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  1. Anything with a low disposition isn’t worth using a riven for usually anyways. i vote you make a staticor and try that. Heaps of fun. The charged shot has a huge aoe.
  2. “You can get 4 x nitain a day in the old system” ... if you play 24 hours a day, yes. Whereas most of us were lucky to get a nitain a day at max. And be forced into an arch wing mission or something you dislike in order to get it. New players, please listen to us older players when we say the new system is better. We have the experience and knowledge to tell you this. I’ve been playing a year and a couple of those aura mods I have never ever gotten. Now I can, if I want them. I remember once really wanting one of the Titania helms and went 6 months before I saw the alert come up.
  3. The easiest way to do any junction is Ash with fatal teleport and a dagger with covert lethality
  4. So I’m up to 8 x Khora chassis and not a single other part. Is this normal or is something bugged?
  5. All of us Australian players would vanish too as our connection sucks too much to be able to play well on American servers for any game and very few have Aussie servers because it’s ridiculously expensive to host them here.
  6. I hate using the analogy of a job when talking about gaming but here we go: I also have a family, job and house to maintain. Never once have I considered asking my job to pay me for 5 days work when I only did 3. I can’t tell my boss “but if I can do 3 days, it shows I can do 5. The only difference is I’m not available 5 days this week, but should still be paid as though I have because my job is easy and does not require any effort or dedication on my part.’ It takes dedication to put the effort into logging in (going to work) every day. Availability is just turning up when it suits you. I know which one my colleagues want from me. And which one is worth more rewards.
  7. i would argue that playing every day takes dedication and effort, and builds skill but for the sake of argument, let's say the two are mutually exclusive (they're not.) what is DE's goal? what behaviour do they want to reward thus get you to repeat? do they want you to be good at the game or do they want you to play every day? they don't care how good you are. they want you to play. dedication is primarily what they're rewarding.
  8. If you don’t mine and fish, then you’ve already shown you don’t mind missing out on zaws, kit guns, moas, etc. so you shouldn’t mind missing out on the other end game stuff.
  9. Equally, when I join someone else’s game, I go with what they’re doing. I load into toroid farming? I farm toroids. I load into a cave with baits and dyes? I fish. Etc.
  10. If I’m hosting the game, then you are guests in my game. You want to force people to obey you, go make your own game.
  11. The entitled generation believes that not earning something is the same as being punished. “You’re punishing the players that can’t complete the elite missions.” no, we are rewarding the the ones who can. Sometimes you try your best and your best isn’t good enough. That’s life. Learn how to fail. It’s healthy.
  12. So you all want the ability to keep joining my game and then vote to kick me out of my own game?
  13. Keep gaining mastery? What do you want to trade at mr2?
  14. Open world is open world. I made the game so I could go mining and fishing. Stop joining my game and then telling me I have to come participate in an event I already finished.
  15. DE’s stance has always been: one button push is one action. So a bullet jump macro (basically your energising dash same macro) is fine as is a slide attack. What they don’t want is for you to press a button once and go make a coffee while you continuously slide attack into a wall or something.
  16. I mained zephyr prime for a while. She’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of her movement. Her whole set is ridiculously cheap on Warframe market too. nezha is a solid choice for a tanky frame that doesn’t look too big and bulky like rhino.
  17. Wait. Are you saying killing the prophet-taker and those missions will count towards the Nightwave 8 x bounties??
  18. Why would you want there to be? Who decides what’s offensive? You totally have the right to offend others. Embrace it.
  19. Just like in real life, there’s no laws against being a $&*^.
  20. You don’t have to get them all in one go. He can get one at the end of wave 10, then restart.
  21. Mesa will destroy the beacons themselves too, no? Maybe not the best pick for this farm.
  22. I count 2 sentences in that entire wall of text. One single punctuation mark.
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