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  1. nezhas 3rd does not work propper
  2. Not really what im looking for i just want a bigger mini map without a bigger HUD and no blob blocking the right portion of the screen. i use beacons already for wisps and exits
  3. The wolf is still too tanky and shows up way too often. Also one of the fugitives is now like a mini wolf why is that?
  4. Is there anyway we could make just the corner Mini map bigger and apply filters to it or have other items show up above other and as different colours.
  5. Wasn't melee 3.0 supposed to be released with Revanent?
  6. NO!!! they are just as useful as Frost's dome or zephyrs twisters. Every Warframe is unique and I kinda like the electric hunter feel.
  7. How about some sort of special counter. That counts how many times someone watches new streams and say on the 10th stream they get 50 plat or something as a reward. Every 10 streams they watch. Something to look into.
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