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  1. HEAVY GARUDA BREATHING. Thank you everyone for continuing to look at Arbitrations after the first round of changes, especially with Empyrean in the works. I appreciate that many of the suggestions mentioned in the feedback threads back in the day were considered and many were implemented in this round of changes. Can't wait to test these out and get back into Survivals. Still don't agree with the removal of the single-death mechanic, but most of these are good changes in my book.
  2. Hi, Digital Extremes has always tried their best to incorporate lore and gameplay mechanics. I heard awhile ago that more Umbral Warframes were planned and will not likely receive quest chains like The Sacrifice. As far as I know, Lore-wise, Excalibur Umbra was a unique case. My question is: How do you see lore being handled in the future of Warframe? Will we start to see a divergence between lore and gameplay or is the union between the two integral to Warframe's (and by extension, DE's) identity?
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