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  1. i didnt take that into consideration ,but it came out of knowing that the melee is the primary weapons of game not normal weapons imo .. then agian you are right its two complicated to implement and to understand
  2. First of all i don't know if there's an already existing mod called ONE TWO PUNCH but here is the idea this mod allows the primary weapon to follow up with a shot immediately after pulling the trigger and it goes on every two shots (auto) and with every pull (bow , shotgun , semi ,etc ) with a fire rate of lets say x10 the total fire rate after moding (x20 for bows) here is an example : lets say the arca plasmer has 15 fire rate (i don't know if its true but what ever ) , after equipping this mod every shot gets one another shot after it with 150 fire rate then another pull of tr
  3. Before the update thing were fantastic loading to mission in and out was fast to the point where i can finish fissure capture mission in incredible speed but after the update , the loading in and out of a mission takes nearly the same amount of a capture mission (1 min ) i know there was new optimizations to the space of the game but it reeeealy slowed down the loading times even in maps where it doesn't take toll to load thanks but i am not playing the game until this gets improved cba tbh
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