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  1. last i saw, when used as a sublimated ability it also wasnt refreshing the uptime on allies like it does for valkyr with each kill so the augment was only effecting you, not your team.
  2. pretty sure if you are in a city, like cetus / fortuna / Necralisk they at least some times do, as I've seen it a few times. hadnt put the 2 together till today. after a bit of testing its consistently showing full stats in cities for me (admittedly somewhat small test sample size, but 10 different loadouts show proper in mission stats while in the city)
  3. did you try it in missions or just in the loadout screen? I ask because none of the auras that effect stats actually show in the stat list.
  4. IF they ever put them in the market.... it would be a lot more than 20p I'd guess at least 60-80 based on aura forma pricing. but the whole point is they dont want them on every frame in your arsenal. they want you to pick a few frames to make use of them on.
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