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  1. "Corpus Lockers will show their new hologram if unlocked with the Master Thief Mod." What about when opened by pets ???
  2. Yeah unfortunately NOTHING changes in the graphic for a locker for when a pet cracks it open though so I have no idea which one he's unlocked and which one's he has'nt. FIX PLEASE. No idea why you had to change this in the first place with so many other things needing a fix......................
  3. Do you understand this game? It's not about the forma it's about the time taken to level the weapons.......
  4. If DE unban N00blShowtek then they aren't serious about removing cheaters from the game. The ban should stay in place as it should for others. Just because he is a Warframe streamer / partner should not make it ok for him to be unbanned while others that used it remain banned. Everyone that used this cheat should be removed from the game. At the very least ALL weapons / frames leveled by the cheat should be removed from the offenders inventory with no refund if plat was used to buy them either.
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