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  1. The wiki says about Riven Transmuters: In my experience the restriction is a bit stronger: The new Riven will always be of the same type as one of the four consumed Rivens. The above is just a special case of this. Or am I wrong and somebody has e.g. managed to transmute a bunch Pistol and Melee Rivens into a Shotgun Riven?
  2. @[DE]Rebecca Today's Sortie is broken on at least PS4. When you enter the Plains of Eidolon for the first step "Free Roam" no Incursion begins. We've even tried starting a bounty from a tent. But that removed the Sortie modifier, reduced the enemy level and didn't help at all. You cannot even go back to Cetus when you are stuck in this situation because the door won't open. Can you please swap out the first mission to allow players to complete the Sortie? Thanks in advance
  3. That worked for me as well. But it might just have a coincidence and DE have fixed something server side in the meantime.
  4. This has indeed been fixed. There are however other items missing e.g. Ephemeras and Greater Eidolon lenses. The app will also freeze and require a force shutdown when you retrieve a built Zaw component.
  5. The tier 4 Sabotage mission in the Void can get you an Axi relic in about 5 minutes ... unless you get a Neo relic. And for the latest and greatest Axi relics Cetus and Orb Vallis bounties are the best source. I got three Axi K5 from a single tier 5 Cetus bounty yesterday.
  6. Will we ever get new Zaw strikes e.g. for Dual Handed Nikanas, Dual Swords etc.? Are you working on a new, better approach to Riven balancing? At the moment it looks like all Rivens for popular and/or powerful weapons will have got their disposition changed to 0.5 (which is useless) by the end of the year. This is particular bad because it doesn't honour past player investment in these Rivens (Platinum, Kuva, Formas, etc.). Have you considered to have different Riven dispositions per platform? As far as I can tell the "meta" on PC and consoles is quite different.
  7. I really like the feel of the new Two-Handed Nikana Tatsu, But unfortunately its stats aren't that great and I'm not a big fan of builtin Radiation Damage. Is there any chance to add a new Zaw Strike to the game whose two-handed variant is a Two-Handed Nikana?
  8. I would like to to know how the different platforms are handled here. Without weighting Riven dispositions on console will be basically dictated by PC players because of the larger player base.
  9. The mission type has been changed to Survival in the meantime. Thank you DE!
  10. Interceptions are still very broken on PS4. And the second mission today's Sortie is an Interception. The phase between decoding messages takes age and I already died twice because I couldn't do anything while a Fusion MOA killed my Warframe. @[DE]Rebecca: Can you please change the type of the second mission? Thanks in advance
  11. If you wait long enough it will finish and count. But I guess we would have been killed without Saryn's Spores and Hydroid's Tentacles finishing off the enemies on their own.
  12. I don't think so. Chargers are plentiful in all Infested Missions. And Dark Sectors are popular credit farms and therefore frequently visited.
  13. On PS4 the War on Infested is already won with 2 days and 4 hours left. @[DE]Rebecca: What about a double dare? You reset the counter to 0% and if we get back to 100% in the remaining time we get a quadruple resource weekend? 😉
  14. I really love the new seasonal challenge and the rewards. I'm particular happy about the addition of Umbral Formas. I however do not think that this is an appropriate replacement for the existing alert system: Alerts were a good source for some rare resources like Argon Crystals or Tellurium. The former are unreliable to farm in the Void and newer players cannot access the Void before they reach Phobos. The latter can only be farmed somewhat reliable on Uranus which takes even more time to reach for newer players. The same applies to some common resources like Plastids and Nano Spores which are easy to get once you've unlocked most of the star chart. But I remember that as a new player getting 300 of either of those from an alert was really helpful. Archwing alerts were my preferred way to level up Archwing equipment. They often provided more XP than the normal mission and you had much better chance to get a full squad of four players which again helped with getting more XP and made high level Mobile Defense missions much more doable. Instead of speeding up the access to Auras mods the new system will very likely slow it down because they compete with e.g. Nitrain Extract for the rare Wolf Creds. It was easily possible to get one Aura and one Nitain Extract on a single evening of playing the game. It seems that it will take one week now to get either an Aura or 5 Nitrain Extract. I fortunately have all the Alert Auras, dozens of Nitrain Extract and Tellurium. So this doesn't affect me very much, at least not yet. But instead of improving the situation for new players it made it worth in my humble opinion.
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