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  1. Yeah, keep comforting yourself. But until melee 3.0 comes out and vi devs do something like combo Wukong system for all exalted weapons, they will not do any about it. Btw,for example if my Valkyr claws also receive vi bonus from the gladiator's set, then these hundreds of thousands damage can be multiplied by 20 more. Pointless.
  2. Exalted melees not effected by Gladiator set bonus. It is not bug, it is devs decision.
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Mirage's eclipse always stays in shadow state on plains of eidolon VISUAL: https://imgur.com/6orLLOI REPRODUCTION: I've Eclipse on titania in 3rd slot. With Total Eclipse augment. EXPECTED RESULT: Well it should change to day (damage state) cause it is day.. OBSERVED RESULT: No matter which weather and daytime it is, eclipse is always in night form, anywhere except plains entrance ladder REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  4. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Titania's ability switch not displayed properly. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/zqsANww REPRODUCTION: Helminth Master's Summon instead Titania's 4rth ability EXPECTED RESULT: Working interface OBSERVED RESULT: Ability switch not displayed, or if displayed it is not working. But at very least, ability itself works fine. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  5. Well.. When you are aboard railjack, dry dock lights and fogging turns to default railjack location one.. But.. this is probably should not be like that.. Can it be separated?
  6. "Squad UI is not visible when piloting." Yeah.. This is so unpleasant ////
  7. Paw paw. So.. that's it. T's great that now titania have her own flying animations, but.. for shedu it is kinda weird and becomes default when frame running. Also aiming animations for lower body becomes default for any frame, which is not really cool. By the way, arm cannon standing animation is weird. Guess no one like it (For sure just as melee one, huh).
  8. So.. that's it. Particle trail ribbons of Trio Orbit Ephemera just always permanently disappears by some abilities. There is valkyr Hysteria for example. https://youtu.be/rfqP7t7geIg
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