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  1. I think the ADS shots should just be auto headshots: The shots don't do enought damage for it to be OP, but guaranteed headshots would be useful enough to make doing a lot less damage worthwhile.
  2. I mean, I met condescension with condescension. You told me I should be satisfied with new player level rewards and I responded assuming that you were at a level where that would have genuinely impressed by that. My apologies, let's both drop the patronising tone. Then why are you telling me the drop tables are fine because I can get/crack relics and meagre credits? Fine, we're agreed, the drop tables for these missions suck for the level of players accessing them. I have stopped doing it. I went and posted on the forums to tell the developers it's too damn boring. Everyone in this game is a completionist, were here for new content. Putting new toys behind this much grindwall is just a way to burn out your player base, DE only go away with it because so much other stuff is in this release. Let's agree to disagree. Yeah, you may well be right, but then why are you here to shout me down? I'm saying this grind is too slow for the rewards, you're here to tell me I should shut up and git gud at Railjack. We all know this is DE trying to make Railjack relevant. They put Sevagoth and the Epitaph and the Carmine Penta (🤣) in there but once we have those we never go back. Railjack is a relative ghost town because it's designed for a 15-20 minute game loop (not that we necessarily stay for that) while we can crack a relic just fine in a 90s capture. Sticking Holokeys in at a woeful drop rate is not the solution to that problem. In any case, thanks for engaging with my post, let's agree to differ on the rest.
  3. Grineer skirmish in the veil is 3-4 minutes with a good team and possible sub 3 with a really good team, there are bugs that sometimes need to be worked around though. At six keys per drop, nothing is faster Yes, roughly 4 mins average with a solid coördinated team. While Nu Ga is 5 mins solo. I can't always get a good squad when I have time to play, that's true of many players. Like almost everyone in Railjack I have a maxed out ship. Everyone grinding these has a maxed out ship. "Crap railjack" really aren't the issue. I know how to get a holokey. I've done this grind, with a squad and without, and spent a fair bit of time trying different runs to find the quickest. If you have a good team Veil is quicker than Saturn. If you're solo or public Neptune is quicker. Average is holokey drops ⅓ of the time or less. Everyone doing this has a lot of Sevagoth parts. I'm not saying I can't get a holokey. I'm saying I need at least 160 of them and the grind is f-ing boring, no matter how you optimise it. A) Oh my sweet summer child. I have spare sets of everything. The limit on my plat is how long I want to spend in trade chat, not relics. When I have a team on this we're all MR28-L1 somewhere, none of us need to crack relics for plat. B) ohh, a single relic. I have thousands of them, but do go on. There are much MUCH more effective ways of both cracking and getting relics. C) You get chump change credits. If you want credits there are much quicker ways of getting them. I think your definition of a "but ton of credits" is off, try Index for worthwhile credit farming.
  4. Because it's fast. No shielded crewships that take longer to take down. Time it, I have. Twice as many keys but 3x the crewships with regular issue when you're waiting around for more to spawn. But, with a good geared up squad that know what they're doing, yeah, the veil prox missions can be slightly quicker: double the Holokeys in just under twice the time. Not enought to make it not an awful grind. Yes, 5 mins is too long when the reward is a ⅓ chance of ⅒th of what I need. 5 mins would be fine if every mission gave Holokeys, it's not that "this mission takes a whole 5 mins", it's that the (at best) 5 min mission needs repeating so many times. Wow, you got crazy lucky. And after 8 lucky missions over at least 40 mins but more likely an hour plus you got enough for 1 weapon (so 4 hours for all 4, or roughly 20 hours to max them out). I had 5 in a row with nothing. Things like that happen with RNG, but the more you play the more your average will be the base chance of about ⅓. Ah yes, because waiting for a random weekly vendor isn't bullsh** grind at all. Spy is slow unless you have a competent team of at least 3, otherwise it's quite slow even with Loki or Wukong, just for the traversal. Exterminate is what you want, but it scales very linerarly (due to more enemies required at higher levels) so even with very rapid DPS it can eat up time. Yes but no. I'm always in favour of multiple drop locations, but every crewship feels too high. 6 chances in mission plus the EOM reward 6 chances in a veil prox mission, for a maximum 12 in a longer than usual mission. Fewer chances in the lower missions. It would be an incentive to play the slower missions for more reward chances. Nope, that's pretty consistent with my clan too. 3 hours is the heavily optimised grind. Yes, the RNG is unnecessary here. It feels arbitrary.
  5. Why is this grind so rediculously long? To get the Holokeys (you need 40 for each Tenet melee weapon, and you need each melee weapon multiple times) you do Void Storm Railjack missions, which can be speedrun (depending on which missions are available) in about 5 mins but can also take much longer. After this overlong mission you have a chance of getting Holokeys, mostly you don't, but if you do the faster missions (the ones without long time consuming objectives) you can get 3. In practice this means waiting for a void storm at Nu Ga Mines, grinding the hell out of it for a boring hour, maybe averaging 1 key per 5 mins playtime (if you're both lucky and efficient). You can get enough for one Tenet melee weapon after about 3 hours. 3 hours. THREE HOURS! For 1 weapon (with random stats). To put this in context I can get a Tenet gun from a sister (from candidate to Railjack boss fight) in an hour or so. And this isn't fun, varied gameplay. This is grind Nu Ga Mines as quickly as possible, repeat as fast as possible. The matchmaking is toxic too, as everyone else is as fed up with the mission as I am. 1) Every completed mission should always have Holokeys. This is soul destroying enough without ⅔ of missions giving you FA at the end. 2) there should be other ways of getting Holokeys. Maybe optional objectives always give you some, maybe each crewship kill could drop one? It should be worth varying what you're doing. 3) Drop the weapon price from 40 to 20
  6. The game is free, but it costs money to make. Advertising stuff to you that they can get paid for is just part of that. Game developers need to pay their rent and buy food too. If I'd bought the game I'd agree with you, but Warframe is free, I think the adverts are fair.
