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  1. the passive that gives 40% back? no
  2. Either bugged or the numbers are S#&$ because it doesn't do a damn thing
  3. She sucks against any faction that isn't corpus because they don't have any shields to steal, and has to frequently take cover and wait for her shields to recharge. Her 2 not being able to be cast while her 4 is active makes her 4 a lot less fun to use because her flying fuel is also her health/ammo and can be ripped off pretty easily. Her 3 seems pretty lackluster. She works really well against corpus because she can spam her 2 without a care in the world and constantly be at full overshields. Making toxin/slash not affect her when she has overshields was a good change. Make her 2 refill shields from any damage, and not just shield damage. And make it castable when she's in her 4.
  4. or maybe make frames not be complete garbage past level 30 enemies if I use her as intended she's basically complete trash against infested because of the toxin proc spam, and you have to be very careful when fighting any grineer because of slash procs why even bother be a high risk/high reward frame when the risk outweighs the reward if the damage bonus for being at literally 2 HP is a double damage increase then it's not worth it one stray bullet and you're dead, that double damage bonus is bad in a game where you oneshot pretty much everything anyways and the ult is just a worse revenant ult, which is a worse mesa ult
  5. wow great I'm sure that'll help when I get hit with an AOE toxin proc from a high level ancient and get instagibbed or, you know, enemies end up being behind me
  6. garuda better have some sort of immunity to slash and toxin or she's going in the trash bin just like revenant ult is also really bad, would be great if it provided damage resistance while you were in it
  7. We getting the arch-weapons as normal equippables before or with fortuna? I want a reason to throw some forma into a few of these weapons.
  8. only 7 thralls? can still be damaged by teammates? have no health or damage buff when enthralled? 3 still costs 75 energy? NERFED the 4? should be at least 10, and the effect should spread to a nearby enemies when the thrall dies looks like we're getting another half assed khora frame what a waste I'd rather have less frames per year that had more thought put into them instead of cranking a bunch of MR fodder out I really like both their looks too I hope garuda doesn't end up like the last few frames at least funtasma got a buff I guess
  9. please tell me revenant will get some much needed bug fixes and buffs
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