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  1. Form follows function. Looks are nice, but I'm not going to do a 2h+ SP endless run with a dysfunctional warframe or weapon.
  2. Did they remove the saw riding? I tried to trigger the combo multitude of times and it just doesn't do what I'd expect. I'm probably missing something tho. Figured it out, very finicky tho.
  3. Not sure what subcategory it would fit in so I'll leave it here. Finally saw the Warframe Orbiter display bug in someones orbiter and could capture it. Previously was only aware of it existing thanks to having been informed of it by those who visited my orbiter. You don't see it in your own orbiter, you can only experience this visiting others. Also left in some frame fighter though I'm not sure there is any bug in that. apparently a tag has to be added but there isn't any that fits.
  4. No. Wisp can summon up to 6 motes and 1 universal reservoir gives 3 so you get to summon 2 reservoirs of 6 total motes.
  5. Easy solution would be to have a special auxiliary available for her, if equipped it would keep the glass when SS is cast, with it unequipped SS would remove the glass. *shrugs*
  6. So... No Fusilai Prime? It's no longer part of Gara signature set? Sad tenno noises
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