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  1. (PS4)Equinox21697

    I think lotus is trolling me.

    I think that's compatible with the akbolto prime as well so it isn't as bad as my cesta riven 😞
  2. (PS4)Equinox21697

    ODEON - Mirage Delux Skin Collection

    That looks pretty cool, can't understand the theme though, infested?
  3. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Kubrow preview looks... bad.

    Oh look it's Sid the Sloth 😄
  4. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Equinox in exterminate, how does it work?

    Range+efficiency+strength helps clear low level mobs without any input from you, for higher levels just do the same thing but go around and shoot a few enemies for your damage to build up faster, then find a group of enemies and deactivate the ability to nuke them
  5. (PS4)Equinox21697

    How to play chroma eidolon and general?

    Thing is, his only strength is having a ton of armour and damage which is why you don't see many Chromas in the starchart, he is however a really good choice for leveling fodder weapons because the damage buff helps even the most obsolete guns do some big numbers, I had a ton of fun levelling Lenz with him lol, only killed myself twice 😄
  6. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Archwing content... Uggggghhhhhh. Change my mind.

    I feel you, after hearing the new elite alerts required a 100% map completion I started to do all those missions because I never bothered to before and I died a couple times just by constantly bumping into stuff in those narrow corridors, a couple mods I got from a friend helped a bunch though but overall that mode needs to be rebuilt from scratch if they want it to be popular imo, specially those corpus maps which are a major clusterf**k right now
  7. (PS4)Equinox21697

    A small tip for collecting lures for Eidolon hunts

    I found the two small outposts on the two sides of the big base to the left of the lake (can't remember the names) to work well when gathering lures
  8. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fetch for Pets announced in Devstream #118!

    Gawsh I can finally atleast get some loot when i take that annoying cat on Kuva runs because the thing never gives me the resource booster, only quick reload or affinity or something useless like that
  9. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Halloween Tactical Alerts

    The helmet is available for 1 credit in your ARSENAL>APPEARANCE>ACCESSORIES there will be a new option in there similar to Nekros or Valkyr, the event only gives a sigil I think.
  10. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Halloween Tactical Alerts

    Sabotage? Does bullet jumping help destroy the things? It works on loot containers
  11. If you're in charge of getting the lures for a tricap then don't waste your time going around the map looking for them. Because if you hack a lure and go far enough away from that place, another lure will respawn there. You can find two camps close together and farm lures by going back and forth between the two. Maybe everyone already knows this and I'm just late to the party but I decided to share it anyway, cheers.
  12. (PS4)Equinox21697

    No Baro Kiteer

    Go to the back of the new relay if you haven't already
  13. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Interception strategy

    The most common reason players would run around is to gather loot from the other interception points. And there's a affinity bonus everytime you cap all four points so some players use it as a xp farm by letting enemies cap one point, then retake it to keep getting that extra xp.
  14. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Fortuna NPC in Cetus?

    Yeah they've been around for a while now showing up at relays and such, it's a invasion I tell ya, we need to stop them before we're overrun!
  15. (PS4)Equinox21697

    Corpus Tech :)

    Is he related to John Prodman? 😄