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  1. Did it twice myself, and it's also not saying complete. Glad to see it's not just me.
  2. Worked on some artwork of the characters. Not the cannon outfit, but still...
  3. Working on that Revenant Kubrow girl now.
  4. Sculpting work. Getting those hat details were a bit of a pain, especially when adding the Kubrow ears.
  5. Working on my next custom. Waiting for the super glue to dry the attached parts on before I sculpt in the extra details with green stuff (and epoxy based clay). Any guesses as to what Warframe this is based on?
  6. Got plans for another Kubrow girl to go with Kukiko. Plan to use this mini as a base. Maybe make this one into a Revenant themed Kubrow girl.
  7. Well, that's easy. Miyu's Kavat form was made from a Displacer Kitten mini created by the Capsule Chibi patreon, and 3D printed by Impact Miniatures. I basically, made the ears more Kavat like, cut off the extra limbs, cut off the tentacles and made them extra tails, and gave them the stingers that Moonless Kavats are known for. Miyu's humanoid form was made from the Female Samurai that was released by Impact Miniatures. I took a different ponytail I took from another mini I worked on, gave her tails and ears, and even the hair ornament that mimicked the head of Excalibur Umbra. Kukiko was made from an Anko mini from Capsule Chibi's Magical Girls Kickstarter. Chopped off the horns, changed the hair a little, and gave her Kubrow ears and a little tail. Korra was made from a Clan Ijin Kunoichi mini from Ninja Division's discontinued Ninja All Stars series. I used the horns are an armature for her Kavat ears, shortened the hair, added some more to the outfit to make it look more like the Khora Warframe, and added the tail. And for Trini, we go back to Ninja All Stars with the Clan Tora Kunoichi. I had two of these for a custom project, so I cut off the ponytails, and made them into twin pigtails for Trini, the Kavat ears, the five arrow tails, and the rest is all paint.
  8. Here's a look at them with names and Warframe types.
  9. A few pictures of the girls on Fortuna themed scenery (using various Transformers).
  10. This was kind of a little project I did with some of my custom miniature projects. I made some Kemonomimi Kavats themed after Warframes. As you can see on the right, I have a Trinity Prime Kavat (made from a Ninja All-Stars Clan Tora Kunoichi miniature). Next I have an Excalibur Umbra Feral Kavat, with it's Kemonomimi counterpart (the Kavat being made from a 3D printed Displacer Kitten miniature from Capsule Chibi, and the Kemonomimi being made from a Female Samurai miniature from Impact Miniatures). Finally, on the left, a Venari Kavat Kemonomimi (made from a Ninja All-Stars Clan Ijin Kunoichi). I'll try to get some better pictures of them all together at a later date, along with a Frost themed Kubrow Kemonomimi. But what do you guys think of the customs I did here?
  11. Is it possible that we can get alternate skins for the Harmony Ribbon to support other causes throughout the year? Wouldn't mind an Autism Awareness skin in honor of Rell, not to mention the people I know with the condition.
  12. If you guys do introduce Frame Fighter, will there be a local multiplayer mode where we can fight with friends on our couch, maybe even those who don't have a Warframe account (yet)?
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