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  1. Please fix the Operator poses not working when viewing someone's profile please! It's an annoying urk to see happen out of the blue.
  2. Wow I just finally got a Noggle. Tack that up from my previous list into the percentage totals.
  3. Glad it wasn't just me, I was clearly typing my information correctly.
  4. Man quite a mess it seems. I have been getting every hour drop and can say I'm pretty disappointed where my time has been going but not surprised. 52 x Credits 15 Grand Finales 4 Glyphs 2 Nitans 2 Wisps 100 Oxium Axi C3 Meso T3 Lith C3 And Khora Helmet that I already had from a past alert. Don't see Khora herself dropping, so I should probably be getting ready for more painful SO C rotation farming. On the plus side, I like AdmiralBaroo now?
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