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  1. It just means they have to up their testing regime, invest in a PTS Build for PCs and delay the PC update releases until a solid Cert build has been sent off. I get why they haven't done this previously, and I can understand the frustration from PC players who will complain about being held back by "console limitations", but it's gonna be the only way to avoid a large portion of the console players feeling abandoned for weeks or months at a time with little to no information being released on the state of our update.
  2. Drinking the poison DE Kuva I see. They could have done literally anything to mitigate some of the crap that us console players have had to put up with recently. No economy fix for pretty much 2 months, no gift of the lotus alert rewarding titanium, no word on a fix for several weeks and then just being told "soon, we think". But hey, at least you're happy with your treatment, skoom.
  3. 30 day booster at the very least, or just admit that you really don't care how we console players feel and we can take our money elsewhere.
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