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  1. Previously exiting Warframe and restarting would result in the full loading cascade: logo, static image, launcher, update specific backdrop, Excalibur seated, login, my frame seated, daily reward. If you quit the game from Xbox home sidebar it still does this. However, some attempt seems to have been made to support XSX's Quick Resume, as it pops in the top right as the game skips most of that cascade: straight to Excal seated. But then if I login it spins forever and never starts. It's quicker to exit, quit, and full restart than Quick Resume. Worse, you can't actually quit games that are stopped but cached for Quick Resume - you have to start, leave, quit, start again. This makes Warframe actually worse with the half-baked Quick Resume than no support at all. Either: - It should quickly resume, or... - It shouldn't try to quick resume when login only works with a full restart.
  2. I was waiting for someone to go for the "a steamer said so - so it must be true!" argument! You can read my original post for my argument. My case is not just that Brozime agrees, but that he (and several others) agree does add weight to the case I already made. I mean, I have to do that too. I want the new weapons, I've got some Holokeys, I now have to wait days, weeks or months for the right elements. And we're not just talking about holokeys, elite crew have the same issue. It's the waiting that's tedious. Dude, this isn't work. I'm not getting paid to play this. I'm doing it for fun, when it stops being fun I stop. I'm saying: "this waiting for a shop to refresh is boring!" You're argument that I'm just not dedicated enought is irrelevant. How dedicated I (or any other long time players are) doesn't really change the fact that waiting for shop refreshes is a boring way to drag out play time. Ha ha, I raised many of them! Every issue is a non issue to lots of other players. I talk about the new game progression brick wall between Vor's Prize and Natah and vets go on about how it doesn't affect them. I talk about acquisition of late game weapons and new players are left out. I think the only universal is just how severe an issue Warframe has with parasitic design and disparate content islands.
  3. Yeah, I think the same thing: Mediocre primes seem pretty pointless, I'd rather just have a weapon skin if all they want to do is cosmetic tweaks.
  4. The game does a very bad job of explaining this, but the bosses on the first run through are introducing new mechanics, and you often need to use those to defeat the boss. You hit most of these MR5-8ish. Don't bring the right weapon type/mods and you won't damage the boss much. This means you're taking the wrong type of weapon or the wrong load out. If you're doing no damage scan the boss and view them in the codex - bosses take little damage from some elements and extra damage from others. Take the right elements. Around Saturn it starts to matter what elements you use: corrosive, viral and slash for Grineer, magnetic and toxin for Corpus. Heat or Slash is always good, Impact is nearly always useless. Usually (but not always) crit weapons are better against bosses - crit always increases boss damage. Bosses are weak to damage types, but often either invulnerable to status procs or capped out at low numbers. This basically nerfs high status weapons and especially rapid fire/beam status weapons. This is ironic as high status rapid fire weapons are probably the best for most missions at this stage, they just suck for bosses. Many bosses also have specific weak spots - any spread or AoE damage will be wasted. For boss fights take something accurate that does high damage per shot. Add crit mods, the right status types for the boss. Snipers work well at this stage - you can get the Vectis cheap in the market and it's a good starter sniper.
  5. Why do you think this? DE schedule everything by ET, why would they run their servers on GMT? I don't think this is the solution you think it is. Most people find timezones incredibly confusing. For instance, a lot of UK people think GMT means UK time (the G of GMT is Greenwich in London) but it isn't - the UK is on BST, which is an hour off between March and October. The corner cases on this are insane - maninly thanks to summer time offsets that mean the difference between your timezone and theirs can change (book a time next week and find that between now and then they've gone from 8 hours behind to 9, etc). And these are the simple cases - some Pacific islands are more than 12 hours off but don't move into tomorrow because we drew the date lines to keep them in the same days as their closest neighbors. Australia has a central timezone that is ½ hour off either side (so shift 30mins instead of an hour). Showing a global clock isn't a terrible idea, but it will remain quite confusing for a lot of players. What would be useful is showing users in your squad (or dojo, or relay?) with their local time or timezone.
