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  1. LOL "You could just use a different frame" that's new, are you even trying to using this as an argument to not ask for a rework? Same could be said about every single one of the frames that got a rework. Edit: Nvm, I find another post with actual arguments and a 2018 chart to compare to 2020 (for some reason?) ignoring the fact the he WAS one of the best options for farming and it's not like this anymore.
  2. Totally agree with op just like in every other posts where this've been discussed deeply, unfortunally. I also thought I could fix hydroid using Helminth but nah... Too bad we don't have a Hydroid Youtuber like Trainman R. to ask for rework every time. lol
  3. Not sure if they updated Spawn of this area in the last hotfix or something, it used to work quite good. I said the same thing on another forum and the person asking also got the tags he needed using this method =/ Been off game since MFD nerf lol I'll get back soon but I can't check now =(
  4. I just don't agree that this game is grindy, everything is pretty easy, maybe more than it should!... Imo the worst part is the timed content like syndicate caps etc. I'm way pissed by having to wait 24 hrs to achieve something than actually having a reason to play the same amount of time... I wouldn't care if it was harder or grindier, but making me wait for something I got or I could, is... eeew I can't even find a word. Anyway, I think that new fun game modes would be better than bunch of samesame all over again. Also, a better AI could help, even if it takes place only on St
  5. I like NW, I really do. I like the minigame, the story, even Nora! Everything. I just think that it needs better rewards AFTER rank 30. Maybe it could work like this, after Rank 30 you will get NW currency plus a point or a ticket that could be used on a NW vendor (put in on a relay) to exchange for past NW items, Umbra Forma, Aura Forma, Slots etc
  6. A good change is different then any change. If overpower abilities nuking rooms without effort were DE's real concern they could check breach surge too, yet it seems they don't care, it's only viable for some frames (I'm talking about Steel Path of course, regular content nuking rooms is common for lot of frames). XD The new marked for death too, you can still nuke rooms, but it's now only viable for some frames... this will lead to metas and less diversity of use. =/ IMO they could have waited their balance team get back from vacations and just then do something meaningful instead o
  7. Marked for death HUGE nerf, and now it's basically useless... BUT Breach Surge nukes still exist. Marked for death at least worked for every frame, now we can still nuke the whole room, but work only for a few frames using Breach Surge. Is this intended? I think marked for death nerf was too heavy...
  8. It's always like this, people ask for nerfs and then complain about game being easy. Some weapons works better against certain enemies and that's ok... at least it should. Same for frames. I understand the frustration but they are REALLY easy to kill once you understand some of it's mechanisms and use the right choice of weapons and frames (unless get lucky to have an awesome bug like transference one XD). You will not see me come here to complain I can't kill an Eidolon using my Staticor (my favorite secondary), I think it's not meant to work like that. Geez you can even
  9. Because it's fun. Next. But srsly, swap needs a big rework indeed. =/
  10. Here is what I usually do: Check Cerebrum Magna, they usually spawn on the right side (near the ground) or left side of the building or near the edge of the map. If they don't, just go somewhere else, around 3-4 archwing blinks of distance and get back there so the enemies and animals at Cerebrum load again - repeat. Since they are so small, if you aim your tranq and hear a beep sound, keep looking until you find something. XD You will usually find white and green velocipods (no purple), Crypts, Avichaeas and Predasites at this same spot.
  11. IMO progression in Deimos is WAY FASTER, at least it was for me. I enjoyed Deimos more than other open worlds, probably because of its theme and the world there somewhat feels alive. I don't know about what all "community" wants, since I'm only one person, not a collective, but I agree that we could have more quests and meaningful changes to develop our characters and account. The thing is, it doesn't exclude open world. You can have quests in open world. Plus I'd like to remind you guys that they did Deimos in quarantine, from home... That's a pretty good work for so little tim
  12. This one would be an instant buy, and I don't even play Wisp. o_O
  13. Say no more, I'm gonna link AC Blackflag here. lol It's not like Warframe follows historical stuff. Plus there were pirates in ancient Egypt, Greece, Roman, China... I'm pretty sure if they ever make a Viking-ish Warframe they will put some horns even tho it's a misconception that people have and most will be ok with it. I mean, imo he can still be a pirate, fits the theme and use a hood depending on how it will come to life. XD
  14. If they lower down Son's token required I hope they give mine back LOL I didn't know token could change for the itens each day so I got tons of Lychnus using my 200 ish son tokens... rip. -.-
  15. Not a bug fix but while they don't fix it, I hope I can help ya. I'll copy and paste what I wrote on another post about Avichaea spawn "That's the last mission I did. I recommend Cerebrum Magna for avichs, go there using archwing and tranq rifle, check on top of the Cerebrum "building" and near the edges of the map, if you don't find anything just go away for a distance of like 3-4 archwing's blink, go back to Cerebrum and check if something spawned. I usually find there: Crypt, Avichs, Pharaoh, Medjay (really rare, but happens) and Vizier, Green and White Velocipod."
  16. I would skip conservation's hunting poop for now lol I had way more success just finding the right spot and hunting them in the wild. That's the last mission I did. I recommend Cerebrum Magna for avichs, go there using archwing and tranq rifle, check on top of the Cerebrum "building" and near the edges of the map, if you don't find anything just go away for a distance of like 3-4 archwing's blink, go back to Cerebrum and check if something spawned. I usually find there: Crypt, Avichs, Pharaoh, Medjay (really rare, but happens) and Vizier, Green and White Velocipod.
  17. Same thing! I just did a post about it. Total of six frames too, I hope the seven one shows up at least lol
  18. I know theres a hotfix that was supposed to fix it but well, mine happened after the hotfix. I got 6 subsumed frames and 5 flowers only, and yes, I'm sure. Last frame subsumed was Wisp, no flower. 9/2 and finished on 9/3
  19. Hold on dude, we need to keep "siren song" skill name for his siren based frame waifu someday. XD
  20. There's lot of posts already asking the same thing. And I hope more and more people come here to complain about Hydroid. lol Barrage does no damage and now ragdoll enemies, need a slot mod to be somekind useful; Tidal can be fast but you have no control, it also doesn't hold enemies, which would be a good sinergy with undertow; Undertow keep sucking drops, so you can't see anything nor click on enemies; Tentacle Swarm is useful but way too much cast time, it could be faster or instant plus it does not do enough damage neither it helps at all to aim at enemies. E
  21. haha I second that because yes ;_;/
  22. I'm not using the fact that they are modular like moas as my main argument for this, my measure is that Kubrow breeds and Kavat can share the same appearance traits, even for Vasca. Predasite and Vulpaphyla subspecies dont. That's why I proposed 2 options, because I don't know how is the code behind it. 1- The first if for some reason they are treated like modular components (so they could share mods); 2- The second if they are treated like Kubrow and Kavat (in this options there's no mod share, but fur patterns).
  23. Predasite and Vulpaphyla should share their mods/precepts between their subspecies. The new pets are obtained through a modular system, just like Moa but they are similar to Kubrow and Kavat. Kubrow and Kavat breeds have their own mods, which you can't use on another one. They can have the same appearance tho, so you can have a Sahasa Kubrow that looks exactly as a Huras and a Smeeta Kavat exactly like a Vasca. Predasite and Vulpaphyla on the other have their look tied to their "breeds", just "like" Moa. Moa share their Mods, Predasite and Vulpaphyla don't. That said, I thi
  24. My Shedu, staticor and scourge built for viral doesn't work great against SP corpus, magnetic destroy them in seconds. Didn't test much more weapons than that, as for regular content viral looks better. My melees tho, doesn't matter which stats I use, they die pretty quickly in SP.
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