  7. This is really an issue with the Mote amp. The Mote is weaker than the Trancendence beam, but you can use it longer and get void mode which overall is a huge buff. Trancendence feels amazing when you get it, but it's balanced to fairly low level enemies (though it doesn't feel like that given its 20 hours or so into the star chart for most players). Meanwhile every other amp is massively more powerful than trancendence beam. Amps don't temper your raw power, they amplify it. That said, amps don't have mods and so don't scale at all outside of levelling your focus schools. They're quickly obsolete for everything except certain boss battles and removing resistances from sentients. The problem is really the mote amp, as it sucks. They should just boost the power of all the amps, maybe by adding mods to them that allow damage to scale. Bringing trancendence back just adds another button combo to an already complicated control scheme to fire a weapon that's almost useless.
  8. Yes, but that wasn't the only option. There are quite a few other mods and Warframe Arcanes that trip on any headshot, not just kill. Even if on-kill was the only option you can stack it on mobs and weaker enemies (with the auto target) and then spray at tougher enemies (with the buff). However, also yes: it does need more damage. I'd just let it keep firing until the clip is empty or you lose LoS.
  9. No, but with lots of on-headshot buffs possible (from mods and Arcanes) having a gun that can really reliably get them would be pretty useful. It should also fire as long as you hold down the fire button and do more damage, but I wanted to keep this thread asking for just one buff. Only if they can't fix it. Just aiming is better if you want the auto aim, consigning it to alt fire would allow us to avoid using it, which is fine if this is only going to be a pointless gimmick. I'd rather they fixed it to be useful.
  10. The Tenet Diplos is fun, but the aim-target gimmic just doesn't work. At low levels it's fine, but slower than hip shooting. At high levels it's just wasting time to fire fewer bullets. One simple fix: auto targeted rounds shot home-in on the head, not the body. So you can fire lots of rounds fast, or few rounds with guaranteed headshots that potentially make it worth taking the time to get the lock on. It also opens loads of interesting builds due to how many mods/Arcanes depend on headshots or headshot-kills.
  11. I had to look up what the Smart Gun was because I don't have Titanfall yet, but I watched a gun guide from Ahoy I loved the Smart Pistol from Titanfall. It's in the sequel too but only as a super weapon you briefly get on the last mission. I really wish the Tenet Diplos was as good, and it feels similar on easy missions. But yeah, it's busted because just shooting is always more effective (more DPS in less time) than locking on. Yes, this would be a big help. Still lock on to up to 8 targets, then fire a bullet per target until you run out of clip. I'd keep all stats but: 1) Homed in bullets target the head, not the body. 2) (optional) All shots have double the usual headshot multiplier. Just having really reliable headshots opens a lot of options for Acolyte mods, Galvanized mods and Arcanes.
  12. Ninja ≠ Samurai, you know that, right? A samurai sword would have been carried by a samurai, not a ninja, the clue's in the name. Quite the opposite. It's common for melee to be more damaging to make up for their lack of range. It's a trope in its own right, see chainsaws in Doom etc. The problem with melee in Warframe is not that it's too strong, it's that it's too dumb. This isn't Dark Souls (where carefully timed attacks burn stamina) or DMC (where attacks chain together to create more powerful variants). It's mash melee button to win. If you want deep melee combat try Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
  13. That a really really bad change. I can play 1 Arbitration per hour with a random frame/weapon buff. I can play Steel Path all day if I want to. Arbitrations already have a lot of stuff in their drop table, diluting that further doesn't help. I can see a lot of extremely frustrating Arbitration gameplay followed by yet another Ayatan Sculpture. This is just painful grind to get mods that supposedly balance guns? These mods should be about as difficult to get as their melee equivalents (Blood Rush, Condition Overload, Beserker, etc).
  14. Yes. You can ignore them and have no difference to your playstyle, or have a little leeway as to when you want to finish them. Similar to Thralls we could kill our way over to them. But the additional downed time is really to make finishers reliable - you could choose to take them out and not have no hope of ever getting one if your squad has (or you are) a good DPS. To preserve momentum finishers should be quicker. At least 2x as fast, maybe with a mod that makes them near instant. The only use case for this is a slightly underpowered weapon with loads of Impact procs. Maybe a Strun Wraith or Gorgon Wraith. But we're not grinding individual enemies down most of the time. On the Steel Path I don't have 1 heavy to deal with, I have 3-5. Having a slow shortcut that gets me from 80%-0 health is useless if I'm struggling grind down that initial 20%. Alternatively if I can readily do 80% damage and the finisher just helps with that last ⅕th, but if I already did ⅘ of the damage that last little bit is not something I need help with. But honestly, are these changes really going to make you bring a Gorgon Wraith or are you (and everyone else) just gonna stick with the Bramma and clear enemies a room at a time? I'm going to have to, but these changes just don't fix the base problem... Getting rid of the randomness and making the health % predictable goes some way to making parazons useful, but it doesn't address this fundamental issue at all.
  15. No, it's just really bland, which is somehow worse. It has slightly better damage, slightly better crit, slightly better status, but painfully slower secondary fire (which as it's a spin up then auto-fire makes it much harder to get headshots with it). If you have a Tenora crit riven the base variant is better than the Prime.
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