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  1. nope, it just helps that little edge further. it wouldnt need so many forma either, if you used the regular mods in place. you'll eventually earn the umbral mods
  2. Are you in a clan? In our clan, we did a massive smeeta and kavat swappsies one day. If you can get someone to give you the imprints, you make a cat, then make imprints and give them back, you should be able to do it without any plat involved.
  3. Are we sure of this? I could have sworn I got my ash while farming equinox. Maybe just coincidence of when I noticed I had all his parts?
  4. It’s nice to have both ends of the stick available. Challenges keep you on your toes but sometimes it’s a nice power fantasy to just wade through enemies as the angel of death.
  5. This is a horrible mission. This mission and the 2 locked behind it were the very last 3 nodes of my entire star chart. I still ended up asking a clan member to come help. No idea why we passed it the time we did as compared to the times we didn’t, but eventually it passes.
  6. I suspect we are going to see a whole slew of infested stuff next before the grineer get a look at again.
  7. I believe it’s just a cosmetic thing and no actual stat function.
  8. Both the arca plasmor and catchmoon become so much better with a riven with projectile flight speed. So much better.
  9. Not everyone would. I see it as a waste of time to earn and achieve things that will just disappear. The ptb population would only be a teeny tiny fraction of the playerbase.
  10. You just have to bring frames capable of protecting it or cc’ing enemies Frost, nova, etc. gives crowd control a reason to exist
  11. Go to your settings and ensure you are in full screen mode. It seems to have set a lot of people to full screen windowed which is then trying to run the graphics on your cpu rather than your graphics card.
  12. The dev streams are impossible for me to catch in australia. They’re at 2am here. I can stay up to 1 am and I can wake up at 4am, but I have not seen 2am for a very very long time.
  13. It’s a sentient, so wouldn’t it be radiation? Catchmoon seems to pop em easily and Paracesis if you need to mop up edit: part-sentient, it is
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