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  1. I mean, it works for new Doom.
  2. It's not overpowered, given it's taken me about 2 years to max this stuff. The other schools are underpowered. I would probably have a node in every school that gives you energy, but with my idea you could unbind the node from Zenurik and use it everywhere anyway. It's a nice idea. And maybe Impact (the most useless and annoying proc) could give health orbs? If you remove Energising Dash it would suck, but Zenurik would still slow enemies, electrocute stun enemies and cheap heavy attacks. It would still be the best school. All the other schools pay a lot of operator energy for either minor damage, minor healing or a shield that's gone in a single hit. I'll take the slow+CC+spam heavy melee thanks. Zenurik doesn't need a nerf. It's the only school anyone uses and it still feels way underpowered for the amount of effort put in to it. Most of the schools feel balanced for level < 30 content. Oh, burn all my operator energy to do 500 damage? Seems worth it. Burn all that energy for 250 extra shields? Sure, that seems worthwhile 🤔🤦‍♂️ None of the abilities should cost operator energy, because none are as good as Zenurik's and Zenurik's are all free. All the abilities need to scale off frames or mods or something, because doing less damage than my guns means I'll just use the guns, and so on.
  3. I have maxed out all the focus schools, with millions of focus left over, and this isn't unusual for players with similar playtimes to me. I run Zenurik 95% of the time, because it gives energy on dash, maxes energy from orbs, makes heavy attacks cheap, electrocutes enemies and slows them down (especially useful for Liches) for no extra energy cost. I used to occasionally run Naramon, for melee affinity and extended combos, but mostly it isn't worth it now as Zenurik's cheap heavy attacks are more useful for any weapon where you'll ever use the heavy attacks. Madurai is useful in a few very specific contexts, but mostly a little bit more damage just isn't worth being able to use your abilities less. Unairu has that one wisp ability that's got a very specific use case. Rest of it is trash. It also has a bug where some operator cosmetics seem to glue you to the floor. Vazarin should be healing/support, but generally there are arcanes that are just better for that. Most of the nodes eat all your operator energy in return for rubbish shields. It did have the dash to heal which was useful for healing objectives, but that's now been nerfed. In addition to Zeniruk having the best passive, most useful side effect and some of the most useful nodes, it's also cheap. All the others (but especially Vazarin) are full of nodes that eat all your energy if you void blast or dash in return for very mediocre buffs. Does anyone want that radial blind Madurai node that eats all your energy on your way to the one useful damage buff one? Zenurik is almost always the best focus school, its so much better than all the rest it's just rediculous. They nerfed the Catchmoon because 25% of players used it, but 90% of players use Zenurik and nothing. I don't want them to nerf Zenurik, instead: - Remove all operator energy costs from every node, if Zenurik can have electric stun and slow and regen for free it's a bit rediculous that other schools are burning half your operator energy for much less powerful buffs. - If Vazarin is supposed to be the healing school it needs to outperform other heal mechanisms. - Allow all nodes to be unbound once an entire focus school has been maxed. These should be much more expensive, say 5 million focus. - Only allow these nodes to be applied in other maxed out schools for twice their usual cost - Increase the focus pool cap to 200 This would allow players who've maxed multiple focus schools to build bespoke ones, or take the one or two nodes they really need from one school but run another. It would give all us 750 days-ish and above players something to work towards in focus.
  4. Piercing is a hole punched through armour, slash is cutting someone in bits, impact is driving their head in, or that Doom kill where you smash a demon's skull down into their ribcage. Warframe's stagger is boring, but there are any number of grisly satisfying impact weapons in other games that connect with satisfying crunches and spatters. Slash overkills cut enemies in half, puncture pins them to walls, impact should gib them into grisly chunks.
  5. I understand the Prime reload changes. It's a compromise between some real balance issues: Secondary fire is basically a more effective Ogris, using more ammo per shot vs buckshot and having a higher ammo count is a real nice way around that. However, if the new Corinth Prime reloaded a mag of 20 the way the original did it would take over 9s to fill a clip, which is crazy. But it's also painful for a lot of us who used the Corinth a lot and had the firing rhythm as muscle memory. It feels broken to us, and it feels like the weapon has lost some personality. Yeah, even though a clip of 20 on a one-shot-one-kill crit shotgun is objectively better. So, a change that might keep old fans happy: - Run out of ammo, try to fire and the current reload happens - Tap reload and the current reload happens - Press and hold reload and you put one shell in at a time as long as you hold it. - On this press and hold mode keep the reload timing from the base Corinth, so 2.3s would load 5 shells, full reload in 9.2s. This would keep the personality of the Corinth, keep the sustained fire for the old players who syncopated with it, but also keep the improved utility without creating an overpowered launcher.
