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  1. Just noticed this as well. Not complaining, but I'm pretty sure it's an unintended change.
  2. Have the Incursion rewards (Vulpine Mask, Electrified Barrel, etc.) been added to the Bounty reward pool?
  3. That's fine, but you had TWO Elite weekly challenges dedicated to endurance running, which is something like 1/4 of all the possible standing that is earnable in one week. If you don't like endurance runs, you're missing out on a ton of standing and need to max out absolutely everything else (including all the dailies) for the week if you want to stay on schedule to "complete" the rewards track. Not to mention that the whole idea of putting your gameplay on a tight "schedule" of activities, booked ten weeks in advance, that you may or may not enjoy that is anti-fun to begin with.
  4. I like the Titania changes overall, but I have one small suggestion for Spellbind QoL. We're already able to cast it without enemies nearby get the status immunity, but we have to be mashing our faces against a wall or the ground to do so. Can it please be castable on allies and/or a self-cast when activated without a target?
  5. Agreed. Pretty much all dashes could use some degree of steerability. Tilesets have to many random-ass obstacles in them for strictly linear dashes longer than 5 meters or so.
  6. I pretty much just want to echo the other folks wondering what the heck is up with Channeling!
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