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  1. It was mostly that people didn't listen when they were told !grabbag lists the items and assumed it gave items? Listening to information is overrated I guess.
  2. I don't look forward to the kids in chat constantly typing !grabbag because they can't fathom watching the stream for a drop.
  3. Did you go to your twitch drops and see if there's a progress bar or item to claim?
  4. Realistically, it seems like the devstream is just bad news and showing they don't understand the community. Three of our thousands of players want melee nerfed. Everyone else wants a gun buff. Let's buff guns in a useless way and nerf melee! They want more railjack? Let's make it worse for everyone too! Good job us! Seriously, stop nerfing everything. Much like life, the goal is to make everything better, not make things worse so bad things look better by comparison.
  5. Destructible grates are invincible in missions on orb vallis, preventing access to some paths and making some bounties i.e. cache hunt unable to be completed.
  6. I had this occur on a first artempt as well. Though in my case, the consoles to lift the glass case were the ones that could not be triggered.
  7. Yes, but there's always people complaining they didn't get their drops, usually because they can't follow directions. So we all get to suffer the new format to deal with their issues.
  8. I have to agree. I buy the supporter packs to support the game for everyone. It isn't to be super selfish over piddly cosmetics. Who cares? You use them because you like them. Not as some pathetic flex because you had a few extra dollars to spare. Use the cosmetics or don't, spend the plat so it goes into the economy and let everyone enjoy the gane together.
  9. As someone who purchased the pack, I have no issues with this. If you're only buying it for exclusive cosmetics that's more a show off move than a supporter move.
  10. Edit: this just went live on my game. Looking forward to running some nightwave again.
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