidolon Dilemma

    I only do pub groups as well for hunts and have encountered my fair share of frustration, but I find my odds of getting a decent team a bit higher if I'm in Cetus just before sunset, most experienced players who don't like the try hards in recruitment chat go out as soon as it becomes night so they can get atleast two tri caps, if you miss that small window then your chances of having a mr5 with Mag on your team gets much higher. Also hosting your own hunt might help, just don't be that one trick who only plays Rhino and demands experienced Trinity, Harrow and Volt mains only for his squad because that's a good way to not get a team
  8. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Boss battle idea

    Unless they add some new and useful stuff to his droptable your suggestion will just make him a slightly bigger nuisance to veterans and a menace to low levels who are still farming frames and stuff. Imagine how strong the lieutenant Krill and Vor mission Stalker will be because we have to farm the Miter from them as well
  9. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fortuna defence objectives and extractors are too squishy

    I go Liam Neeson on every metal pole those corpus plant near me so my alert level is almost always zero. Not a big fan of Loki but I use Limbo for those missions which helps a lot but I would still like to use other frames like Valkyr without having to struggle to keep objectives alive, the drone things we hack have a decent amount of health so theres no reason to not do the same with the rest
  10. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Bye Bye Banshee Prime :(

    That'd be awesome, I don't mind buying or trading for it. I have relics but haven't had much luck finding squads for it and even TC isn't helping. I'll add you when I get online
  11. I got used to the gear wheel remembering the item I last used, meaning I could use archwing, get off it, do some stuff and immediately get back on by simply tapping the gear wheel button and the X button on my controller. Now after the update I keep wasting energy pizzas and falling into water and such because I keep forgetting that the gear wheel resets everytime you leave it. In the update notes they said the reason for making it that way is because players were complaining that they were losing muscle memory, but that is what's happening to me AFTER the change. I'm not asking to revert it or anything, just add a option to select the old gear wheel so players like me who found that more efficient can stick to it instead of having to fumble through all the items (which isn't easy to do with a controller) everytime we want to use something, thanks.
  12. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fortuna defence objectives and extractors are too squishy

    Pretty sure TLDR comes after a post, also i believe I got gud a while back and these 'new' enemies are just remodels of existing ones with a ability or weapon of a different unit attached to them, nothing to study or prioritise (except those fekkers who constantly stagger you) My problem is that the objective we have to defend can't survive unless it's being babysat the entire time which is annoying unless you bring a specific frame to help which as I mentioned a couple times above, is not fun. I understand high level content but this is just a common low level bounty, I haven't even tried the highest difficulty ones because the game keeps crashing in squads
  13. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fortuna defence objectives and extractors are too squishy

    As I said, a meta setup shouldn't be necessary for regular bounties like this. You can do Cetus ones with any frame you want so Fortuna should have that same freedom
  14. I wanted to post this in the Fortuna forum but couldn't find the create a topic button so I'll leave it here, feel free to move it if necessary. So I put a couple hours into the Fortuna update and tried doing some quests by myself, one thing I noticed is that there are a LOT of 'defend this for a few minutes while you get swarmed by enemies' type of objectives in the bounties which isn't a problem if the things we had to defend weren't so big and squishy. The corpus have some of the best firepower in the game so it doesn't take much effort for them to melt whatever you're trying to protect by just hiding in a corner somewhere and firing lasers at it 24/7. I'm sure someone will say "being a CC frame with a AOE weapon" but that shouldn't be necessary for such common missions imo. I'm not asking for much, just increase the health of the stuff we're trying to protect, make them scale with the enemies or something, this will solve the problems with excavation missions elsewhere as well
  15. Health link is extremely helpful for pets, get it from trade chat or by killing feral animals on earth. Also idk why but that title made me laugh lol