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  1. I did a run today on pc. Host stopped his RJ 12000m from grineer galleon and Archwinged it to the galleon for the captain kill. Since he was almost at the galleon by the time I joined, I watched his progress using the tactics link. He killed the Captain, I saw the pink bp bubble drop and he confirmed that it was the Quellor bp. Only thing is that neither myself or the other 2 guys in group got the bp. We finished the mission, and when the mission was complete, no bp. Isn't it supposed to be inifinite share range, or is there some kind of pick-up distance limit.
  2. I get that you guys want Trinity Prime to be a Twitch Prime reward, but could you then add her weapons to the Twitch rewards. They are almost impossible to get, other than spending huge amounts of platinum on the market.
  3. Awesome. Thank you so much. So maybe a completely off topic, but slightly appropriate "with all the new content' revisit of a request that has been bounced a few times. Can you please increase the drop rate for mutagen samples. Especially for small clans, Hema research is becoming impossible to farm for whilst trying to keep up with all the new content xD
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