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  1. Why? Why? In both cases you're asking for mods that just make the weapon worse. That just seems a waste of time. Why would anyone other than you want this? Why should DE spend Dev time on something only one masochist wants?
  2. Quite the opposite, they do not work together at all (unless you like being out of ammo on both guns at once) Ok, on to the original question... Yeah, it's designed for burst damage, the problem is that burst damage just isn't anywhere near high enough to justify the pain of using it (mainly because blast is a really weak damage type and Impact sucks so much all the best rivens remove it). You can mod for this, but it doesn't help. Especially if the primary is an Acceltra and probably out of ammo too. I like this idea - it could work something like the Arca Sisco, which gains stacks of crit % and crit X as you get hits with it. The problem would be that it needs to gain those stacks incredibly fast as you only have 10 shots. It's hard MR fodder, but I'm not sure what you could do to fix that that wouldn't push up its MR past 8. If it did a bit of balanced IPS or any Slash (shrapnel in the explosion maybe) it would be as awesome, but also probably MR12 at least.
  3. So I can fix the ephemera by setting an energy colour that mostly hides the ephemera? Great advice 😄😉 Seriously though, I just used different ephemera. Still, an infested one would have been cool.
  4. Sorry to disagree, but it's horrible and I think it might be a bug. The ephemera causes your frame to glow in the energy colour, and obscures any fashion-frame/colours you have set. No other ephemera does this, and this one was supposed to be a trail of infested spores in your footsteps, not a 100 watt glow for your frame the entire time. What? It's awful with the Phyrke skin. Utterly unusable. The overglow completely hides the cool metallic effects as you build stacks, and also either wraps the mutated mode (so glow around empty shoulder horns you don't have yet) or wraps the basic mode (so shoulders, crown and thighs poking out of the glow). It looks a janky mess. Please DE fix the broken effects and make it behave like other ephemera!
  5. Because so much of my time in Warframe is spent fighting a single enemy 😉 Yes, OK, you can improve burst damage even on a low ammo weapon. But that's fairly specific to the weapon and situation. For the Akarius it doesn't really matter - you need a macro to fire it quick enough and it has 10 shots total. For the Acceltra we have an explosive AoE that only works at medium range and higher - it's clearly not a weapon that's about killing one enemy, it's about clearing rooms. By the time you get to a level where you have to focus Acceltra fire on one enemy it's stopped being effective. It also tends to knock enemies about a lot without killing them. In practice with the Acceltra you run about with a fair bit of chaos, and with Gauss you redline, and then it's run out so you switch to secondary, grab a few ammo packs and switch back. It's not a problem, it's very manageable and all it needs is a solid secondary. The Akarius is not that. It's hard MR fodder (which is fine, most weapons are) but specifically weak in the area the Acceltra needs a secondary to be good for.
  6. Yes, let's get a powerful buff, and then slow down and avoid using it. Gauss's weapons should benefit from Gauss's buff. But yes, I wouldn't mod either for fire rate. Unless you're using the mod where you reload on holster that makes no difference. Run out on Acceltra, switch to Akarius fire 5 shots, reload, fire 5 more, switch back to Acceltra and oh it's still empty. Or if you got lucky maybe you have 1 reload, but that runs out quick and Akarius is still empty. Nobody takes 2 ammo hungry weapons to anything except Capture missions. Yeah, Scavenger mods can help either weapon, at the cost of the 4x Corrosive Projection team you need for most lvl 200+ content, but it's beside the point. You can have either Pistol Scavenger OR Rifle Scavenger, but not both and neither entirely fixes the ammo economy. Yeah, I can cope with either of their poor ammo economies, but not both at the same time. And that's the problem - that they both have the same issue, and all the solutions to that problem fix one or the other but not both. Prime access is a little different, it's less of a set-designed-as-a-set as just a combination of primable things that come up together. We were due another prime sentinel, so it got lumped with Atlas (my guess is that Titania is soon and putting a sentinel with her would be almost as stupid as making one of her abilities buff companions). Signature weapons are a little different - or at least they try to be, this is definitely something that DE have gotten better at (I mean, Mirage's pistols suck). Some sets have frame buffs (including this one), some have synergies (Knell+Harrow for headshot dominance) and some just look nice with the frame (I love the Tenora, but spool up makes matching the beat to buff Octavia's 3 impossible) but this is the only either/or.
  7. Indirectly, you do lose damage by not having corrosive projection equipped Yeah, and you can't equip Rifle Scavenger and Pistol Scavenger at the same time, so the two weapons are still not complementary - you take one or the other. You don't get more ammo by moving more, you get more ammo from more kills, and while both weapons work at longer range the vast majority of kills are going to happen in Vacuum/Fetch range. What you can do is bring a Pilfering Khora/Hydroid, Nekros or Chesa Kubrow and rely on double-looting. That does help, but for Nekros/Chesa you have to stay near the corpses, and for Khora/Hydroid the kills have to be in your AoE, in any of those you stay pretty static. I've tried Gauss+Chesa, you have to loop back on yourself a lot to make sure that you're still in range when the Chesa's double loot ability fires. It works in some maps, but hardly at all in open worlds. Both Acceltra and Akarius suit Gauss's run+gun style (although he is fast enough to regularly blow himself up with the Acceltra, self damage is a whole other issue) but while his reload buff is nice he runs out of ammo really fast with both. Fire his redline, fire Acceltra until it runs out, fire Akarius until it runs out, and you still have some redline left. Two ammo-issue guns on a frame whose powers boost fire rate is just clunky.
