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  1. Alright, looks like it was a daily cap issue. This thread is a-go for deletion. Have at it, moderators.
  2. Actually going to try that right now. I'm hoping my account isn't glitched, and this New Loka trick works.
  3. So near as I can tell, the basic regalia you get for The Perrin Sequence doesn't give you standing in order to escape negative standing, so I am at a loss as to how to get out of negative standing with a syndicate. Does anyone know how to get out of negative standing?
  4. Doing some troubleshooting now, to see if this is really an isolated issue, or a larger one, but I am attempting to rank up with The Perrin Sequence (already completed Steel Meridian and Arbiters of Hexis, wrapping up on Red Veil) from the negative standing I have. I've been doing missions with The Perrin Sequence symbol on my chest, but the negative standing isn't being reduced, and it won't allow me to pay the Liability rank fee. I have plenty of Golden Potatoes and more than enough credits. The problem is that the negative standing won't decrease, as it should when you do missions with the symbol equipped. Going to continue to explore this, but in the meantime, if anyone else is having issues with any of the syndicates, do please post here.
  5. Please take note of this. Limbo Limina Skin Energy Color Glitch as of the Karst skin update, where the Limbo Limina skin is not registering an energy color other than the default one, even if you have another color selected.
  6. Celesti: Inaros Loadout. Thanks to Operation Plaguestar, I slapped a new mod onto him that makes him even tankier. He has a significant amount of mobility, so be sure to try him out!
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