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  1. i though the usual way to play arbitration is to push until you die? then you get the rewards you earned that far. i rarely run off to extraction
  2. I love how this thread has named like over a dozen frames and many different methods. That’s the diversity we want
  3. MR level has nothing to do with skill or how powerful any of your frames or weapons are
  4. Didn’t someone post a speed run of this test on reddit just a few days ago?
  5. Worth he base game being free and the play bought through DE, there really isn’t much in it for Steam to be honest. They’re not going to spend time, money and resources promoting something where they get no return on investment.
  6. No! Those are for endo only! seriously, when a double cred weekend hits, grab a booster and exploiter orb is like 2m credits per run
  7. So you’re saying the entire riven system is working as intended and precisely as expected? Shocker! ”why you would continue to play the game” is because you’re having fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re not gaming correctly. This is your leisure time, not your job. Do something you enjoy if it’s not this.
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