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  1. Steve & Rebecca: "Can we give it a name yet? I dunno, let's not, just in case it changes." Helen, five minutes later: "THE OLD BLOOD"
  2. Maybe DE got confused and thought they were working on Destiny. That's the only way this makes sense.
  3. This is even more disappointing than reversing your decision about the Universal Medallions. There's no point throwing money and time into that pit when your audience is by a huge margin NOT interested in PvP at all.
  4. Have the Incursion rewards (Vulpine Mask, Electrified Barrel, etc.) been added to the Bounty reward pool?
  5. I like the Titania changes overall, but I have one small suggestion for Spellbind QoL. We're already able to cast it without enemies nearby get the status immunity, but we have to be mashing our faces against a wall or the ground to do so. Can it please be castable on allies and/or a self-cast when activated without a target?
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