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  1. Are there any plans for additional archwing tweaks/changes?
  2. could you please send a screenshot of your dojo layout around the dry dock?
  3. tried that, built another elevator going up but its no use, sadly it just gave me the same exact result
  4. I really hope that isn't the case, my ground floor doesn't have any place to fit the dry dock, and I cant make space for it either
  5. nope, I've even tried making ANOTHER floor above this one, didn't work either.
  6. Thanks for the update! I seem to be having issues with building the dry dock itself, says there is not enough space for it to fit, but I've got a completely new and empty floor.
  7. Same issue here, i managed to kill 2 liches so far but i cant seem to find any more larvings for some reason, i hop into the proper missions, the lights flicker, but the larve doesn't get marked, and after less than a minute the guardian announces that its been captured. Perhaps the larve is spawning too far away to get marked, which doesn't make sense to begin with, I hope the spawns will be more consistent eventually.
  8. Good to know its probably nothing serious, thanks!
  9. Is KickBot supposed to not be purple anymore? I do hope this isn't intended, having it not purple makes it quite a bit less noticeable. Edit: It seems to be just fine now, all hail purple text!
  10. Before I dive into this(hopefully not very)lengthy post, I'd like to clear some things up first; 1. I do not intend to point any fingers here, I just happened to have some concerning issues brought up to me and I hope I can get some sort of explanation, or maybe see some change. 2. I 100% understand and agree that rules are crucial to chat, it would be absurd to have a chat with no rules, I do not want less rules either, my intention with this is that rules must be fair, and apply fairly in different situations. 3. I have NOTHING but respect towards chat moderators who freely volunteer to make chat a-hopefully- better place for everyone. 4. I'm very aware of the TOS and EULA, I've read them not only once, and while i'm no professional, I am quite familiar with them. I'm also very aware that at the end of the day, its fully up to DE to decide what their rules are, and i fully respect that too, but that does not mean that constructive criticism and feedback should go overlooked, I don't expect any major changes either, because first, I'm not asking for much, and second, it isn't in my hands. Sometimes, there is a major lack of context, which leads to kicks/suspensions that were merely a misunderstanding, and while most kicks that I've seen in chat happened for good reason, there have been some situations that weren't so deserved. I have spent quite a lot of my time in Warframe in Region chat, and while I don't, and could never know every situation that's happened, I've seen situations like this happen. While they aren't seen very often, they do still happen, which is no reason for them to go overlooked. 1. The "no profanity" rule: This is the main chat rule I find to be quite inconsistent, we see this upon first opening Region chat, along with a few other simple rules. Just to be clear, I don't disagree with this, incessant swearing is not acceptable, and with good reason, but how is it that we can say words such as "f*ck" and "sh*t" in chat and have no consequences to it, but saying words such as "a**hole" or "b*tch" instantly gets you kicked from chat? All these words are considered profanity aren't they? So why is it that some swear words get you kicked from Region chat, while others don't? Using any of these words in a derogatory manner would get you kicked, for good reason, using them to offend/harass fellow players has the same consequence doesn't it? So why is it, that some profanity words- without context- are allowed, (for example, saying "f*ck" on its own in Region chat doesn't do anything, the message doesn't get flushed, you don't get warned for it or anything, but saying "b*tch" is an INSTANT kick from chat) while others aren't? Shouldn't the case be either ban ALL profanity or ban none? Why are some words chosen to fall under the "no profanity" rule when other words that are also profanity, don't fall under said rule? 2. KickBot: KickBot is great, it lets us know when Baro is coming, where we could find items, resources, warframes, it redirects people to the proper channels when they are asking for a clan or a trade in the wrong place, and lots more. But just like everything, KickBot is not perfect, which is expected honestly, and I am aware of the changes and additions that were given to KickBot over time, but there is still some to be worked on. This takes me back to my first point, and how I think it could be fixed if my points are considered, KickBot desperately needs more context, while i'm not personally familiar with programming, and i'm sure it's quite the challenge to work on things like this, but KickBot should reinforce the "no profanity" rule, instead of kicking someone, maybe provide a warning first? I'm sure there are a LOT more aspects of KickBot that i'm probably not aware of as a player, but if KickBot is going to kick someone from Region chat for saying "b*tch*, or using it in a non derogatory manner, it should also kick people for saying "f*ck", or at least flush their message and provide the player with a warning. A lot of the current KickBot triggers are quite fair, the use of slurs (racial, homophobic etc) gets you kicked/suspended, and i'm not asking for any of those triggers to be removed or changed, I just wish that the "no profanity" rule would be more consistent. 