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  1. What operators kind of need is a rethink with their relationship to energy. People intentionally avoid abilities that raise the energy cost of void mode. Also, unbound 1-4 feel like a waste. I know they don't want operators to overshadow frames, but since they don't get mods apart from 3 arcane slots, it's hard to imagine that happening anyway.
  2. Any thoughts on letting exalted weapons harm the drones? It cripples Titania in particular since leaving razorwing is dangerous. Also, how about immunity while raking out your archgun. It's supposed to feel powerful, but I actually often just die and get to enjoy the timer on my archgun.
  3. I think people use Itzal because there is no reason to use anything else. The damaging abilties of archwings are pitiful compared to shooting and the archwing runs quickly out of energy in any case. So, the archwing is relegated to transportation and Itzal does that best. Give me a reason to want to fight in my archwing and I will consider the others. If Itzal gets nerfed but is still even 1 percent better at getting around it is still the best the way things stand.
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