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  1. Good to see DE’s effort to bring back the sacrificed steel that allows more flexibility builds rather than simply leave it “sacrificed” by the meta. The idea of 2X extra cc on heavy attacks really provides space for many interesting builds However, there are still modifications needed to be done on melee rivens with cc stats. My suggestion goes a simple way that the same buff of 2.5*current cc stats as well as the twice effect on heavy attacks can be applied to rivens as to the steel mods. In this way, the “no combo duration build” becomes more feasible. The current Non-heavy attack build requires combo-duration to maintain the BR buff that enables orange or red crust. Most heavy attack build also requires either Initial combo or Combo duration stats. The core of this is the great return from BR somehow makes it and combo mod irreplaceable. These impose limitations on the builds and is definitely not something favored. The same buff to riven crit-chance can solve this. With a 3dot disposition riven mod, we can get to around 440cc for normal attacks (around 8x for BR) and 880cc (even better than BR)at the beginning of the fight. Nonetheless, things are still in good balance cuz 1) we have used 2 “slots” to do what meant to be done in 1 “slot” by BR in classic combo build. This means that we have to give up one slot of other good stats, which in turn indicates lower upper limit of dmg compared to the classic build (If u give up, say, drifting contact, then u will not be able to maintain the combo multiplier, another trade off). So in general, this build with double cc (from CC and from rivens) underperforms compared to classic build in long fightings but outperforms in short combats. It also allows for the combination of Heavy attack builds and Non heavy attack builds instead of making them exclusive. The pace of this build is that you firstly attack the weak enemies to accumulate combos and then uses heavy attack to deal with those big guys like nox. Since we don’t have the combo duration, our combo duration will gone much faster compared to the combo build and therefore not suitable for the long-run mission like survival and disruption. But this is the balance! In this way people will vary their builds according to the types of the missions instead of using one build for all missions. 2)This type of build requires rivens, so it costs a little bit more but also performs better! U get paid for your effort. Additionally, this build incorporating rivens can make balance between weapons easier . Do realize that if all popular builds of melees exclude rivens. Then the structure of using rivens to balance using rate of weapons will not work! As the summary, the final aim of this adjustment is to render more options on builds (also more fun) while keeping things balanced. Instead of making all melee rivens with cc obsolete (the 5 dot position riven can only offer half of the sacrifices steel cc), we really need to buff them to make things better!
  2. Newest Update: Warframe just fall to 12th in steam at weekends after introducing the trading system of liches. But it doesnt matter, white knights who major in statistics will tell you everything is fine and de is still the best
  3. So is the melee change done? Is it already perfect with that additive formula that makes cc stats useless?
  4. For a whole year, all I feel is that DE is trying to nerf whatever I like to use and ruin everything valuable. As history suggests, the devs who try to FORCE players to do what they want can exhaust the life of a game so quickly. 2300hrs in-game time and r28 veteran here, I feel very depressed and disappointed about this update. The additive formula ruins all my melee rivens with cc and dmg and these rivens cost me thousand hrs to collect. The stance and stats changes ruin the best part of some of my favorite melees like gunblades and fists. The tedious lich system ruins my gaming experience by repeatedly spawning lich with the same weapon and some 20+% bonus after one and another three or four hrs of collecting those murmurs. After all, DE won’t give a S#&$ to players like me and my friends who actually pay this game and it’s totally fine. Kind of stop playing warframe since last week when they spawn the 5th kuva seer for me. Now just the logining interface makes me feel disgusting and one sight into my rivens collection can make me so upset about what DE has done. If a company feel like their game owns too many players and want to kick out part of them through screening process , I won’t have a way to stop it. Feel like losing a burden actually when I stop my daily login and finally get myself some time to try destiny /borderland and so many fantastic games elsewhere.
  5. Plz conduct some modifications so that the sacrificed steel and crit chance on rivens can work more or less.
  6. To limit the exceedingly high dps from red crit and CO, there are numerous ways of doing it but they choose a way that makes all dmg stat/cc stat useless. The primary aim is to “retire” a big part of melee rivens owned by players and therefore provides new incentive to farm kuva and stimulate the revenue from riven system.
  7. Essentially what I’m thinking, if they want no red-crit melees they could just reduce the value on BR , instead of ruining all rivens with cc chance and making sacrificed steel a useless mod.
  8. So are the true steel and bloodrush still additive? RIP sacrificed steel and pressured point, u are indeed sacrificed.