  6. Actually, Conclave does give something albeit forced and unfair : Conclave augments being put in nightwave store so you can have your Mesa Waltz in PvE for example, when it was a PvP exclusive mod so you can get your augment without even stepping into Conclave Mesa's Waltz has worked in PvE for ages, it's in the Syndicate stores. But they did make a couple of PvP mods work in PvE recently, most notably Atlas's play as a rumbler one. However they also added those mods to Nightwave, so there's still no reason to play PvP. The mods are all pretty awful too. Mostly interesting but minor buffs to old weak weapons (Viper anyone?) It's still parasitic design - there's nothing (outside cosmetics) that PvP gives you for PvE that you can't also get in PvE. I'm not sure what it could bring back now, even if they could force players into it, it's based on a version of Warframe from 2015 (no new weapons, frames or mods added since then can be used in it) and they have a bit of a epic task balancing 6 years of feature creep. I'd love DE to fix all the parasitic design dead ends in Warframe, but if they just fix one thing they should probably start with railjack. Conclave would be about 10th on the list.
  7. ... P.S.: Feel free to not quote me again, with the stance you're taking, there isn't really anything I'd want to discuss with And yet you wrote this whole reply, taking part of what I said out of context and ignoring my actual point. It isn't, I was quite clear I'd be happy to play it if DE invested in it. My point is that they haven't. You're right, I don't. Their attitude can be clearly inferred from their actions. That's what I'm doing, not speaking for them. We both do know because they tell us in the patch notes you just cited. They do fix the odd bug in Conclave sometimes. It's noticeable that they moved much quicker to remove the Ambassador (new gun they accidentally let be used in PvP). PvP hasn't had a new feature in about 4 years (unless you count Universal Medallions, which I don't). Infer from that whatever you want about DE's priorities.
  8. Go make new friends and ask whether they want to play Warframe's PvP? That's not really how it works. I love it when you get matchmade with a cool group and make new friends, but without matchmaking in PvP that just doesn't happen. I love making new friends, but a dead PvP mode of an otherwise PvE game with a brick wall new player experience just isn't the icebreaker you seem to think it is. Standing opposite each other and boosting is just about the only thing there is to do in Conclave. Yes. A few hundred people (or 1% or so of the player base, and they all seem to be US based) being interested in playing a mode is not enough to stop it from being a ghost town. If you can't get a public match in a PvP game it's dead. If you're running a business it just doesn't make sense to invest in that. I'm not against PvP. If anyone was playing it, and it was integrated with the game somehow (rather than yet another island of content™) and I could just play it when I felt like it then I'd be all for it. Unfortunately it is a dead end content island, it's impossible to get matchmade, it's a terrible place to even try to take new players and most long time players are just going to boost for the Conclave cosmetics they can't otherwise get. This isn't about taking stuff away from anyone. If DE want this game to have PvP then they need to invest in it heavily, and in an ongoing way. New weapons and frames need to work in Conclave from launch. Conclave needs new mods and new content all the time. Rewards earned in PvP need to feed back into PvE and vice versa. In a perfect world DE should fix PvP and make all the players happy. But let's be real here, DE couldn't even make Nightwave ongoing (they just gave up and switched to permanent Intermission). They just don't have the bandwidth. Warframe has a lot of content islands, and the sheer number of them end up detracting from the game. Conclave and Lunaro are just that: little dead ends of parasitic design (that take from existing systems but give nothing back). Fixing these parasitic dead ends is extremely expensive for both game design and development. Just look at how each open world area works or the unfinished orb mother battles, or k drives, or the old archwing missions, or focus schools, or just the insane amout of work they've put in to trying to make Railjack relevant. PvP is broken, DE aren't going to fix it (because it won't make money). I think they need to focus on unifying all the disparate mechanisms in this game, and yes, I think the death of PvP would be a price worth paying for that. Sorry if you enjoy it, this isn't to hurt you, but it's dead. Like 99% of everyone playing Warframe I won't miss it because I've never played it.
  9. Oh, I can queue up a friendly game with my mates, but that's not really the point of PvP is it? Sure, I can outside Warframe and ask someone nicely and try and get into a match with them (that's still much harder outside US latency/timezones), but it's insane set up time for a match. To level Conclave you need to play hundreds of matches. For PvP to be worth playing matchmaking needs to work and it needs to be fairly quick. That a match is theoretically possible if you go on Discord and nag other players into joining a match is irrelevant. PvP in Warframe is exactly as viable as Framefighter - a throwaway piece of parasitic design some devs thought would be fun, but it's a dead end nobody plays. There are about 50,000 people playing Warframe, and of them a few hundred play PvP. Yeah, every now and then DE forgets and accidentally includes a new weapon or mechanic that's overpowered for PvP, they never fix it, they always pull it. Their attitude is clearly to just leave it to die slowly. I think they should just rip the plaster off and kill it already.
