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  1. I bought the Sands of Inaros Blueprint from Baro Ki'Teer for a second time to get normal frame back (for the obvious reason). The problem is that I cannot build it because Item already owned which is not correct because I sold Inaros. This means that I basically wasted 100 Ducats. This should be fixed so that you either can build the blueprint for a second time or that you cannot purchase the blueprint from Baro if the game won't let you build it.
  2. These must be the worst Prime weapons that DE has ever released, or at least the worst ones in a long time.
  3. I've done some more testing: It is not related to the Warframe because I used Protea as the Railjack pilot for the first time. I can reproduce the same problem with Rhino who worked fine before the 28.0.5 update. When I navigate to the Payload tab using the Dry Dock Railjack console after the mission I can see that Flux Energy has been used. So using a Railjack ability consumes energy but has not effect whatsoever. It is therefore possibly not a UI bug but a general game mechanic bug.
  4. I've tried to reset all controls and the ability menu still doesn't work in Railjack.
  5. Hello! I just played my first Railjack missing since update 28.0.5 was released and noticed that the ability menu is not working whilr piloting the Railjack. I can open the menu but none of the button presses to activate any abilities work (yes, I had more than enough Flux Energy). I've even tried tor reset the Railjack control but that didn't fix it. Railjack controls were working fine for me last Monday before update 28.0.5 was released. I'm using a custom controller layout for normal missions in case that matters.
  6. We are now at nine days of Jackal Sorties, not seven as announced.
  7. According to the 28.0.5 release notes we were supposed to get seven days of Jackal Sorties. But as of 10 minutes ago we now have the ninth Jackal Sortie in a row, at least on PS4. @[DE]Danielle: Can we have normal Sorties back, please?
  8. Hello, I've completed the "Friendly Fire" Nightwave challenge twice: once when it first was first in the weekly rotation and once this week. However after installing the Deadlock Protocol update I only received 3500 extra standing and not 7000. Can somebody from DE please investigate and possibly run a script to correct this? Thanks in advance
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