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  1. It's isn't. That's why it's a 5/5 riven dispo and has been for a long time. The reason it has no slash is the Ether Daggers. Want slash in a dual dagger? Go Ether. Want puncture? Go Fang. You're better off asking for an Ether Daggers Prime. That too 🙂 But, here's the constructive bit: they need to redesign dual daggers entirely, or they're just slower daggers (ie useless). Maybe ask again after Melee 3.0
  2. Yeah, that's because it suuuuuuuuucks. Hard MR fodder, and objectively the worst prime. It wouldn't matter. Dual daggers are straight up broken. Awful stances, all the disadvantages of daggers but slower and without Covert Lethality. I think to fix dual daggers they need to change the weapon type drastically - if a single dagger is the assassin's choice the dual needs to be something else. Maybe add loads of momentum, a ton of speed and stances that close distances for quick kills with high combo hits. If they do fix dual daggers in melee 3 Ether Daggers already has the mostly-slash slot (and is the best weapon in the category). They'd have to do something else with Fang.
  3. You mean like nullifier bubbles? Some exalted weapons work on nullifiers but not arbitration drones (like Dex Pixia), but some powers (like Vitrify) block drones but not nullifiers. They're also not immune to indirect powers, so Chroma, Harrow, etc can boost your weapons. I get it - arbitrations would be trivial if Mesa could AoE drones, but also making weapons like Artemis Bow and Dex Pixia not work is just confusing. And drones aren't really the problem - they're a little inconsistent, but... Demolysts, the list of what affects them and what doesn't is crazy. I think what they're trying to do is something like drones, but immune to CC and not DPS. My guess is during playtesting DE had some kind of cut off for abilities, any that were too effective they turned off. Try out some frames on the new mission type and you'll see what I mean - it's a bit of a lottery what works.
  4. Some frames have abilities that are excellent at killing or controlling most enemies. To balance this out DE just disable those abilities against some enemies. I get the reason, but it's horribly inconsistent. For instance, without looking at the wiki, can anyone remember all the abilities that don't work against demolysts? How about arbitration drones? Same list? It's extremely confusing, and frustrating when it happens - I mean, you think you're going to need DPS, take along a Saryn or Mesa, one works and the other is useless (any guess which, it varies by boss)? I think the solution is threefold: 1. The same rules should apply to everything that has ability resistance - none of the "this works on demolysts and nullifiers but not arbiter drones". 2. An ability should never be completely broken, just because it would otherwise be OP. The ability should always do something. For instance: DPS abilities could do much less damage, or perhaps lose their scaling. CC abilities should all work (including things like Mind Control and Enthral) but have much shorter durations. 3. Abilities tied to exhalted weapons should always work as if those were actual weapons. This is easy for weapons like the Dex Pixia and Artemis Bow, but would require some Dev work for ones like the Peacemaker Regulators (maybe lose the auto aim but keep auto fire, only hitting resistant enemies in a normal sized reticle inside the AoE one).
  5. Almost the opposite. I find the very conventional weapons like the Karak and Latron really boring, and really enjoy the spool up mechanic on weapons like the Tenora. I kind of hate rapiers too, they're great when you want to hit one target hard, but generally I want melee to swipe down the crowd. Horses for courses though: it's great we can all find something we enjoy busing 🙂 My favourites tend to involve explosions: Opticor, Lenz, etc. Melee wise I really like the Wise Razor stance but think we need a better weapon for it than the Tatsu (which is decent, but I want something Zaw or endgame). Dislikes: broken weapons that were clearly never playtested (I got an amazing Riven for the Convectrix and it was still garbage) and troll stat weapons (Nukor, any pellet shotgun with just short of 30% status) But, really, it changes every week. At the moment I'm really enjoying the Fulmin and a Prisma Angstrum + Riven combo that's instant suicide for anyone except Revenant or Wukong to use.
  6. That's part of why the design is good: DE doesn't want any irreplaceable meta weapons. Yeah, from about 110 on it struggles, but then it's MR8. That's kinda my point. The Lenz is MR12 level damage with a bunch of problems that bring it down. That's a short list of high MR non-AoE weapons. I mean, the Rubico Prime can one-shot pretty much any enemy, but just the one. The Komorex can AoE at long range but it does self damage. I guess the Opticor Vandal does all that without self damage, but it's also a hard to get (or at least a long grind to get) MR14 weapon, that also has a slightly cumbersome charge mechanic. Melee can deal crazy damage, but it's a weapon type that doesn't do self damage (glaives aside). I'm not so sure, take the self damage off the Prisma Angstrum and you have a 100% status multishot weapon (so every one of 7-24 rockets will proc) that does about 22k when it doesn't crit and a 4/5 riven dispo. It's hard to see that not becoming instant meta. I think weapons need downsides, and self-damage is an interesting one, as it's just about the only one you have to learn to manage rather than mod out. I suppose you could count the Tigris Prime's awful duplex trigger in that too. The question is whether the mechanic should be in the game at all, and I think it should. It just needs a rebalance.
  7. With the new market UI (on console) discount vouchers appear to be automatically applied. This means that if you have a voucher you can't buy anything for credits until you use it (unless you want to waste a voucher on something you can buy for credits). In the old interface we could choose which purchase we wanted to apply our voucher to, could we have that back please?
