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  1. Update : I've been checking twice a day since the problem to see if the "accomplished " missions were unblocked. Surprisingly today at 11:30 they were. Unfortunately my garagiste called to tell me to pick up my moto before noon since he was closing for the weekend. I logged off and had to do other stuff. Got home, logged on and poof, everything was re-marked as accomplished. Very upset...
  2. Hello, I'm posting to just say that I'm having the same problem. I logged in this morning and Klepto, animator, polarised and sound sleeper were noted as completed when i haven't played since saturday. I also don't have the intermission points so I know it wasn't someone who got on my acciunt and played. I logged off ps4 and on via my phone app. The app shows 0 nightwave mission accomplished. Relog on to ps4 and now the 4 missions PLUS expressive are noted as complete and no change in nightwave points. Fix this please.
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