  10. 🤣 *checks foundry* I have five, and no free pet slots. I love this idea. DE absolutely won't do it, but it's really good. I would also settle for: - Sell excess hounds for Endo (like RJ chaff) - Sell excess hounds for Kuva. - Sell excess hounds for Murmers on the next Sister. - Or mash together hounds for a small buff (like Vulpaphyla/Predasite breeding).
  11. Sounds grand, but it won't make a shred of difference. Players will totally play Conclave until they get the new weapon, and maybe it will have a few weeks renaissance, but then it's dead again. But maybe if they added a ton of new awesome weapons and mods you could only get in Conclave? Maybe, but that's a ton of work and a ton of balancing (which DE suck at). PvP is dead in Warframe. They could save it, with a ton of investment, but it won't attract new players and it won't keep players and it won't make the players who were staying anyway buy more plat. So from a business point of view it's just pointless. Conclave is dead, but more effort to remove than to leave with the old frames and old weapons it stil allows.
  12. No, but I'm on XSX - we get everything weeks late (at least until we get crossplay).
  13. Only you can't buy Holokeys or tenet melee weapons. Someone really messed up if this grind was supposed to be monetised. They don't, yet. They want to hit a certain acquisition rate, which is certainly measurable, but the feature is new and the initial weeks of a new feature are not a good indicator. They always do this: they don't want to burn through new content, they make it slightly too grindy to acquire, then scale that back. That's why Isolation Vault drops got better, why Railjacks became cheaper to build, why every time things start grindy and get more balanced as they get the stats. It's already happening - since I started this thread they've added new ways to get holokeys and more keys in veil drops. I'm keeping on at them because it isn't enough.
  14. Exactly. And it wouldn't be even significant extra mobility - sprint speed doesn't affect bullet jumping, that's why you can still slide and jump around the place with a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped. Rush is a prettyuch useless mod. Which is an incredibly useful endgame mod, as if you can afford to max it you can ignore certain boss attacks and spam AoE weapons. Game breaking fast. Already. Without even Rush. You can already stack Gauss so much speed that the zoomed FoV turns inside out.
  15. No, it's not. Some of us have to actually care about our work I'm not talking about professionalism. Yeah, you should complete the work to whatever standard is required. If you had two tasks you could take on, they both pay the same but one takes much more effort which would you choose? Would you do anything for free? Warframe is the devs. I definitely disagree with plenty of the choices they've made, but everything I love about this game is also by them. Warframe isn't good despite of DE. It's good because of DE. The bad Holokeys grind is not because DE are malicious, or lazy, it's because Warframe is now crazy complicated and sometimes they get the balance wrong. It's very hard as a developer (who can summon anything on the command line) to really understand what level of grind is acceptable and what isn't.
  16. Yeah. This. It makes for a lot of very confusing boss fights as they talk about events you won't have been part of if you joined after about 2015. I'm glad they switched to open worlds and more permanent quests, but they should have patched something in to fill these gaps. I agree, but that's as someone who played it then. It doesn't work now. New MR1 players end up on the PoE at night being killed by Vomvalysts they can't hurt, they ask why and the answer is spoilers. They leave that and get on to Mars and what's this on Phobos? More spoilers. What about these timed secret doors on Jupiter? More spoilers. DE have build everything since 2015 on top of Operators as a mechanic players need to get all the new content. By the time new players get to Natah they've stumbled into 4 or 5 dead end mechanics, and nothing tells them which they should Google to figure out how it works, and which they shouldn't in case it spoils the quest. They've either Googled it (and been spoiled) or put up with 20 hours not really understanding most of the game mechanics, or had a very patient guide for the whole process (and also be weirdly happy still having the training wheels on 20 hours in).
  17. Isn't every job? Maximum return for minimum effort, sounds entirely reasonable. It's how I approach my job too. In this case a load of effort was put into these new folding attaché weapons. Meanwhile whether we always get a set number for mission completion or horrible RNG where you can play for an hour and get none can be changed with tweaks to drop tables. This isn't a question of developer effort. This is laughable. Software development doesn't just require skill, it requires creativity. Bots are not remotely close to anything requiring that level of skill, the closest we have is probably something like GitHub Copilot https://copilot.github.com/, but even that tends to common bad practices (like a spell checker that can't correct "secretary" because most people in the source data it was trained with can't spell it either). Machine learning can just about train a bot to recognise an image, or output an image that kinda looks like something else Yes, but they'd have to reward more too. I'm fine with a 15 minute Void Storm that lets me crack 3 relics, but I'm not going to spend 15 mins on one relic when a 5 min Survival gives the same reward. It's the inconsistency I hate here. If bonus objectives always gave Corrupted Holokeys then I'd have a reason to do them.
