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  1. That is not a bad idea.Though it would be hard to balance, like you could get a little efficiency for killing alad v then then get boned the next round having to fight kela de Thaym.
  2. I enjoyed fighting the bosses in this game, but they are low leveled (i know they have to be), and most of them only drop a Warframes as their good loot. I think it would be a fun challenge to have a game mode where you move from one boss to the next boss similar to to Sanctuary Onslaught. Efficiency wouldn't work so the challenge would be if you die the only way to re-spawn is for your team to move to the next round. New loot can be added or it can just use Sanctuary Onslaught for its rewards. Their could be Boss Rush and Elite Boss Rush with higher leveled bosses and the rewards from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught for Elite boss Rush. I know some bosses wouldn't work, for starters the gull-am and Roparolist but others could be fun.Ideas for improvement or feedback would be great full.
  3. Is this going to be a choice or is it just something that will happen, even if you dont want it to.
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