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  1. thx for the hard work in hotfixing is it a bug that ephemeras now use warframes energy colors insted of the attachments ones? I hope so
  2. Still waiting for heavy attacks becoming openers too, havig to draw melee weapon first is too clunky, especially with weapons like pennant that's a heavy attack spamming weapon
  3. Just farmin for a new bramma with my Ivara after the update but...seems to me I'm taking A LOT more damage than before? Maybe the update screwed up something with armor, or arcanes or whatever?
  4. This. Happened to me twice because sometimes you forget you're not already killing thralls. Please make it so that we have to keep pressed the button for a couple of seconds to prevent creating a lich by mistake. Also, jesus christ, re-enable the "not getting the same weapon twice or more in a row", it's really frustrating when you find the same weapon 5-6 times in a row.
  5. Ok that now we can see the weapon before killing the larvlings, but is the "not getting the same weapon twice (or more) in a row" thing gone for good or is it a bug?
  6. another question: for those who already own the weapon, will it come with a new slot, like in previous bundles with twitch??
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