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  1. Hello, I am in dire need of some songs (and a god damn save feature to save them locally) all if possible full length. 1. Baby Shark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2. dango daikazoku 3. Lilium 4. Super Mario Bros 1 Level 1 and 2 5. Zelda - Gerudo Valley 6. Zelda - Classic Overworld 7. Sonic - Green Hill Zone 8. Knorkator - Wir werden alle sterben 9. Wham! - Last Christmas 10. Angel Beats - Intro I have million more requests but let's not be greedy x) (he said after listing 10 songs)
  2. It is not about money transfer. I paid big money for nekros prime access on PS4, this money got to DE. Since playing Warframe on PS4 is not real fun without people I am now playing on PC. So DE could set my Platinumammount on PS4 to 0 and add the 1500 plat to my PC account. As stuff costs more on console to counter the "tax" that sony takes, they got their money and would not lose out on anything and make a customer happy.
  3. Well, as said: A one time offer per account. Maybe even locked to accounts having master rank 5+ or something to block "quick" creation of accounts. Also it's easy to see accounts doing it multiple times via the payment method. If someone tries this "once" on 3 accounts that all paid with user/1213@email.com (used a / in the mailadress to make sure it is an invalid one) the other 2 get denied. Same with bank accounts. So there would be no problems or abuses. This is merely meant as a feature for players that don't get afoot on a platform and "wasted" money this way. I had fun with my Nekros but never used my plat on the PS4 as it was a pain to communicate there. And now it rots there. DE has the money for it so it doesn't hurt to give it to me.
  4. Hello, I am a player that doesn't have too much money for games and have to save up for stuff to buy stuff. A few years ago I started Warframe on my PS4 and bought the Nekros Prime Access Thingy for 70€ and started to have quite fun but sadly communication on consoles is not the best and thus I was mainly playing with randoms only which can be boring if they mostly do their own thing. So I left the game after ~2 months. Now I got Nekros Prime via Twitch for PC and a pal made me play on PC again and here I have quite a few people to play with and the game is much more fun this way. I even managed to buy the Rhino and Nyx pack. Now I remembered that I didn't touch touch my platinum on the PS4 much and wanted to ask to have it moved to my PC account. I didn't ask for any progression, warframes, items or anything else moved. Just the expensive paid platinum, nothing more and yet, all I got was a one-liner which just said no from the support and I seriously can not understand why a one-time move would not be okay. I would understand if it was like the free first 100 platinum oder if someone asks for his 10 plat to move etc. But from a non-played account on a platform you don't use anymore to the active platform just once and an amount of 1500 platinum should defenitely not something to be denied. Please, give us the ability to do a transfer just once in a lifetime for such a big amount. I don't want to know my money that dead. kind regards, Exportforce
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