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  1. The issue with you teleporting to Umbra instead of vice versa upon Transference if you're not the host of the session, is nothing more than one of the more recent bugs. The real problem is the tie between the player and what is essentially an uncontrollable dumb AI. Let's be real, Umbra is not intelligent; he simply uses the same weapons and mods you equip to mask the fact that his behavior is copy/pasted straight out of specter AI(except Umbra's is worse). The way I see it, if this passive is actively and consistently hurting Excalibur Umbra's viability with every new update, it's like r
  2. It is pretty sad that Umbra's passive still hasn't been deleted from the game yet. Obviously, it wasn't play-tested and the only reasons I can think of for its continuing existence is either the devs' laziness, or "lore > gameplay"; neither of which are justifiable in any sense. The fact that the majority of Excalibur Umbra users all-but incriminate anyone who even suggests that the passive be "removed" or even "set on a toggle", just because they claimed that they never experienced these issues themselves, also doesn't make the situation any better.
  3. Nikana Zaw skins are still bugged to clip out of proper positioning(appears (for now) to be fixed...) Umbra is still bugged to force the player to teleport to him instead of vice versa upon transference The player still suffers all damage, procs, and energy drain that Umbra takes Umbra's Sentience is still forcibly deployed upon transference; in contrast, every other "minion" ability is fine because they don't take away the player's control (we use operators in a lot more content now, which, with Umbra being deployed regardless of the player's will, is why Umbra's Sent
  4. If you are knocked down into the water(e.g. a shield lancer's shield bash), reemerging from the water will disable bullet jumps. You can however still crouch and jump.
  5. Nikana Zaws are still bugged so that equipped skins' sheathes clip out of proper positioning. Also, if the combo duration resets on any exalted melee(be it through duration or heavy attacks), bonuses from combo multipliers on your equipped melee weapon(e.g. Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, Gladiator set bonus), stop applying to both the melee weapon and exalted melee until either A) the melee weapon's combo multiplier goes down by at least 1x, or B) you reset the entire combo duration of your melee weapon(be it through duration or heavy attacks).
  6. 3/29/2021: I'm changing the topic of this post. Its new purpose is to serve as a collection of bugs that revolve solely around Umbra, in the hopes that one day DE reads this and finally deletes Umbra's Sentience. If not, then at the very least it will act as a sort of outlet for me. Everybody can call me crazy for thinking Umbra's Sentience is the worst passive in the game, but nobody can tell me that these bugs/"features" don't exist. 3/28/2021 - Kuva Fortress/Spy You get forced all the way back to Umbra's position instead of him teleporting to your place if you: use Transfere
  7. Can we get a fix for Nikana skins clipping out on Zaws please?
  8. Can we get a fix for nikana zaw sheathes clipping into weird positions after swinging the zaws?
  9. Not everyone is going to want str/ran/3x umbra, or could even fit 3x umbra You haven't died to toxin normally because the sources of toxin dmg in this game are usually very telegraphed like Nox or Ancients. It's the certain eximus units in the game that give off no visual(or even audio) cues while they inflict their effect upon players(regardless of intensity), is when things are poorly designed. I already recommended cooldowns... Agree to disagree This is bugged where the "heal pool" sets your warframe health to that heal pool, inste
  10. I was initially turned off by your suggestion for a damage cap because that's the reason why things like "H Hemocyte runs. MUST Titania or gtfo" exist. However, I'm now fully onboard for MR reliant damage caps. It just makes sense, and also gives players an actually real reason to rank up besides increased reactant caps. Going off-topic, it's also the same way rivens need to change imo. 1. Have riven transmuters be changed into riven "stat lockers". e.g. You infuse seven riven stat lockers into a riven with +crit chance, +fire rate, +grineer dmg, you click +crit chance five times and +f
  11. 100% yes. Necramechs are sorta co-op incentivized as they are now with it being beneficial to bring a squad so you can circle around them to hit their weak points, I just wish there was more variety to them with increasing bounty tiers instead of just "increase level/increase number of mechs". Also, liches were changed from being status proc immune to status proc resistant; a very simple but very good change. Instead of just adding damage caps, critical resist would also be a healthy and fun addition to those grandiose bosses that die from a rubico riven faster than you can blink. Ye
  12. Shield Gating is currently dominating the meta in regards to general survivability. While this is due to the broken scaling of enemies, that's an issue that we can all pretty much agree on never getting fixed(imagine trying to balance enemies' damage to make it simultaneously fair and challenging for both a 600 EHP Loki and a Rhino sitting on a 100k Iron Skin). Instead, let's tackle the current problem of "shield gating or death". Yes, slap on brief respite/augur mods along with a decaying key on practically any warframe and it's a recipe for success; however, against high level enemies--which
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