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  1. I'm sure you folks already have it set for Nyx's rework, but wouldn't it be cool if you gave her an exalted weapon like a disembodied psychic heavy blade? Or hell, the whip? Like, imagine her walking through corridors or in Vallis with this heavy blade that seems to not quite orbit her, but hovers around her and slashes when you melee attack changing it's default position to over shoulders and at her sides from 4 positions while she stands there all casual as if she's swinging it with her mind? Or that whip that was mentioned that for Khora but never came out? From index and middle fingers together she swings them and a psychic whip lashes out of nothing and strikes multiple enemies that could function as her 2? It could still do the same function but rather than projectiles she whips baddies. Giving her a melee power would give her more of a "I want to get in your face and beat you down". Could be more of a rush to play her. And a new augment for her mind control to redirect a % of the damage she takes to her minion? It could help to feed the damage it deals before it explodes, but as a tradeoff, it doesn't last as long?
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