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  1. Isn't a difference? A Bounty can give you THE relic you need, it has more variety of missions and you're not forced to exit and reload the mission every minute. Repeting hepit is #*!%ing boring, can give you countless relics other than the one you need and you're lucky if you got the one you need in 30+ tries. That's not fun. I could accept it if then you didn't need to be lucky to find the part you want when you oper the relic. There's literally no point in making the relics available only in the void (it isn't even a new prime, we're talking about unvaulted ones), and not on bounties rotations or other missions too. You don't need this way to revive the void, it makes you hate that tile even more (other that annoy people who could leave the game), and the devs needs to revive ALL the starchart, not only the void. You are basically saying that is better for the game to grind for the relics forcing you on few specific missions than to obtain them while having fun where the hell you want.
  2. I got stuck with Valkyr (can't do anything beside walking in a weird stance) two times in a few hours when switching from operator after the update, and sometimes I can't see the warframe after I switch back in (this usually happens the first time after beginning a mission). Anyone else with the same problems?
  3. Can you decrease the chance or rain in the Plains? 90% of the times I go there I could call them Plains of raindolon... 😞
  4. Wait, the Wolf drops things? (sarcasm inside, I consider myself lucky if he drops a S#&$ty mod)
  5. Are you serious? Just repeat the 2nd profit taker bounty, you complete it in the blink of an eye. It took me 5 missions to get them all.
  6. Tried to solo the boss 2 times: 1st time: bugged on the last phase. 2nd time: my kubrow disappeared during the first fight -> I could'nt use the operator when goin' outside -> bugged again on the last phase gg 2 hours lost for nothing
  7. 1h missions are toooo long, maybe 30m max? Maybe more wolf credits or potatoes instead of sigils/emblems? People who played a lot have no problem since they were not so difficult to get before, but for new players I think the actual system could be a problem, unless potatoes will be more often a reward for invasions.
  8. Will we see more bows? I need more bows.
  9. Seriously, no batteries on excavation bounties AGAIN?
  10. still no fix for pets running in circles?
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