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  1. They should just discount the bundle when you already own the skin. They've definitely missed out on purchases from me due to me not wanting to either buy a skin twice or forever rule out being able to get a bundled item.
  2. I mean, that's specifically what I dispute. This is in the Steel Path shop. Everyone with access to this shop has beaten the entire star chart. And when you first get there there's lots of stuff to buy: 2 ephemera, operator armour, umbra Forma. Anyone buying these Riven Ciphers has beaten the star chart AND the Steel Path and is looking to maximise farming it. I'm not saying some relatively new players won't get conned by this the first time they come to the shop, but what we're MISSING (as in specifically what's lacking) from the Steel Essence store is evergreen items - ie the stuff
  3. Yes, riven ciphers might be useful for MR8 players who've just unlocked sorties. They aren't available to those players though. They're Steel Path only. If you have Steel Essence you're going to spend it on Kuva to roll rivens long before you spend it on ciphers to unlock them. These are easy. Take either a stealth or just plain tanky frame to the Plains of Eidolon and head left to the nearby lake. Don't kill any enemies, there's usually at least 3-5 or so around the lake. There's a cave on the far side that always has minerals around the entrance. There's always fish in the lake.
  4. Yes, great idea, though I'd tweak it. If you apply a cipher to a riven then it doesn't unlock it, it just ensures that it will be for whatever weapon you unlock it on. I think DE really don't want that though, as they want rivens to push players to weapons they're not using, not make the meta weapons more powerful. I think OPs main issue isn't being 'forced' to use them. It is that he is upset that DE is wasting their efforts creating these when there are larger issues with Rivens that go unaddressed Yup. Dev time and effort is going in to these things tha
  5. Assuming it doesn't change from what was said on devstream, it'll be once per week Not my point. Riven Ciphers and Kuva are in the same store - as someone who has a lot of rivens I spend a hell of a lot more time getting Kuva than unlocking rivens. Given the choice of a free unveil or Kuva I'm going to pick Kuva every time. The only people who might buy this are those players relatively new to rivens, who struggle with unveiling but haven't spent more than a few hundred thousand Kuva yet, and it's a bit of a con on them. However, how many players like that are on the S
  6. In the recent DevStream it was announced that Riven Ciphers would be coming to the Steel Path shop, and these will let you unveil a riven without doing the challenge. Who asked for this? Seriously? You saw all the feedback on here about rivens and thought that's what we wanted? Yeah, unlocking rivens can be a pain, but it's always something we can do. There's some build or ability or something to help kill 6 dargryns with a bow while sliding or whatever. It's a problem we solve with gameplay. Meanwhile rolling rivens sucks. It's a casino/gambling activity (all pray to RNGsus) th
  7. Yes, that's a really good idea, like we can already choose tap vs hold 🙂
  8. The augment was announced and demoed by Rebecca in the DevStream on Friday, so they're definitely planning to implement it. In terms of ability selection it does rather depend on the frame. I think Titania would benefit from this too as you always want all 4 of her buffs (or maybe skip the companion one), but for most select abilities you pick one and stick with it (for instance Vauban or Ivara). I think if the thing you're cycling is something you're going to affect enemies with and that stacks then select one and keep it (this applies to Lavos too, as he currently resets) w
  9. sometimes in vampire mode I just leave my healing mote selected and periodically drop them. other times when we are booking to exaction and its a long trip, I leave the haste mote selected and just drop it along the way as needed That's why I said "almost". Yes, there are some very niche uses, like Vampire Nightmare nodes when you don't have spoiler mode unlocked yet. I can't say I've remotely struggled with nightmare missions for a long time now, they just get speed run when they come up in nightwave, but back when I did I didn't have Wisp as she's one of the last frames
  10. From the DevStream we're getting a new augment for Wisp that lets you lay all 3 motes at once, which if it is an Exilus mod will go on every build. However, that got me thinking - it solves a problem: you almost always want all 3 motes, so it's lay, switch, lay, switch, lay, switch every time. However, you almost never want to lay the same mote in quick succession. So a quality of life tweak for Wisp: laying a mote always switches you to the next mote. This would make laying all 3 motes lay, lay lay, at the cost of laying the same mote becoming lay, switch, switch, lay - b
  11. Exactly! The Epitaph 200% extra damage bug not making it compete with melee is just a really good illustration of that problem. I'm not saying it's underpowered and I'm not asking for build advice (why do so many folks "well actually my build..." and then list the only crit build again?) I'm saying ALL guns are so weak that 200% extra damage doesn't fix them.
  12. Let's take that build then. You have no status chance mods or fire rate mods, so you're working with the 35% chance from the guaranteed Impact proc. You get a weapon that kills with Bleed ticks, but sometimes just doesn't because none of your shots got lucky. But yeah, yet another Crit/Slash build. Yay, so bored of that being the only build in town. And you're getting a much weaker uncharged shot as it will proc a lot less. A hard to get gun with 3 Primed mods and a stack of forma to fit them probably should be able to consistently kill Veil Proxima or Steel Path enemies wi
  13. More likely ceramic/kevar or some fancy new patented plastic - metal tends to bend but you want the material to ablate the energy carried by the projectile. My point was a plate that would stop a bullet will also stop a sword - the main difference in armours would be close combat mobility becomes much more important while also making gaps between plates much more reachable (it's easier to stab someone in the armpit than shoot it from a distance, for instance). It would be cool to have some enemies that were tough to melee but easy to shoot and vice versa. I think the shield Grineer a
  14. They've spoken about it in a DevStream and released two bandaid mods that make Impact status weapons able to proc Slash, and removed the ability to stack som corrupted mods. They have not addressed anything yet. For me, maybe not for you, the relative weakness of guns is the biggest problem with this game. DE clearly haven't decided what they want to do about this yet. Hence this post now - on the DevStream they were talking exciting new mods, but they haven't done anything yet. The Epitaph Synth Charge bug is a good use case - one option they have is to just buff base
  15. IRL, yes, assuming equivalent materials I thought Lois's answer was sarcastic. In real life guns are much more effective against armour than blades. IRL guns are way more effective, that's why every single army in the world uses them and nobody runs into battle with just swords. I like the fiction of Warframe's melee - it is fun to swipe a room full of enemies into chunks. I don't think that's bad, I just want the guns to work too and not have one gun called OP just because it can kill just one of those enemies with two charged shots to the face.
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