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  1. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Our clan was full recently and took awhile to purge inactive players. Invitation Sent. :)
  2. Hello. It seems you are already in a clan. Sorry for the very late response, T_T. Good Luck Have Fun Tenno!
  3. Hello Tenno. It seems that you are already in a clan. Sorry for the late response. Feel free to re apply to our Forums. Have a good one.
  4. Hey there. Clan Invitation has been sent. Check your in-game inbox. And please tell us your friend's IGN so we can send an invite. Also, nice name. :)
  5. Hey there Tenno. It seems you are currently in a Clan. You can always reapply to our Forums anytime. Welcome back to the Game, Tenno!
  6. Hello Tenno. An Invitation has been sent. Please check your inbox. Sorry for the late response. Welcome to the Noire!
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