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  1. You know what? All of the community should stop playing for a couple days so DE would actually adress the issue and fix it. I guess they wouldn't like a strike.
  2. Could you guys please reduce the amount of particles of Tombfinger's projectile? I As my favorite secondary I use it all the time and the amount of particles really hurt my eyes. Yes, a rain of bright colored energy is cool to see every time I shoot but the amount of the particles is far too high. It can almost be compated to confetti. Please, DE, fix this.
  3. Can you please reverse the gfx effects update you did to Tombfinger's projectile? It looks awful now and the weapon is harder to use now imo.
  4. There's one thing that really annoys me. The order of the ips and elemental stats of weapons switching around constantly. Every relogin seems to change the order too. I hope there's a possible fix for this!
  5. This is for DE. Could you guys please increase the fire rate of the combination of Tombfinger+Lovetap+Splat? I just can't stand how slow it fires even with a fire rate mod on. The only option left is a riven but getting the right one without losing some of the damage output is really hard. Please, increase the fire rate.
  6. Could you guys please reverse the Staticor nerf? The new effects on its chraged shot are cool and all but the Staticor isn't what it was when the splash radius was 9 metres. Now it is just like a normal pistol with a little AoE splash like the Tombfinger. When we have frames who can wipe out the whole map with the push of a button why nerf a weapon which does the same just in a smaller scale? That's kinda dumb, right? Please, for the love of God make the Staticor fun again.
  7. I was wondering how long will the unvaulting last?
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