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  1. Hello! I'm not sure where this would go in the other forums and i think here would be the best ft for the topic. I just want to talk about a little idea i had that i kinda want to share with everyone. Basically when looking at Darvo's hut in the relays i see a lot of weapon decorations dotted about and that kinda made me wonder if there could be a way we could convert a fully mastered weapon into an orbiter decoration. Me and my clan mates have been thinking over possible ways this could be done, like maybe there being a sort of "Gift shop" at the Leverian or a vendor where you could turn in a Max ranked weapon and get a decoration for your Orbiter even if it comes as a Plat cost or something like that! But yes an option to let you have your weapons as an Orbiter decoration would be rather cool specially if your someone like me who likes a weapon's design but its not to useful in combat, or maybe a prime weapon or if you have a copy of a Kuva weapon e.c.t! I'm defiantly open for discussion on this idea too if you guys have anything else to add As an extra note i would love toi be able to buy things like decorative mods, pickups, void keys, ciphers e.c.t but that's just me asking for alot OTL.
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