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  1. Here are screenshots of both controller layout screens:
  2. Hello, I'm using an alternative controller layout for normal Warframe missions where abilities are mapped to the D-pad and R1 is alternative fire instead of the ability menu. This all works fine and has for a long time. The problem seems to be that it breaks Railjack controls. When I press R1 while piloting my Railjack the ability menu remains open permanently. As a result I can no longer use the Railjack's weapons and more importantly not exit the pilot seat. I've tried to fix this by reseting the control bindings and then changing the Warframe controls back to the way I like them. That fixed the problem for that Warframe session. But when I logged back in today and launched a Railjack mission I got the exact same problem and had to abort the mission.
  3. Can you please add Void Fissure on the Void Tile Set back into the game? It seems they were removed with the Old Blood update without any explanation and for no obvious reason.
  4. Have you considered helping console players in the meantime? Releasing special alerts on console which reward a lot of Titanium, Asterite or even a Rush Repair Drone requires no code changes, no hot fix and no cert but would help players a lot.
  5. I've commented on this before: they do hide their contents on console. In the meantime I've found a video which shows the current state on PC where you can preview the rolls. And that indeed removes the loot box aspect. It seems that DE has reacted to community feedback and addressed this which is good. I'm however still concerned how the initial implementation got through a design review in the first place.
  6. I have played games with loot boxes e.g. Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. And please explain why it is not same: A chance item with a small chance of something useful (also the chance part seems to be fixed on PC where you can apparently preview the contents) Massive amount of game time required to unlock it (I haven't even half of the Titanium to repair a single salvaged items after dozens of missions) Grind can be conveniently bypassed by spending Premium Currency. This is a text book example of a loot box.
  7. I've responded to that before: PC has two times higher drop rates which is still very far away from being reasonable. I'm 5-5-5-7, completed dozens of mission and have only one Veil Proxima node left to complete. I've got something like 5800 Titanium. 11600 Titanium would of course be better but still not enough to build more than one MK III DoJo research. The drop rates need something like a ten times boost.
  8. The loot increase would help but is IMHO not enough. The PC players got an increase by a factor of two which would mean that after dozens of mission I have enough to roll the Gacha dice once. That is still a very bad loot economy. In the meantime if DE wanted to help console player they could create a bunch of alerts with 10,000 Titanium each.
  9. On PS4 you can see the general stats of the type of equipment but you cannot preview the randomly rolled bonus stats.
  10. Hello, am I the only one who considers Empyrean Salvage drops loot boxes? You basically have to invest insane amounts of time (after dozens of Railjack missions I have only half the Titanium to unlock my Vidar MK III Reactor) or buy Rush Repair Drones for premium currency. And in the end I might get an item with a bad stat roll that is basically useless.
  11. Will you review the stats of Zaw links at some point? Right now Zaws are mediocre at best and outclassed by every other prime weapon. Considering the investment for building and levelling them this feels suboptimal.
  12. Either Primed Pressure Point or Sacrificial Pressure is bugged because the former boosts damage less than the latter on any weapon without any other mods applied.
  13. Are you planning to review and possibly buff the stats of Zaw links? Zaws are mediocre after phase 2 of the Melee Rework. Orthos Prime e.g. has stats that no Zaw polearm can match.
  14. Thanks for the correct calculation of the damage bonus, I was misinformed. The good news for me is that the 46% roll that I can unlock now will elevate it past the Karak Wraith. I could also live with a fire rate increase. I was tempted to try Primed Shred but as the weapon already has Punch Through (even if it is not a lot) it felt like a wasted mod slot.
  15. It is not a direct upgrade to Karak Wraith unless you get a very high roll from your Lich. I'm not asking for a massive buff here, just to get the same base damage as the Karak Wraith.
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