  9. Yes, im talking about rivens. DE never consider the interest with respect to the riven system in this new melee update. In effect, I highly doubt that DE deliberately designs the new system to make a particular major part of high-tier rivens obsolete so they can sustain the dynamic environments and raise the revenue. As the end-game RNG system, riven system costs the most time and namely most resources for players. It also acts the most effective stimulator of internal purchase: If u got 10000 plats, u will be able to afford a complete series of primed frames, all luxury skins and most frequently used mods. But 10000 is just the price of a true god-roll riven of popular weapons. People who choose to buy one, have to acquire plats either by using real money, which means great expenditure even with 75% discount or by spending enormous time farming or selling items. People who choose to roll the rivens themselve, unless extremely lucky, have to exhaust their energy and valuable time to get ideal stats. Regardless of which way people choose, a good riven costs them pretty much. Nonetheless, the output that condenses mountains of effort can be easily ruined in one night. In the phase 2 melee rework, DE changes the formula used to computing final cc and dmg. Particularly, that makes Blood Rush a 660%(11stacks) true steel and Condition Overload a 460% pressured point (3 status proc, which most melee weapons can easily achieve). What's the aftermath? The rivens with critical chance and dmg stats on them that used to be the top priorities now become nothing but trash due to the huge marginal effects. If they just want to nerf the upper limit of melee dmg, there are multiple alternatives, for example, simply lower the values per stack. But DE decided to choose the most strange way, a way that kills the rivens precisely. I like melees, Melees are the major reason why i entered this game. Frames and Guns are cool, but the grand melee system with so many amazing stances is unique cant be found in other similar games like borderlands (its a truly nice game though, especially in balancing numbers). For this reason, I spend almost all the second half of my 2300 hrs gaming time chasing those high-tier rivens. Actually, in steam summary, my gaming time is 4900hrs and this huge difference is the searching costs of these precious stuff. As I mentioned before, players either buy or roll. I choose to buy and that costs me many many plats. To acquire these plats, i did both, on one hand, i farmed and selled arcanes by conducting more than 2200 hydro caps; on the other hand, i put considerable amount of money into this game. I attached part of my charge records at the end of this post. The reason why I list these my personal stats and post these images is to show u how much a player have to pay to get these items. That is much Time and a lot of Real Money and I am NOT THE ONLY ONE who spent that much. Players like me are actually feeding DE but for some ridiculous and hypocritical reason named "balance‘, we suffered the greatest losses from one update to another. ---Too many people using catchmoon, fine, firstly nerf its riven dispostion to cut its dps then nerf its range. *further nerfs coming soon" untill it becomes complete trash that no one use. I bought a dmg/cc/ms-zoom catchmoon half year ago in 9000 plats and now it's worth 2000. ---Tiberon has the most brilliant dps in rifles, good, continuously nerf its disposition for nearly one year. I spent 6000 plats on a god-roll crita-visican -ammo max and now its worth half. Rubico/Opticor/Sicarus/Rattleguts/ Plasmor/ Amprex/ Pyrana/Lanka/Stradavar/Astilla..... Cant count how much I lost since the riven disposition adjustment of "balance" began. But till there, It is still OK. It is still acceptable. But WTF is this so called Melee 3.0 ? Is it really for the "balance" or just an funny excuse for DE to destroy someone's melee riven collections? I've been told the legend story of how a group of respectful players named Founders saved DE from the edge of collapse. From that I truly believed that all DE's work and adjustments will be based on an equal customer-seller relationship. But now all I feel is that DE is a fisherman and we players are fish waiting to be caught. DE designs a fishing net with appropriate holes that big, fat and stupid fish like me with much fresh meat supply will be caught. Instead of protecting the customers who pay you, you actually cut out fresh from them. I actually feel more sad than angry when I realize this. That type of feeling is similar to getting ur child murdered by someone who you trust most. Im a nonnative English speaker and I wish my poor language can picture how depressive I am since this biggest update of 2019 has launched.
  10. The calculation mechanism of blood rush makes all critical chance extremely useless.
  11. What you are using is exactly the old patch formula that doesnt fit to the current situation. Its not just the value of blood rush decreasing from 165% to 60% per stack, but the way it enters to the final cc also changes. Lets put it a simple way, blood rush at 12 stacks is a 660% true steel and this makes true steel almost useless.
  12. Some 20-30 rivens that costs me fairly thousand hours to collect (roll or buy) just lost their values in one night. The weapons I like to use just became toys. The only so called "reason" is “balance". Good things to know, Destiny 2 is always there with active players twice as many as warframe even in the data of " biggest update of 2019". Something beyond the melee, where is our hijacking mission, where is the 3rd mother orb? Instead of bringing the new fantastical things, DE spent much time creating this kuva lich mission, which is nothing but a boring, tedious and time consuming RNG system. It seems that the riven wasnt enough, we want the weapon itself to be random as well. Just a piece of our memory, the billion gas build for redemmer I used to challenge the disruption record has gone forever.
  13. Thanks for the hotfix. What about making Condition Overload multiplicative with pressure point? what about making True steel multiplicative with blood rush?
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