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  1. I kind of feel like anyone with a rank 15 helminth has already passed the point where it's of great value. It should have been the rank 1 ability.
  2. Pillage Nova feels so good. Pillage wants exactly the same stats (strength and duration) and plugs up holes in her kit.
  3. On a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard and nouse when travelling, maybe. I am going to end up using it to hit log-in bonuses on vacation probably and little else. That said, asian markets are really turning to mobile gaming (I teach kids in Korea and they're all mobile gamers), so I fully accept that this isn't for me necessarily.
  4. Sojufueled


    Do you think the audio guy said, "Do your best Strongbad"?
  5. If you can get your revenant's mesmer skin to 18+ charges, you have to stand and facetank like a dummy to ever die. If you are the least bit evasive, they last for ages. Inaros is great for facerolling low level content, but any frame with shields is as tanky if you pay attention and even moreso into higher content. His abilities are all kind of a waste of time other than using his 4 for the augment. She requires a little more babysitting, but pillage on nova gives you DR, overshields, a shield gate reset and a status clear. It's a nice little survival package. Just keep range low and duration high.
  6. I don't think I would want low damage AoE. That wouldn't feel like a big boom. I am just inclined to think the trade-offs in terms of things like rate of fire, reload and ammunition are too generous where applied and not costly to trivialize. It's a bit like attack speed in that regard actually.
  7. It's not a worldview. It's just a stupid tactic created by an oversight.
  8. DE could solve this problem so easily and remove a lot of drama from the game by just making liches level up when whether or not they were killed.
  9. Yeah, the way I interpreted that video was that the NGE changes are working, but they still really need some more guidance for the modding system. If anything, DE should see this as a vindication of all that work.
  10. I have never felt particularly immobile as Nidus, but if it was a concern, I might consider something like discounting his area ability by remaining duration on the previous one. My main frustration with Nidus is collecting stacks in multiplayer. My consolation is it's mostly just a problem in content where the atacks don't matter. Steel Path baddies usually survive long enough to stack up.
  11. Yeah, ground level kdrive changes are the solution, but it's complicated and they may not habe the resources or inclination to code it. Going straight into a wall would have to allow you to go up it like a half-pipe and into a k-drive wallrun state. In essence, wiping out should be hard to do.
  12. Now if it didn't fly over their heads and otherwise crawl along at a glacial pace it may just do that. Compare to Magus Lockdown.
  13. I can imagine. Still, since they made them easier to resummon, it seems there's a functional workaround. For my part, I think it would be good to see them reuse the reassembly animation to allow cobbnificent to make its way through small spaces.
  14. Inaros is casual meta. He's a bag of hit points, which will take you just so far before you're working harder to stay alive than you would have been otherwise. Weapons with heaps of viral and just a drop of slash are similar. You'll hardly notice that you have 1 slash and 10 stacks of viral when most mobs die.
  15. A general thing about liches. Can you make it so they level up regardless of whether you parazon them? That would nip some trouble behavior in the bud.
  16. Yeah, I don't even use the blessing unless I am running past it.
  17. I just figure 100p is easier than 40k endo and 3m(?) credits.
  18. As a point of fact, I'll be MR 31 whenever I get around to gilding some hounds. Gonn use the core on one of those primed bane mods I haven't gotten around to leveling because I waste all my endo on rivens I'll probably never use.
  19. Designers always say not to bother giving specific suggestions. They don't look at them. Players are good at finding problems, but not at solving them. When I'm suggesting such a thing I kind of know it's more for the what if discussion than anything. I think there are even legal reasons they specifically won't look at suggestions.
  20. I think they need to lean into the minigame aspect since the maneuvrability is pretty always going to worse than a frame. Roll the tricks for damage mod into the base boards and increase the radius based on the score. A 6000 point trick should go absolutely nuclear.
  21. Valk's somesaults in Hysteria form will probably be really cool with the parkour boost.
  22. Apropos of nothing, I am closing in on MR31 and I maxed out my Focus tree on ESO alone. I am finally just today getting my Braton Vandal.
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