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  1. Sorry for ranting on your post it's just seems they are needing almost everything that is a glass cannon. Loki, ivara, and recently Nyx. I used to like nyx, I used the psychic dangers all of the time but now. I'd rather jump off a cliff than use nyx. There is no viable fashion frame, the abilities suck, and she's squishy as hell. Meanwhile, Tammy classes have the damage and the armour to back them up. They are a better frame than the squishy ones all together. I'm not even going to get started on Banshee.
  2. I'd also like to add that this season pass adds content that new players will never be able to get once the season. Ends. I would have loved it if they didn't have exclusive themes that added tedious story lines that don't matter. Along with attachments and other cosmetics that will be impossible to get letter on in case you are a casual player like myself who doesn't continuously grind for MR and just likes to enjoy the game. I don't care what the challenge is. I'll get it done eventually without actively trying to complete them. I just don't want to fight a boss I don't care about or get other stuff I could care less about.
  3. Sorry I'm on mobile and don't feel like using the disease that is selecting text. You are right. I'd love to be able to use my fun frames on fortuna but I just get swarmed and die. I'm actively trying to get ivara and would love to use her in the open world but I kinda can't since everyone thinks you have their last melon
  4. That's the entire point of the nullifier field. Use the provided 3d movement and stay away from them as you get rid of them from a distance. Your efficiency must be like -45% to even begin to get hurt by this.
  5. Have you tried dodging? 'cause it kinda seams like you aren't taking advantage of the movement system. Why would you use ivara during the profit taker hunt anyway. Use litterally anyone else. The only useful thing I would think of is the zipline ability. But besides that. Just don't. It's not invisibility's fault that you brought a glass cannon into a fight with a giant spider that has homing missiles. On that subject it's probably detecting the Warframe energy Sig or something linked with the warframe so invisibility wouldn't really solve anything.
  6. Yes you bring a great point. But what if you already mastered it and sold it. Suddenly new update with new weapons and you want to make the new weapon. But don't want to sell anything or have money to buy play. Do you A) sell the weapons you kind of like to use every now and then, B) sell some precious mods, or prime parts you kinda need to make new weapons or C) go onto the forums with an amazing idea that would make a lot of people so happy.
  7. What if to craft weapons that require other weapons. Instead of needing to gain weapon slots we could use the completed weapons still in the foundry to build the weapons.
  8. The wolf is still too tanky and shows up way too often. Also one of the fugitives is now like a mini wolf why is that?
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