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  1. - IGN iG4B3 - Age 23 - Mastery Rank 23 (not a joke) - Time Zone and play-time range EST ~8-11pm range, most nights - Primary Frames/Load-outs/Specialties if any Nova. A LOT of Nova. Specialty builds for necessary frames. - Why do you want to join our clan? Goals? Bored of the casual, high-volume clans that might have an okay dojo but mainly function as a smaller region chat. Would really like to take on endgame+ content with regulars who love the game as much as I do. - Tell Me a little about Yourself Graphic Designer, Warframe enthusiast, mellow but meticulous. - Tell Me a Joke! I can't remember the last time that I unironically told a prompted joke; probably when anti-jokes were funny. Maybe it's just the more candid & frequent ways that we get our humor, nowadays but, as my wise, pink papa once said; "Inhale the memes..."
  2. MOA becomes suddenly attentive and vision locks on a target/location. MOA ducks its head down, butt wiggles, and it jumps/runs into action. Relatively subtle without losing even a drop of cuteness.
  3. Drop_Dread_Daddy Fierce. Fatal. Father of five. Would kill for an 'open-minded' partner -figuratively, I promise. Will always be by your side, even if you "really don't need it, right now" Loves to keep in touch; active inbox user. NOT an actual 'stalker'.
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