  8. Except rivens, which go to MR18 I really doubt that there are. You need to level twice as much gear to get from MR16 to MR27, and all that gear is much easier to level the higher MR you are. Someone who sat on MR16 but went on to level everything would be very weird. So, following on from the previous point - while many players don't immediately do the MR test, most do before they more than a rank out of sync. There are probably hundreds of hours between MR16 and 27 - if you don't spend thousands of plat you're going to need to get a lot of resources, and even if you do it's thousands of hours of levelling every amp, every zaw, every archwing, getting every prime, every wraith (each takes an hour or two if your get lucky with invasions). Probably not, but the MR27 has played a lot more of the game. And let's be honest, Warframe is not a game of skill. There's not a single element of the game that you can only achieve through skill. It's a game of grinding and building the right tools for the job, and an MR27 player has definitely done that. Maybe? I know there are some that players really struggle with, and it's not like Profit Taker is hard. Like most things in this game: it's easy with the right gear, figure out what that is and get it. MR is not an indication of skill, but an MR27 player will have gone through that process as many times as anyone in the game, an MR16 might have, but it's unlikely.
  9. That's less than half the frames, and if you have all the rest beating that content is easy. That's not mid/late game. You need a potato and anything from about Saturn. I agree that the early game progression sucks, but the star chart missions are where it works. Get Rhino from Venus, Nova from Europa, Valkyr from Jupiter, Equinox from Uranus, etc. Level that lot and you'll have access to the Lenz, Corinth, Arca Plasmor etc. Meanwhile don't aim for anything with primes. Just crack every relic you can and sell dupes for Baro ducats. If you race through the star chart you can find yourself outgunned by Uranus, so don't. Complete each planet before moving on to the next. Spy missions and Nightmare missions will give you mods that can get you to the Derelict, where you will find Corrupted Mods, which make more of a difference than most Primed mods.
  10. There are technical reasons why this is a hard change. The problem is basically the Prisoners' Dilemma, most players will want to host because it confers an advantage, and only switch to joining if that's the only way they can get a match. Basically, for the simplest case of 2 players: - H/H no match, both players lose - H/J match, but one player always has host advantage - J/J match, host alternates (what we have now). The matchmaking algorithm picks the host by a variety of complex ways, but almost certainly including things like mutual ping and NAT type. You might be a good fit for one group with a host in the middle but where you are on one side. The net result is everyone waits longer to get a match. DE are going to want to optimise for the shortest waits for the most players, and implementing host-only risks that. I'd rather they took that dev time (and matchmaking changes are an expensive PiTA to test) and spent it either making host migrations stable or adding dedicated hosts. Meanwhile... You can kind of do that in recruiter chat already. But another thing they could build is a proper LFG feature, and I'd rather have that than host-only too.
  11. Better idea: any slot you polarise twice will accept both polarities. So forma with a V and then a D and it will still cost 2 forma and need levelling twice, but means you won't be wrecking one loadout to make another possible.
  12. They do try to be, especially later ones. There are even a couple that took me more than 1 attempt. It doesn't, I mean, given long enough everyone will gain every rank. It's a measure of how much of the game's content you've unlocked and then played enough to 'master'. That said, there are a ton of MR fodder weapons I've levelled in one ESO and then chucked, some without firing a shot. Well, you have to do that to complete the star chart, and there are a load of things you won't get without getting past that anyway. Being high MR is pretty useful. At MR25 I can forma an item, still put a pretty good build on it and then go kill high enough enemies that I don't need to re-level specifically. Other than that I would like to see other perks, but I think that will put some players off. I like learning everything, but loads of players (probably a majority) level a very limited set of gear and then stop with new gear entirely. That's why you see MR8 players doing sorties and the like. Honestly though, I'm not sure how you make a test that's going to challenge players to progress without being a) annoying and b) easy to cheese with the right gear.
  13. Welcome 🙂 You'll need to later, but not yet. Stuff will drop in your normal missions. Yes, in particular you want to beat the boss of Venus over and over until you get Rhino. There are a bunch of starter weapons you can buy for cash in the market. Get them all, rank them up, keep the 1 or 2 you find the best. You get an invite from another player. It can be helpful, but there's nothing you need and most of what's there costs more money/resources than you'll have yet. Beat every mission node you can access. Level the MK1 gear and then starter weapons, your goal is MR4 and being able to buy the Hek. The Hek is a shotgun that's you can take with you right up to Uranus or Neptune. Get Rhino from the boss on Venus. Rhino's 2nd ability will get you through any mission that kills your Excal, and Rhino remains incredibly useful. Warframe is not about levelling one set of kit - frames are tools, and the best in one situation might not be good in others. You want all of them - level as many items as you can, ruthlessly sell the stuff you don't enjoy using once it's level 30. Save your plat for slots.
  14. Yes, but only once you have proc'd lots of statuses, and the Paracesis isn't very good at that. Pair it with a high status weapon (Zakti, Tysis, Pox, Atmos, custom kitgun) or abilities. Smear procs around, slap anything that survives with the Paracesis with a crit build + CO and everything will be dead. Sort of. The Gram is better at spreading status, but CO doesn't apply on the hit that procs the status, it applies on the next hit. And the Gram is slooooow. You can balance that a bit, but it's still better to spread around the status procs first. With the Gram put status and CO, and put different status from the weapons. As a general rule, CO works best on hybrid status/crit weapons that are either very fast, or that have combos with lots of hits. It's viable on almost any melee weapon, so long as you have another way to spread procs.
  15. It depends on the rattleguts build. 1. Can do more damage up front (as crit damage>base damage because of how it multiplies), but it relies on having enough crit chance to get that boost. 2. Is better on a status build, as it will put slash first on the proc table. Paired with Viral that will probably kill higher level enemies, but you'll be relying on loads of Slash procs killing them before the Viral times out, which I personally find annoying. You can't get it wrong - both are good, neither is godlike, either can make a pretty awesome kitgun more so.
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