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  1. OK, but can we get a fix for Malva on venus? Some of the times it queues you into someones open session in the vallis instead...
  2. Enemies not spawning could easily be a anti-camp or afk measure. And bad path-finding, while a badly implemented feature isn't necessarily a bug. But nah the point of my previous post was that I had misunderstood/been confused by what you meant by 'weird internal coding issues' earlier. If it's bugs - it's bugs. No point calling them 'weird internal coding issues' instead. A bug is less ambiguous.
  3. Just for clarity, by camping I mean staying in a single tile and not necessarily standing still in a single spot. As for enemy spawns working in a sine wave I don't think that is particularly strange. In combination with level increases it's supposed to make for a less linear 'difficulty' curve, plenty of games use this logic. edit: I have noticed some bugs of course. But those are outright bugs(and some times rather nice to have cheats while at it). For an example sometimes after a host migration when you become host the enemies act as if you don't exist/are perma-invisible
  4. Well, yes but I mean that in the past Wolf, Zealot and Nihil would all have been operations/events as well. And while we still get operations and we still get an occasional alert for Gift of the Lotus, mostly they have moved into the nightwave system. I think we mostly still get some classical operations and alerts because they are less work for DE.
  5. Ah, perhaps I haven't noticed anything 'strange' because I don't camp.
  6. Care to elaborate? I know the life support drops can be scarce unless you have a loot frame or a drop chance/resource booster but other than that I don't think I've noticed anything in particular...
  7. Does it meet our definition? Yes. Is there things to do related to speedruns? Actually, yes. A lot of speedrunners are complaining about multiple bugs affecting them. It doesn’t matter if they are a minority or not, these bugs are also affecting regular casual players. Could you please define what constitutes a 'speedrun' in warframe? Completing a extermination/rescue/capture/sabotage ASAP? Something else? Currently it's saying nothing at all.
  8. I'm pretty sure nightwave was a way to unify operations/events with the common alerts/rewards we used to get before. It just made it all a little less messy and effectively brought us a little more standardized(ish) seasonal content system. Which is something that was kinda asked for by the community back then. Way to be able to earn a sort of credit to buy nitain with for an example rather than miss out on a relatively short lasting alert for it that comes and goes at random. It is definitely a improvement over what we had before.
  9. I mean if you've got transferrence you don't really need to poop. Makes sense to me.
  10. Works almost every time. And the few it doesn't, just pray harder!
  11. This is the one part of your post I've got to disagree with. I've seen so many oberon players die I can't even be bothered to try and count it. And I'm not even talking about just new players but vets in long MOT runs.
  12. Alas, accessing the chat on loading screens can work, but gets often locked since both UI(chat) and loading/unloading of data happen in the main thread. This game is not very well multi-threaded I'm afraid.
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