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  1. Not everyone is going to want str/ran/3x umbra, or could even fit 3x umbra You haven't died to toxin normally because the sources of toxin dmg in this game are usually very telegraphed like Nox or Ancients. It's the certain eximus units in the game that give off no visual(or even audio) cues while they inflict their effect upon players(regardless of intensity), is when things are poorly designed. I already recommended cooldowns... Agree to disagree This is bugged where the "heal pool" sets your warframe health to that heal pool, inste
  2. I was initially turned off by your suggestion for a damage cap because that's the reason why things like "H Hemocyte runs. MUST Titania or gtfo" exist. However, I'm now fully onboard for MR reliant damage caps. It just makes sense, and also gives players an actually real reason to rank up besides increased reactant caps. Going off-topic, it's also the same way rivens need to change imo. 1. Have riven transmuters be changed into riven "stat lockers". e.g. You infuse seven riven stat lockers into a riven with +crit chance, +fire rate, +grineer dmg, you click +crit chance five times and +f
  3. 100% yes. Necramechs are sorta co-op incentivized as they are now with it being beneficial to bring a squad so you can circle around them to hit their weak points, I just wish there was more variety to them with increasing bounty tiers instead of just "increase level/increase number of mechs". Also, liches were changed from being status proc immune to status proc resistant; a very simple but very good change. Instead of just adding damage caps, critical resist would also be a healthy and fun addition to those grandiose bosses that die from a rubico riven faster than you can blink. Ye
  4. No it wasn't intended to be abused, but it was, which is why so many builds have bent over backwards just to fit it in, and why if health gating was introduced, it 1) will offer diversity for frames since they can now choose shields or health 2) shouldn't be abusable, as health is already stronger than shields, barring the gate. And yeah, DE doesn't want to point the future of the game towards endless stuff, but there are still cases where you'll die virtually instantly, even with a shield build, and even though you haven't stayed hours upon hours into a mission(e.g. high level Nox, venom
  5. You're using 100 armor and 500 health as an example to disprove my claim that armor is useful? Those numbers are so weak, you'll be struggling against lv50s, which could be cleaned easily if you utilize a nuking build. And you DID take my words out of context because you completely skipped over the part where I said armor double-dips with dmg reduction, and also triple dips with that and dmg-resistance, and as any min-max'er knows: separate multipliers are extremely powerful. Separate multipliers are why crits are so powerful in games compared to only increasing your attack or damage stat(e.g.
  6. That's basically the focus of what I meant by "health gating". A situation where a player chooses x frame that can't/doesn't utilize shield gating effectively, and being punished for their aesthetic choice(which, c'mon, isn't that why we all play Warframe?) lacking effective access to shields in their kit. Preventing situations like that with a new mechanic that doesn't break the game like shield gating did on release, but still provides build diversity by giving players a new choice on which way to build their frames, whether shields or health, is what I'm trying to exaggerate. How the m
  7. Because as I've said many times already, not all frames' builds can take advantage of this new shield gating meta effectively, and even when they do build for shield gating, it usually weakens their kit's efficiency. Another reason is that concepts for what you're asking for, which is essentially an Inaros rework, has already been done with to the grave and back. If handled correctly, I don't believe it will break anything that isn't already broken. And the reply of "then you need to fix the game, not give players a new toy" is arguably true yes, but not the focus of this post. If yo
  8. While the blocking action still functions, the blocking animations of Exalted Weapons will break after attacking with the weapon.
  9. Nikana Skins's sheathes clip out of position when applied on Nikana Zaws.
  10. If you're using Umbra while not hosting a mission, upon Transference, you'll be teleported back to Umbra's location instead of Umbra being teleported to you.
  11. Flechette Orb has a static Range of 10m. Bastille has a modifiable Range of 10m. I know there are a million and one ways to vacuum enemies but come on... Flechette Orb's Range should scale with Range mods, right? It could finally be perfect for Bastille if it did. And if someone's going to say "no cause it'll be too OP" 1) lol octavia exists 2) just add a part where there's damage falloff starting at 10m that gradually scales down to X% up to the modified Range; that way it's a balanced buff while at the same time, no one can get angry and cry "nerf" because it's still just a straight-up addit
  12. Disregarding my above reply, what do you all think about health gating working the same way as shield gating in terms of recovering the gate, and instead of a cooldown, every time you take lethal damage, your current energy reserves are cut in half? Should both the energy loss and a cooldown be applied? How should Quick Thinking alter things in that regard? Not my original idea so your thoughts will be appreciated for the person that suggested it to me, provided you have at least some reasoning behind it.
  13. Okay, you seriously need to stop taking my words out of context just to support your own claim because it's getting annoying. You're completely taking out the fact that I mentioned armor stacking multiplicated on top of other sources of damage reduction. That it itself is good, especially since there is literally no mission in this game where you'll die in one or two hits if your build is even halfway decent(except the Nihil fight, but you can't even count that because his hits are coded to be one-hit deaths for any frame, and it's not so much a fight as it is a game of dodgeball). Onc
  14. Armor does provide complexity and reliability. It's a separate multiplier on top of your health that can double dip, or even triple dip alongside extraneous sources of damage reduction and damage resistance. When all are working together, that's not nothing, and it's just one benefit of many that health can boast over shields, except shields has the one benefit that actually matters, which is the gate. That's why my argument is: Give warframes a health gate, but since health would once again be just blatantly better than shields if their gates worked the same way, have the health gate wor
  15. I disagree. As it is now we only have shield gating which a focus on a few warframes like Hildryn and Mag, and that's okay because shields are their theme, right? However most of the cast have to utilize the Decaying Key/Augur gimmick if they want access to this reliable safety net and while that is a testament to player ingenuity, it's just "more of the same flavor"(and also it weakens the builds of a lot of them that need the mod space for augments, minmaxing, etc.). Giving a health gate opens up new opportunities for technically every frame, it doesn't take away anything, and if it works un
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