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  1. I like the anti-duplicates, but maybe make it two or three Liches, cause I did three and got to Kuva Seers.
  2. Molotov, The Pyrotechnic: Stats: Key: MR 0 ___, MR 30 (___) Health: 150 (450) Shield: 100 (300) Armour: 300 Energy:150 (225) Sprint speed: 1.15 Polarities: Madurai, Vazarin Exilius Polarity: None Aura Polarity: Naramon Acquisition: Molotov’s blueprint is accessible after completing his quest, Blast of Molotov*. Blueprints for the components are given throughout the quest. Abilities Passive Molotov is naturally unaffected by explosive damage, caused by himself, or others.(may include self damage explosions) 1.Powder trail Leaking a black powder trail wherever you go, when you ignite it it blasts in smoke and fire, giving you and allies cover and harming your foes. 2.Bag-O’-Bombs. Equipped with four different incendiary devices, each serves it purpose. Landmine - Place a hidden mine, if an enemy is too unfortunately step over it, they are in for an explosive treat. Cocktail - Molotov’s signature weapon. Tossing a bottle of this dangerous liquid will spread fire over a large area, catching any enemies in the area on fire and lasting for the duration. Frag Grenade - a high power but small explosive, when this goes off, it shoots out hundreds of little shards of metal,impaling enemisand making them bleed out. Tracking bomb - This top of the market devise will latch onto an enemy and explode when they least expect it. 3.Explosive shell Covering you in a protective shell, if any melee attacks strike you it will result in an explosion blowing the enemy away 4.Implosion Sucking in enemies from all around into a tiny point in front of you, you suddenly send them flying out in a fatal explosion. Appearance/backstory A very wiry frame that has the back of his head appear as the aftereffects of an explosion. With primary colours of brown orange and white. He appears very battle worn. Similar to other frames, he was created and tested in grineer laboratory. He has undergone extensive tourutre and regular explosive testing, on him. This has given him a hatred toward those who harm him, giving him the goal of breaking out of his imprisonment on saturn six. He was offered a position under the wolf, but refused, deciding to go it alone or small. That's when he found the tenno. (P.S. I winged this. Don’t take if for what it could possibly be. It is susceptible to complete change, this is just the idea I had. =)) Trivia The name Molotov is derived from the Molotov Cocktail a fungerous (fun+dangerous) weapon that is highly destructive. *Blast of Molotov.Quest The basics of the quest is that you must investigate a new threat (similar to the Death Star) and locate Molotov who is the power source. After you locate him, you must free him. As a reward he gives you his blueprint and saves you from the giant starship base that has been wreaking havoc around the system(again similar to the Death Star.) Note from the author I wish for you to know that I did not wish to put in all the fancy stats of the abilities on purpose, I figured I’d leave that to DE. I really hope DE takes this idea, I think it would be really fun to see what they come up with. Yours sincerely Papyrus2017
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