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  1. I've created a friendly petition thread: Please consider supporting it.
  2. @[DE]Rebecca: Hello Rebecca, as you are in charge of live operation this probably falls into your responsibility. Can you please add Kuva to this week's Nightwave Credit offerings? I strongly suspect that there are lot of veteran players who like me ... ... have enough Orokin Catalysts (12), Orokin Reactors (10) and Nitrain Extract (59). ... spent all their credits on Kuva the last time it was sold. ... have acquired a lot of credits since then. The option to use my remaining credits to stock up on Kuva would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.
  3. It affects other high level Interception missions as well e.g. Sedna/Berehynia or Pluto/Cerberus.
  4. Why are the Prime Glyphs not part of the Prime Vault Accessory packs? Veteran players don't need the Warframes and weapons but often don't have the Glyphs. Will we ever get new Zaw parts e.g. for Dual Swords, Dual Handed Nikanas and Whips? Please change the self damage on Zhuge Prime: Remove self damage completely Make explosive bolts the alt fire mode Add a minimum flight distance feature like on Acceltra As it stands Zhuge Prime is worse that Zhuge because of the side grade stats combined with the high potential to kill the wielder.
  5. I still get 100.2% Critical Chance with Primed Pistol Gambit and my Riven. But when they nerf the Disposition to 0.3 next time (new category for Catchmoon only) it will probably be time to replace it with an elemental mod.
  6. Hunting Vomvalysts with Ivara was how I got my 2-1-2 Amp, too. But most players don't even know that you can get a decent Amp this way. They probably join public Teralyst missions and hope to get carried until they get the cores for a decent Amp that way.
  7. I agree. But IMHO the problem starts earlier. The last mission of the Chains of Harrow quest is already very frustrating with only a Mot Amp, an operator with 200 health and no health re-generation. Several hundred hours of game time later this is all easy because I've got a 4-2-7 Amp, an operator with 650 Health, Rejuvenating Tides and Magus Replenish. The problem is as often that the game doesn't make it obvious to you that you should and how you can get these upgrades.
  8. This is very very frustrating in particular because the UI dialog for changing controller layout is very unintuitive and cumbersome. Please ask the development team to implement configuration migration in future mainline updates.
  9. Why are the Prime Glyphs not part of the accessory packs?
  10. Will we ever get new Zaw parts? The following would be very nice: Dual Handed Nikana Strike Dual Sword Strike A link which gives 20% Status Chance and 20% Critical Chance
  11. I almost always have a Forma building. And after claiming a new Forma and scheduling the next build I often leave the app while in the Foundry listview.
  12. And now it has stopped working again for no obvious reason. Logging out and in again doesn't fix it. To me it seems that the problem simply occurs if the app has been running for a while (over 12 hours).
  13. So far the app is still working after yesterday's restart. Things which don't seem to be causing the problem: changing network connection (3G -> WiFi) invalidating the app's login session by playing the game examining and claiming Foundry items whose build was started with the game the daily reset
  14. Reloading the Foundry does not fix the problem, only force quitting and restarting the app does. I've not been able to establish a pattern of what stops it working. I've just tried building and claiming an item which didn't break it. I've also tried logging out and logging in again which didn't break it.
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