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  1. I mean, you do you? Not everyone is going to like the same weapons, that's fine. Doesn't really change that loads of other players loved the Cerebral Bore, hence it being 3rd on IGN's poll. Personally I find the Karak really boring but I can recognise that it is on of the most popular weapons amongst the majority of folks who are not me. Actually, is that a bug? I thought it wasn't allowed on AoE weapons? Ah, I though you were talking about the subsumed abilities, fair enough. But not this one - from Mag's Magnetise, Void's proc or the Scourge alt fire this af
  2. I have the blueprints. I have cracked all the Loid/memory key vaults many many times. I think I know all the secret doors: - 2 pits: void shoot the switches above the doors either side top open the centre door - infested tree: shoot the void switches above the doors and one more in the infested passages to open a door and get smashable statues - 3 rings: shoot the 3 void switches either side to open a lua style portal to a broken mech I don't think the other 3 (raised centre over a sloping tunnel, big bounce pit, and lots of steps with balconies either side) have secrets, o
  3. Bows have a charged shot. Sometimes firing with incomplete charge is a weaker shot, and some bows don't fire at all unless fully charged. With one exception (the Bramma) bows are a bit unloved. For single target damage snipers are nearly always better, and get a combo mechanic on top. So an idea for bows: if you fully charge a shot and keep holding you get a tick (dependent on fire rate) and then it charges again. If you fire with 2 charges you get 2 arrows, keep holding for 3 charges and 3 arrows. These additional arrows only fire if fully charged, so 1.5 charges fires 1 fully charg
  4. The Mausolon is better. Until they nerf it it's the heavy weapon all the archguns should have been in the first place. How? How did you get one? I have run so many vaults, I have thousands of matrices, I have yet to see a single Cortege part. Do the parts only drop if you're using a particular frame or if you have a particular booster?
  5. It's nearly always 25-26%. I think DE dropped the chance of higher rolls right down when they brought in Valence Transfer. Valence Transfer means you can take that 25% Brakk, level it, and then when you get another Brakk you can merge the stats. You will typically need 6-10 Brakks to get to 60%, unless you get very lucky. You don't, the weapon you fuse in to keeps all its forms, you only sacrifice the new weapon. Oh god no. No more Kuva weapons. We don't need any more. If you haven't got and levelled them all yet you don't need any more.
  6. Yes, the weapon is from Turok 2, which is over 20 years old. It's a classic weapon. That would be why I went and found a video of it so younger folks would know what I was talking about. You know I wasn't saying "look at these amazing graphics" right? It's a really old game, it looks like garbage now. My point is that the Cerebral Bore was tremendous fun. I remember almost nothing else about Turok 2, and it wasn't a particularly good game, but a load of gamers my age (see also all the DE devs who've been there since the UT days) remember it. Er, we're living in the
  7. So there's this weapon in Turok 2 widely recognised as one of the best FPS guns of all time, the Cerebral Bore... The Zymos feels like Warframe's take on this. Body shots are basically a weak Pox, but land a headshot and you get the enemy desperately scrabbling while its head swells and then explodes to spread damage around. Awesome! Against level 15 enemies. Against anything anyone who can actually get this MR11 weapon fights it does feck all. Shoot a level 50 heavy gunner in the head and get stagger, shrug, move on with 2% less health. Steel Path? Fuggetaboutit.
  8. This comes up regularly, and I vote it up every time, but I suspect it won't change. Machete comes from luck logins (only weapons you haven't mastered come up so you will get it eventually) or Darvo daily deals.
  9. I use an elite controller and map the thumbstick clicks to the paddles. But yes, it does suck having alt fire and heavy attacks being a click of the stick you're using to aim. It's not to bad for the Convectrix, as it's secondary fire is utterly useless, but it really ruins some others (like the Tenora, Battacor or Mausoleum) that have a high damage charged secondary fire.
  10. ^Hema is proof of this I'd agree, but they just made Mutagen Samples way easier to get. They appear to be an uncommon drop on Deimos, and everyone in my clan has thousands. If it wasn't for the fact that they count as Bile for the Helminth my clan would have the Hema by now.
  11. Ah, I get you. I still don't think the fact that something was extended implies that DE only did it to waste time. No, it isn't. High concurrent player count is nice, but that peak has been and gone at launch - players sticking round is worth a lot more than short term grinding and then getting fed up. I'm sure there are folks at DE that feel this way, and it certainly is what need to motivate employees. But DE are a business, their primary motivation is to make money. They may have lots of ways to make that happen, but ultimately Warframe exists to try and get you to buy
  12. Nonsense , it is not any more challenging , it is only longer It is. You used to be able to ignore the toxin build up. I used to spend the entire time mining and only kill a couple enemies if they stopped me doing that. I wouldn't say it's particularly challenging now, but you do need to kill and collect drops from enough enemies that you can't just ignore it. Observation: it is more challenging (even though it's only gone from ignorable to easy). But, you're making an assertion about their motivation, and while they clearly have biases about what they tell us their
  13. They said on a home time that was to increase the challenge of that section. Rework? I'm asking for one bounty type, which is designed to be run multiple times, be better adapted to a squad wanting to play these over and over. They already have 4 entrances to every vault tile, one you come in, one a puzzle door, and 2 capped. Making one of those two caps into a sphincter that opens after the vault to the next infested tunnels tileset is not a drastic change. I want it to be faster, more streamlined, but also tougher and to keep going - so it fees intense. That
  14. I think there is much better flow to the eidolon fights - you stay outside, the drop from one summons the next (creating a loot risk Vs reward), and you can multitask (send one player off to get more drones etc). Exactly! I don't think they actively want waiting times, as that leads to player burnout and folks looking for skip exploits. I think it's just that 3 copy/paste bounties are easier to code when they had a huge amount to ship in a short time. The infested tunnels bit is, but you're not in it for long and infested gunk all looks pretty samey when you're run
  15. They should, MR14 is about right. If they dropped it they'd have to nerf the mechs and mech weapons. Asking for a drop in MR is asking for a nerf. If they drop the MR the weapon you newly get access too won't be as good. How? Just picking up higher level weapons as you go (like getting Strun, Hek, Vaykor Hek etc as you progress) is going to get you to about MR14. I agree, MR isn't a measure of experience. It's a measure of how much of the total content in the game has been used. You may even be an amazingly good player. I've seen folks in 100+ content with an MR5 Exca
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