  6. Yeah, the old mechanic was flat busted. The companion buff at least makes it apply to razorflies. I think they have a huge improvement in the new model, it's nearly there. It just feels a little awkward to use and range based buffs on a mobility frame feel off.
  7. That defeats the point of a rework. Propose a change to make it interesting. Why? A jack of all trades weapon would be one with IPS in roughly equal amounts, it shouldn't be the proc of one damage type. That kind of goes against the design philosophy - every type is supposed to be good at something, bad at other things (not that they actually succeed, but that's the intent). Yeah, but none of these are really worth the amount of time it takes to execute the finisher on one enemy. Generally you're better with a finisher-opener (like Inaros or Excalibur's) and a regular finisher. The enemies where you would really want that chance of a mercy kill are the really hard targets, the problem is that most of those (for instance Demolysts) are immune to status. If I needed mercy kills to help with rank and file enemies I'd have other problems. Maybe if they significantly boosted the buffs you could get for a mercy kill. Maybe. I'd still rather kill the enemy though.
  8. That would be grand, but also give buffs like crazy, which may well be OP. That's grand, but don't you find they mostly don't reach your teammates? Outside defence I find I just rarely close enough for anyone to benefit. I think if it's intended to be a solo buff then it needs to be cheaper and easier to cast, and if it's intended to have a support element it needs to not be cancelled out by you using your 4 (which it almost always is).
  9. The thing I keep doing is hitting the trigger again to detonate, but I don't see in all the explosions and noise that it's already bounced harmlessly off something, so I fire another round I wasn't expecting and that shot's wasted too. Fkkng annoying. It should either: - Detonate on impact (as Prime, MR14 and limited shots in this mode that should be ok) or - Remain triggerable for 1s after impact If you really don't want these to be used reduce the radius/damage by 25% in these scenarios - that way we still mess up, but the penalty is much less painful than wasting another shot.
  10. Titania's Tribute is much more usable now, but quite clunky to set up and painfully slow. With this in mind the buffs should be more useful, and one way to do this would be to make them much more shared, like Wisp's. Currently only Titania can see the buff, and nearby allies get a proportion of her buff while they are close to her. But she's flying around so generally they aren't. Instead remove the range and instead just make it so that each ally player can see and pick up the buff for themselves. Each player could only pick up each buff once, with their own timer starting from when they pick it up. This would let Titania swoop in, recharge her Tribute and go back to flying around, while still supporting more grounded teammates.
  11. That is how it works with Tennogen skins, but delux skins are usually something else. I think Titania's delux skin's entire concept has some issues with Titania Prime... The delux skin's concept is that when not in Razorwing the wings become the tails on a long coat, which is really cool. However, with Prime's new walking anim that means that neither her legs nor her wings move as she walks around, which feels janky. It's a pity, as I loved the skin on base Titania. I totally agree that you should be able to turn the energy wings on, or just maybe always have them on if the frame is prime, regardless of skin. But I think we probably need additional options for the new walk anim, I love the feature, but would like to turn it off with her delux skin (and only with that skin).
  12. 200% instant vs 245% ticks over 6s. DE could tweak those numbers to whatever feels balanced. Yeah, that's more of an issue with shields still being weak. I don't think every type can have bypass armour as its gimmick. Yeah, all good suggestions too 🙂
  13. Shedu got better. Basmu didn't exist in the old meta That's kind of my point, it feels designed to be a great weapon in a meta it missed out on. I mean, there's just not that much content where those are a problem - they're not in Scarlet Spear, or Railjack, or Lich missions. The kind of missions they are the leeches are a problem much sooner. Radiation procs just aren't that useful compared to Slash, Viral, Toxin or Heat. Yes, above average, but not enough to be out of the MR fodder category. Probably on a tier with most of the clan tech weapons. I am exaggerating, but it's a status mix that would have been special in the old meta, but is mediocre in the current one. These weapons feel balanced for the old meta, underpowered in the current one, they need to do more damage.
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