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  1. LarryYourWaiter

    Venetian Carnival Contest is Live!

    classic plague dr mask
  2. LarryYourWaiter

    Is there really only one way to get the Cronus blueprint?

    Had to go to the wiki to see what you’re talking about. Didn’t even know it existed
  3. LarryYourWaiter

    Szuna...whoever you are THANK YOU!

    The only other game community I’ve ever seen this friendly and throwing gifts around was Marvel Heroes (may it Rest In Peace.)
  4. LarryYourWaiter

    Beginners To-Do List?

    As above, work on mastering the parkour and bullet jumps. Nothing will take your character to the next level like mastering movement. Later planets have a lot of verticality to them. Look up. Look down. We aren’t just running through hallways here.
  5. LarryYourWaiter

    Beginners To-Do List?

    Do the star chart and try to buy all the weapons you can with credits - there are a few starter weapons for credits. Use your starter plat to buy weapon and frame slots. Nothing else. Once you build up some credits, have a browse through the market at the weapon blueprints. Buy a couple you can make and use.
  6. LarryYourWaiter

    Promo codes

    It’s glyphs. Lots and lots of glyphs.
  7. LarryYourWaiter

    Which frame is your fav/your main frame

    I main Inaros these days. Used to be zephyr. for primaries, I use Rubico prime or arca plasmor depending on the mission type. secondary is usually prisma twin grakatas but I’m building up the akvastos now. melee is a plague kripath zaw or katana zaw. I like to use an arca titron on my volt just for the electricity theme. Hammers are a lot of fun. Or I also have a dokhram heavy weapon zaw with a reach riven and Primed reach. That’s a heck of a lot of reach. I want to get that skiajati built up some day too. Also a fan of the venka primes. They are stylin!
  8. LarryYourWaiter

    Quick Switch Gyro Aiming Question. Can i reset camera?

    Oooooooh! I read it as New South Wales. A part of Australia. I thought maybe there was some clan over there that makes its members put the nsw at the beginning or something...
  9. LarryYourWaiter

    Quick Switch Gyro Aiming Question. Can i reset camera?

    What are you talking about? And what’s with all the (nsw) prefixes all of a sudden on names? Everyone know sandgropers are the best aussies.
  10. LarryYourWaiter

    i got suspended from the in-game chat

    Thread still unlocked??
  11. LarryYourWaiter

    i got suspended from the in-game chat

    My advice to everyone: join a clan and get to know your community. It’s a lot better talking to the same group of people every day than shouting into the void that is region chat. There’s nobody moderating the clan chat. Say what you like and only have to answer to the clan leader.
  12. LarryYourWaiter

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    Newer players will always be the majority as long as the game keeps attracting new players. All veterans were once new players, but not all new players become veterans. I imagine if you put the numbers into a chart, it would look like a pyramid with mr1 at the bottom and mr25 at the top - when you allow for all the accounts that never made it past mr1 for whatever reason
  13. LarryYourWaiter

    Next Open Prime Vault Suggestion

    Nova prime’s price was also “insane.” i don’t think trin prime is worth much (?) since everyone has her for free from twitch prime. If you don’t, you should. It’s a free trial and will net you trin prime, a couple weapons, a cape and weapon-dangler. Not to mention the slots and potatoes for all that.
  14. LarryYourWaiter

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    DE needs to draw in new players or the game dies. Mr25 players are not throwing very much money into the game any more - they have everything and they have ways of making plat in game. DE is a company and wants to make profit. So they should. It’s the mr5 players who are spending real money here. They’ve decided they like the game enough to stick around and need lots of things like slots and have no way of farming the plat in game yet. Please remember there’s a business model here. And veterans are not the priority. Deal with it.
  15. LarryYourWaiter

    Orb Vallis - Fish/Toroids/Cave Locations

    Marking thread for reading later. thank you!