  18. No idea what you're on about here. Players can stab their lich, or not, it's up to them and entirely dependent on whatever parazon mods they have (or often don't have). Not sure why you think they need to "own it". However... I wholly support this. I'm on my third Sister of the day grinding tenet weapons, I don't know them by name. I've regularly tried to parazon someone else's lich/sister just because they all blur together. I don't care what their unique auto-generated name is. Just label them KayAitch's lich/sister to me and everyone else, so I can tell at a glance whether I'm helping someone else do whatever they want (be it ignore or take out) or whether I need to ignore or take them out myself.
  19. That's the problem, it does. If you get a Sevagoth part you won't get Corrupted Holokeys - the one (or maybe two) time item dilutes the pool of currency/resource you need hundreds of. You only get one thing per kill/loot, so this isn't quite the case. But... if this only applied to end mission and objective/cache drop tables that would be a huge step forward. If you have a Harrow built you'd still get blueprints. You'd only stop getting Harrow part blueprints once they are in your inventory. Build another one (for Helminth or maybe an alt forma strat) and they'd start dropping again. I know, but I can't be arsed because they're small change for anything except new players. It's more about a rubbish prize being psychologically worth less than no prize at all. It's why you tell children that if they're naughty Santa will bring them a lump of coal rather than nothing. The first time you get a one time item it feels great - yayy, I can finally build whatever. The 20th time it's lame. Yeah, a smattering of credits but honestly not enough to be bothered going to the inventory and finding it in all the piles of other dead things you build up in this game. The 400th time it's kind of a bad joke. Check your inventory, how many Harrow Cassis have you built up since you last bothered to check?
  20. Oh god those too. Yes, this should apply to all cosmetic drops too. I have so many alt Lavos helms.
  21. Compared to rendering a 3D world, running however many enemy AI, hit detection for everything and Lua scripts for most weapons and abilities? Pretty much none at all. They already do this for certain items. But, if you're worried about that it could re-roll on mission exit. Not my point. I clear them down. DE put single use items in drop tables to make them something it takes a while to get. But once you have them these items are just noise. They don't feel rewarding to get. They feel like a waste of time. I like this idea, though Is probably make the bonus endo or something like that.
  22. I have around 500 Harrow Chassis blueprints. I'd have a lot more but I clear them down every now and then. What is the point of that? Who needs more than 2 Harrows? I have about the same amount of Sevagoth parts as I have Corrupted Holokeys. I could sell 100 complete Oberon sets of these things were tradable, but they aren't so just why? I propose a simple change: if a thing is in my inventory, not a resource, and not tradable, just don't drop it. Drop something else, anything else, from the same table. This would go for kill drops, mission rewards and abilities like Prowl or Desecrate. This would ease a lot of grinds, as we never want untradable items twice (or, when we do for Helminth and the like we'll use them up). It would also reward players who play the game a lot, as collecting all the low tier items in a drop table would make the higher tier drop more often.
  23. Then just make the cost be however many missions you think is fair. Like if an item should drop ⅒ of the time make it cost 10 of currency. For 1% of the time make it 100. Whatever. RNG is not exclusive. Luck is not depth and meaning (if you think it is be super wary of gambling, you're a perfect mark). It really doesn't. More rounds does not equal more or better rewards. I've had multi-hour arbitrations that gave nothing but the poorest endo rewards and sculptures. I've had quick runs that gave multiple Arcanes. Luck is arbitrary, and those multi-hour sessions just feel like a waste of time that burn me out. I honestly don't get how you think that provides any kind of depth.
  24. It's a really good idea! Helios has a precept where once an enemy is full scanned it will generate weak points against that enemy that does more damage. I feel it would be good to extend this idea and have a more general reward for fully scanning an enemy type. This would be good, but a lot of these are missing because they aren't in the game. For instance, 20 or scans are for Nightwatch Corps enimies, but no current missions include them. The only way to get most of them is some Gift of the Lotus and Halloween events still have some of them (missing some eximus). Lots are also only featured once: Corrupted Sentients only appear on the Octavia quest. Tomb Guards only appear on the Inaros quest. I feel you (I'm a completionist too) but completing scans is probably impossible now for anyone who wasn't here for the events that ran from 2013-2016 or so. It might be best to let it go.
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