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  1. So you can't rebind the same key twice to get in and out? or what is your issue? You can bind one key to entering and one to exiting. You may just bound entering to F but didn't bind F for exiting. In case you want it so that there is only the option to asign one key to both, then please delete your post. As for me and maybe others I do need two different keys for entering and exiting so i can use the tilt movements on q and e. Don't you dare to get any wrong ideas into DE's head. Thank you.
  2. @[DE]Drew, sorry to bring this up again, but the projectile based Railjack Turrets Apoc, Carcinnox and Cryophon are still NOT being enchanced by the avionics Hyperstrike, Last Stand and Battle Stations, as well as the Zetki Shield Arrey damage buff. This is a fact for all Turrets of that kind for every House. In addition they ARE buffed by Madurais Phoenix Talons and or Phoenix Spirit. Please provide some information about this being worked on or not, thank you.
  3. It's a general problem with Naramon: I will not try to avoid it or force it to happen. I'll just keep melee slashing like before and when the numbers go to infinity then I'll still keep slashing ^^
  4. Tbh never had this issue when trading, BUT even @[DE]Megan had it during some Homestreams while visiting Featured Dojos. There was no comment or anything about this, at least the 2 times when I watched the Streams. At least admit that there is an issue and provide us the knowledge of being sure that the Dev-team is awar of it or working on it.
  5. TYPE: [in Mission; damage calculation] DESCRIPTION: [started farming Steel Essence these days and after some time in the mission I was hitting like a truck with error-like numbers] VISUAL: [] REPRODUCTION: [every time I was not the Host and had a Plague Kripath with max crit and running blood-rush as the only mod to increase critical chance. In addition I was using Naramon with voidstalker and a Loot-buff Kavat that sometimes buffs crit (this is also bugged since before I have the buff I can do red-crits all the time; whil having the cat-crit-buff I am only doing orange crits); the squad had a slow-nova, loot-kohra and loot-nekros; after getting 11-12x combo multiplier i sometimes press 5 for operator and stay in voidmode to type something or just afk-ing a sec. and then I sometimes get those damage numbers] EXPECTED RESULT: [normal redcrits in the area of 10k-200k damage to grineer; other factions differ a little] OBSERVED RESULT: [getting rediculously high numbers -2 billion damage] REPRODUCTION RATE: [coulnd't figure it out what exaclty triggers this but had it in every mission i was farming steel essence for some time (1h+) ] Update: did not had these issues when hosting
  6. Following issue right after the hotfix
  7. Can confirm as well as squadmates and other random people. Joining the wrong mission and hostmigrations after just a couple seconds in the mission.
  8. This issue has still not been fixed with the recent Steel Path update. But a slingshot that is not needed did get fixed? Good job....
  9. It is just not finished yet. Wait till DE complets it.
  10. Hmm Apoc for your gunners, you could guess that you hate your gunners for 1st giving them a weapon that has more or less the lowes projectile speed, making it impossible to hit something when you are piloting and moving the railjack and 2nd , and I dont know if thats the case for xbox too... projectile based turrets (Apoc, Carcinnox and Cryophon) do not recieve any damage increacing buff from avionics and components (except of Section Density and Predator) its bugged. As for avionics: (when the turrets get fixed Zetki Pulsar will be Zetki Apoc and Artillery Cheap Shot will be Turret Velocity) Edit: you dont need Forward Artillery if your dude shoots at the engines or you just simply put some status stacks on the crewship reducing its armor and increasing the damage it recieves
  11. Thanks for providing that clip. appears to be scaling problem with Archwing-Mode. Velocitus got buffed in one of the last updates including a more wide-pulse-like-behaviour. In Heavy-Weapon-Mode is still the same, it just has 5 m of Punch Through, no strange behaviour here. BUT : In Railjack-Archwing-Mode and the normal Archwing missions it now has Infinite Punch Through and a much much wider projectile. You can basically point it somewhere close (like 20 m) in between the enemies and it will hit all of them. the Velocitus is still pint point accurate but just kills everything around. The particles you could see in your testing may be just the view particels that display the normal projectile but are now spread across this huge cylinder-like beam. Archwing missions are scaled differently in size then normal missions. It is kinda like the size difference compared to Titanias Razorwing mode.
  12. 3rd day of testing: Tried out every MK III weapon from all houses (Lavan, Vidar and Zetki) and also the standard ons you can research and buy in your dojo. Only the beam weapons Photor and Pulsar (normal and also all houses) are effected buy [Hyperstrike], [Last Stand], [Battle Stations] and Zetki Shield Array MK III 25% buff. The projectile based weapons Apoc, Carcinnox and Cryophon do not gain any benefit from these avionics and component. Hope this helps for further investigations, thank you. Edit: noticed that either Madurais "Phoenix Talons" or "Phoenix Spirit" (25% damagebuff for physical and/or elemental damage) is applying on Apoc, Cryophon and Carcinnox turrets. on Carcinnox its even doubled (+50% damage); Photor and Pulsar do not get this buff May some Dev place a comment, that these isues are noticed or worked on, its just frustrating to not get any feedback whatsoever.
  13. I am not sure if this problem was there from the beginning or if it was patched in later: Maybe that is the reason why the turrets needed to be buffed and fighter health adjusted. The turrets are just not buffed by any base-damage increasing avionics/components @[DE]Bear this is game breaking and needs to be investigated
  14. Would also love to see some options to restrict players when hosting a public mission. Some players tend to burn your Railjacks energy with using battle avionics. In the Scarlet Spear Event I joined a random squad and could troll all players by using the [Form Up] tactics.
  15. Can confirm, you still get self damage in Heavy Weapon mode. Moving as fast as the projectile also does it. I assume they overlooked it do to the projectile just exploding when its far away enough from the point where you shoot it. Also tested Archwing-missions and Archwing in Railjack missions. The Kuva Ayanga works different here, projectiles explode no mater the distance from where you shoot it and also do not cause any self damage, its just pushing you a little backwards.
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