3. Moderators: Moderators get a bad reputation sometimes, while they are just reinforcing the rules every Warframe player accepted upon creating an account, sometimes there are a few inconsistencies. On an important note, i'm not bashing or trying to offend moderators, their presence is very important, being in chat while there aren't any moderators online is quite chaotic and not the most pleasant thing, which just goes to show their importance and how much they contribute to keeping Region chat civil. I'm assuming that past issues with moderators' bad behaviors have caused more strict rules on the currently remaining ones, which is quite understandable. But, I've seen a fair amount of people get kicked from Region chat when asking for help in a mission, and while I do understand and know the "recruit only in recruiting chat" rule, I don't see the issue in simply redirecting players to the proper channel first, and afterwards, if the player is still being stubborn when redirected to the proper channel, only then get kicked, isn't that fair? A good amount of new players aren't really aware of Recruiting chat and Trading chat, which is the reason they ask for help in missions in Region chat instead, is it really so difficult to simply redirect them to the proper channel? Do they have to get kicked from Region chat simply because they are unaware of recruiting chat? While this does not happen ALL the time, it still does actually happen, and every time it does, it gets overlooked, moderation rules are important, I don't understand why this isn't brought to their attention as much as it should. I know I don't have screenshot to back up my claims, but I have no reason to lie. I spend a huge amount of my free time playing Warframe and chatting with fellow players, the only thing I want is a pleasant experience for everyone. The fact that a player is quitting the game because of a bad experience they've had in chat goes to show there is no reason for issues like this to go overlooked and ignored. I absolutely LOVE Warframe, it is my most played game, and we all know that it would not be where it is today if it weren't for feedback from the players, why should chat be any different? It is a crucial part of the game. Thank you for reading, and I genuinely hope my points will be at least considered, I do not mean any harm, I just love Warframe and our community enough to have high hopes that its able to change for the better.
  11. There seems to be some sort of issue with dojo invites? I invite someone to my dojo, they join the squad successfully, but i can't actually see them inside the dojo, or in the dojo's chat. Is this related to the DNS issues? (though my matchmaking works fine now) and is anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Matchmaking is working again for me, thanks for the fix!
  13. Let's hope something can be done asap. Thanks for the confirmation, ill be waiting for further updates!
  14. 10 platinum seems like a very fair price honestly, and its not like you are going to buy additional config/mod slots for EVERY frame you own, this would be a special little extra thing you have the option to do on your favorites. 8 plat does make sense at first but think about it this way, you NEED warframe and weapon slots, we have been playing with 3 configs for years, this is just a nice optional addition.
  15. I don't think doubling Kuva amounts from the requiem relics is such a good idea, you would already get a good amount from doing siphons/floods (which is how we would get the relics to begin with). Perhaps having two possible mods to drop from the same relic would be a nice idea actually, it would increase the challenge in a sense that we would need multiple of the same relic in order to obtain all of its rewards, since one of the strongest points of arguments I've seen is sometimes, things that come in mainlines are quickly obtainable. Adding two or (maybe even three in the future if there are plans for additional requiem mods) would not only make the relics feel more valuable, but also increase the time it takes for us to farm them - which is great, for challenge purposes!
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