  8. Yes. They sell the set to newbie players, it should work as a loadout. I wonder why that is? Maybe if they listened to feedback and made these weapons work better with their frames the whole concept would mean more. Tekko gets a status boost with Atlas. Tekko Prime doesn't, that might be a bug. Phantasma gets a magazine increase that boosts it's secondary fire significantly. Tatsu gets more of its projectiles. Most of the signature weapons either work nicely with the rest of the bundle, or actively benefit. Acceltra and Akarius are the only set that actively work less well together.
  9. The Acceltra has minor issues. I find it's mostly OK if you don't boost its fire rate, but bring a Gauss or Wisp and it runs out immediately. The Akarius has severe issues. It's otherwise a nice weapon, well suited to Gauss shooting while blasing past at crazy speeds. With either you need to pair it with a weapon that doesn't have ammo economy issues. Bring both pick up a Haste Mote and you're out of ammo on both before it runs out. That works (though more like 30-45s depending on enemy drops), but only if that second weapon isn't running any kind of ammo mutation. Akarius needs that to shoot more than 10 times. The Acceltra is ok, but can't be paired with the Akarius. That feels off given they're part of a signature set.
  10. Yes, there are other weapons, I usually take them. Not really my point. These are Gauss's signature kit, they should work well together, they don't, that wouldn't be hard to fix.
  11. Assault Mode causes the sentinel to shoot first. Revenge makes it never shoot unless they shot first. This is useful if you want to have your sentinel use weapons, but you're trying to use stealth. If you're not spotted the sentinel won't alert enemies, once you are it will help fight back. That's what Revenge is supposed to do. It's not very useful though, as these days stealth is all about either invisibility or CC, and sentinel weapons are pretty useless. Instead I'd just make Ghost more reliable and Burst Laser silent.
  12. Both these weapons have ammo issues. This is a problem in Warframe generally, as most of the solutions (ammo mutations, Carrier, etc) only boost the currently equipped weapon. So run out of ammo on primary, switch to secondary, now you're turning all ammo packs into secondary, when you run out your primary is also still out of ammo. These are Gauss's signature kit, but you can't take both, you have to take one and pair it with something better on ammo. They fight each other for ammo. One of these weapons needs to become much more ammo efficient. I'd recommend the Akarius, as it's the weaker weapon. Double the magazine size, quadruple the max ammo capacity, and make it so ammo packs give 20 shots. This isn't going to make the Akarius OP, but will make it a weapon that plays nice with the Acceltra.
  13. We only have trade chat. It's almost impossible to trade with X1 players not in your region, so online markets are pretty much closed to us. Most YouTube channels are PC players, so ignore folks like Brozime and Leyzar telling you to ask other players for it - that's purely a PC thing. I don't think it ever happens on X1. If my clan had the BP I'd totally change that, but they don't (and I suspect far fewer clans do on X1) and even then I could only give them to a few folks in my region. The way you get the Ignis Wraith on X1 is to buy it from Baro. That's it. That's the best way. However, it does create an issue where new clans are permanently at a disadvantage, which I don't think is right. Here's hoping that we get more clan events with Railjack.
  14. I'm really enjoying Gauss. A visual tweak: His 3 has two modes, and in the heat of combat it's a little difficult to tell which effect you've just done, especially as the clap animation is the same either way (compare with Gara's 1, which has different animations). If forma'd his cold/intake tap should be mostly the primary colour with hints of the secondary. His heat/vent hold should swap to mostly the secondary. So if you had blue and red energy colours: tap would be a blue effect and hold would be a red one. This small change would make this ability easier to manage, and when overlapping existing halos you could tell at a glance which is which. Secondly his weapons are both ammo-starved, which is an issue when he boosts fire rate so much. The tools we have to cope with ammo issues (Carrier, Ammo Mutations, etc) tend to boost the current weapon, which means you can't even fall back: primary runs out so you switch to secondary AND start converting every ammo pack to secondary too, when that runs out your primary is still out of ammo. It's always a bad idea to take two weapons that both struggle with ammo. While both guns are suited to his run+gun style, in practice you take one OR the other, never both. One of them should be altered to be less ammo-needy. I'd recommend boosting the Akarius as it's objectively the weaker weapon - give it a larger magazine, higher max ammo, and give it the equivalent of 10 shots per pickup (so 20) instead of 5.
  15. I only got to level 45 in the first season. The fact that it jammed on 60/61 then too doesn't mean it's not busted.
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