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  1. The new Nightwave tasks for this final week has 3x Rescue missions task twice, and it appears broken. Do a rescue and you get the 1/3 completed pop up, but then in the orbiter it resets back to no progress.
  2. Because it hasn't. They've just started dev on these changes for console, we don't even have anything in cert yet, so probably looking at the 26th at the earliest. And when we do it's Orphix Venom time so honestly I think only a tiny fraction of the console players will be trying to crack the vaults. Yes, I saw that in the projected release notes, it will be a huge improvement, though it looks like the overall chance of getting the parts is going down slightly which is guess is to drive us to buy them instead. It does when not doing the thing you're told to and doing somet
  3. It wasn't. In late 2019 we were up to same day on some updates, and generally console was 1-2 weeks behind PC. Now it's 6-8 weeks, which is f-ing rediculous. It really shouldn't be. There is a huge amount of stuff in this game. I'm more than happy to help newer players, and I'm the admin in my clan that players often ask for help with fine tuning builds, best riven rolls and the like. I'm happy to help with the many, many bits of complex nuance in this game. Loid/Otak is a straight-up new player trap. This isn't optimisation for farming or anything like that, this isn't a max
  4. It hasn't, or it has changed, in that it doesn't bug out completely on cycle, but it still locks you out of the subsequent vaults when it happens. Maybe this is an Xbox bug? On cycle change all the iso vault bounties reset to 3/5. I think it's the other way round, but OK, still only 3rd vault and now only one chance per run instead of 3 - that's worse, not better. Great, I'm sure we'll see that some day. Meanwhile these drop tables are hot garbage. Yeah, because there's nothing else coming in the next update. Crazy of me to want to play the content from the current
  5. Isolation Vaults are really interesting mechanics, unique feeling tilesets with a good variety and sometimes almost challenging enemies. I love the look and design. Your artists are amazing. But, what the actual **** that grind though? There are two archguns in there: - Each requires 3 dropped weapon parts. - Parts are rare and only drop from killing the 3 mechs in the 3rd Isolation Vault bounty (the one with 5/5 pips on the bounty screen). - The wiki says they can be a mission reward, but they never are. They only drop from those three mechs. They don't appear to
  6. "I don't mind which" is exclusively-client, if more than ¼ of players only want to be host everyone else will end up client all the time. That or solo. That's very magnanimous of you, as it guarantees you'll have the host migration and potentially lose all your progress/loot. I want a full squad. DE have built the whole mechanic about full squads. Which is really my point. Not that we should let them off for shoddy networking code, but that most missions (but yes, especially relics) are built for full squads. Lots are playable solo, but generally less fun or more grindy wi
  7. I'm sure there are some folks who prefer to be clients, but there need to be 4x as many as want to be host, and I've never met even one. It is, but we're not even talking full matches. We're taking whatever the ratio from "I want to be host" to "I'm happy always being client (despite all the shi* that entails)". I think you'll be playing solo 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% have a clueless noob teammate who doesn't know there's even an option to be host. You say that, but DE have to bet the whole deal on it. If you're right I'm sure they'll be fine, but how sure are you
  8. The problem here is that everyone wants to be host. DE go from having a matchmaking algorithm where lots of people get matched up quickly to one where there are lots of hosts waiting on few clients. It's not an insurmountable problem, but it's a huge amount of work and risk with relatively low rewards for DE. I mean, yeah, we all hate host migrations, I just levelled Bonewidow about 20 times because necramechs reset all progress every time you get a host migration, I really want to be host, I get it. But... we're both still playing. Sure we can moan on here but host migrations aren'
  9. On the Steel Path you get a lot more enemies. It changes the dynamics quite a bit and what abilities/weapons work best. But it also massively scales bullet spongyness which severely limits what you can use. Loads of abilities/weapons are just useless and not worth bringing. Having a lot more enemies is fun, and you really start to feel the levels are a bit empty. I think it would be fun to play the easier levels with the SP spawn rates. Suggestion: once any world is beaten (so you get nightmare nodes) the spawn rate on all nodes should increase to Steel Path numbers of ene
  10. Thanks for the advice, missing Orphix Venom updates makes sense, though it making enought of a difference? Voidrig is better in bursts but bursts is all you ever get to use Necramechs for. I've tried Extend. I still find myself swinging at an enemy, not hitting them (as Ironbride has less range than polearms for some reason) and then waiting for the slow animation to complete before I can lumber towards them and try again. I think Ironbride needs more base speed, more range (base 5m at least), cancelable animations or at least fluid ones like most stances - it needs at least one comb
  11. What? Heavy attack hits very hard at range. It doesn't work great on the node thingies, because nothing does, but for those you can just jump up and hover and melee them down in a few regular swings Is this different on PC then? On console heavy attack does nothing.
  12. 5 forma later I think this is better, but still not good enough. Higher level enemies give decent health, but also add weird immunities where it just doesn't do anything to certain enemies. It does, but its range sucks with your mobility. In particular you have a stumble coming out of dash where you can't melee that just feels rubbish. You still kind of are, and that's the problem. Arquebex locks you in place but you have quite a bit of range to deny a wide area. Yeah, with Ironbride you can move, but not far or fast and each swing is slow. Maybe this would be better if it
  13. Oh, no, only in the early game. There are mods that give health/energy, there are weapons that give health/energy, there are arcanes that give you health/energy, there are [spoilers] that give you health/energy. Keep playing - you're missing some big pieces of the energy economy.
  14. Sorry this is late but I'm on console. So, a couple of forma into Bonewidow and it's not good. It's not bad, as such, but Voidrig is sooooo much better. Necramechs are slow, but powerful. They lack all of the energy/health regen of frames so they're just a bonus that attritions away. This sort-of works for Voidrig, especially its 4/ult turret mode. It feels like extra damage mode for a bit. For Bonewidow it really really doesn't. You have some health regen, but pitiful amounts so not really much help. You have a tiny fraction of the Voidrig's damage, but much harder to app
  15. It's a lovely idea, but they'll never do it because of what boosters are designed for - they're not a cash sink so much as a push to play every day. Take affinity - base rate is just slightly too slow, booster fixes that but costs enough that you really want to get the use out of it. It doesn't cost enough to be a bit revenue generator, but it does push players to try and get the most out of them.
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