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  1. It's weird that armor even scales because, being a percentage damage reduction, it inherently scales. Is it because they don't want to raise HP values? If that's the case, it's all kind of an illusion. It's currently exponential armor scaling with health scaling to match. Enemy damage also scales with it until you hit the game's natural endstate, armor stripping mandatory to kill enemies and perfect CC or invincibility instead of armor, health or shields.
  2. It seems to me that part of the reason I burn out so quickly in this game is repetition. Honestly, for this reason I love getting invaded, because though there's no way the stalker can possibly give me anything I want, it's nice just to have something unexpected happen. None of these suggestions are fully thought out, but I think they can at a minimum illustrate that there are so many ways that missions in game can be made more engaging. Relic Shrines. Fissure missions are really dull. I hate doing them, but I need forma blueprints and ducats from time to time. I think we should always have a relic equipped in any mission. Then we can have an ayatan altar or some such in the vein of a D2 gem shrine that occasionally appears and allows you to spawn some corrupted. You can even put them in some of the inaccessible stations in Railjack. Next, turrets. It seems to me like finding one should be something to get excited about. In practice though, I just destroy them so no enemy gets inside and is annoying to shoot. How about just axing damage from them entirely and setting it to a % value. One shot does 25% of an enemy's health. If you worry about them being overpowered, they don't need to pivot so fast (so allies will need to cover your flanks) and they can also adopt the railjack overheat mechanic. Containers! The only time I ever open them is when I'm really strapped for energy or ammo. Fundamentally I don't know how much the looter part of the game really belongs in its current incarnation, but how about letting us rip one of these bad boys off the wall and chuck it for damage? The same for exploding barrels. Perhaps the input can be holding the interact button? Some part of me wants updated loot tables for containers, but I also worry that doing that might incentivize running around the map opening containers, which isn't really what anybody wants. Treasure Hunts. Mercy killing an enemy with a parazon has a chance to spawn an upgraded reward in a container somewhere on the map. A kubrow can lead you to it, or you can follow a trail you can see with your scanner. Mutagen cysts. Similar to the ones you have to destroy to kill the hives, these are out of easy sight on infested missions. Taking one out gives a nice buff to your team for the rest of the mission. Corpus reclaimers. Vulnerable slow moving vehicles that can be driven over bodies to produce valuable resources. Keep it alive as long as you can and turns waves of baddies into grofit!
  3. I realize the scale of Railjack is not meant to be completely true to life, but the crewships feel miniscule from the outside. My frame is nearly as tall as the fuselage, when in reality there are like 3 big rooms inside that ship. In practical terms, it makes them harder to target among a crowd. While I know the bases aren't to scale as well, they are at least quite large, so it's not as glaring.
  4. Held X to leave the slingshot. Ended up out of the ship but not in archwing. Could run around in a 2d flat plane. When I managed to board the ship again, the slingshot was unavailable for the next 2 missions. Skiajati's scarf likes to get hung up over wukong's head in his prime skin. I (but none of the rest of my party) also saw a lone wukong deluxe syandana trying to man a turret after its owner left. Once upon entering a grineer base I was stick with my Larkspur in my primary slot, though I could use my other weapons. It was doing pitiful damage like I was still outside (it's normally much more brutal) and my pistol was instead doing suspiciously good damage. Then there is the recurring problem of the game getting hung up in hyperspace and everyone just having to abort and lose their loot.
  5. "Fixed a crash when selecting a loadout if your loadout name contains HTML characters such as "<" in the name" Did someone name their zaw Robert'); DROP TABLE Students, --?
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