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  1. Hi! I had an account ban once and it turned out I had a memory hardware fault. Tried looking for that?
  2. I hit lvl 30 weeks ago and have since been sort of drifting into other games for the time being, to be honest. Twitch numbers would suggest lots of people are doing the same...
  3. Has anyone ever considered just playing frames for fun and to hell with the meta? Why do we need a meta for how we spend our leisure time? This isn’t your job.
  4. Really?!? Where? Could this be more Canada vs China aggressions?
  5. But their minimum wage is a fraction of yours. No one in Russia will buy games if it costs their monthly salary to buy one. just to freak you out more: those Russians pay different prices on every single thing they buy for their entire lives than what you pay.
  6. How does the average salary in Taiwan compare to the average salary in America? There’s your answer. it costs nothing to make virtual items, so their cost is reflective of the local economy only. No production or transport costs. The “value” is entirely made up.
  7. So many words. What do they all say? No one will ever know...
  8. Stug is more like shooting snowballs. And it’s likely the worst weapon in the game and not even a god-tier, 5-dispo riven can fix it
  9. I’d like to see an extra capacity point at 31. Another at 32 etc. gives a reason to chase mr past 16
  10. Throw a coin up in the air twice. If it lands on heads twice, well then it must be a 100% chance of landing on heads and 0% tails
  11. It can happen sometimes. Patience, Tenno. You’ll get there
  12. Sounds to me like wukong would be your thing. I also really like Nezha but wukong has become my main ever since his rework. He’s fast, can zoom in cloud form and straight through alarm lasers. He’s a tank that can die 3 times before he dies. He has a twin that runs around doing its own thing for you. I find him the best all around from tough tiles to fast speed runs and even spy missions
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