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  1. I got it after 35 runs, but I didn't get any motor after 70 lol
  2. By the time you use the execution they should be dead, even Grineer at +100 levels, that's why I always encourage Clashing Forest, the combo Resolute Flurry increases the DPS in an absurd manner, it almost looks like a different weapon, if you don't mind hitting only what's in front of you
  3. First, you don't have to spend money, I got 80% of my Rivens by using Kuva, if you *have to* spend money, that's on you, you decided it (whether it's because you work and study at the same time or just don't want to grind it, it doesn't matter, in that case you could complain about Kuva being a hellish grind, which IT IS, but that's another topic entirely) The thing is, I haven't ever said nor will ever say "You *require* a Riven". The clause of "requiring" came from you, if you pay attention to most videos which show a Riven you'll notice that they don't say "you need a Riven", unless they are covering an awful weapon, like Kunai, it goes without saying that you can't use a Kunai for 3rd sortie Grineer, what they can say is "hey, if you *want* to make it viable *here*, you'll *need* a Riven", but Tipedo Prime isn't an awfully weak weapon, why would you *require* a Riven? And what for? I really dislike that "principle" because it uses language in a deceptive way, it projects a purpose on me, because "Require" means "need for a particular purpose", but I ask, what purpose? Mirroring what you see in the video? And why would you do that if you don't believe in Rivens? The video isn't forcing anyone, it doesn't even say "try this", it's only showing what it's capable of at full DPS, and saying the conditions to achieve what you see in the video if *you* want to do it too, it's sharing. And the funniest part of all, is that I agree with you that a weak weapon with a very good Riven is still "inferior" than a medium weapon, I have this wonderful thing that I got out of sheer luck, and believe me, I don't go out saying that Kunais are stronger or superior than the Marelok (even though *I* can probably get a similar DPS with less reload time), I'm not delusional
  4. Yes, indeed, it was a simpler time. I get what you say, there are thousands and thousands of players that believe in the same, it's a popular opinion, hence the principle (which I already knew..). Now, let's say another person disagrees, and believes that because Rivens are part of the game, since they were added as every other feature, they are a valid additional feature that can be used to determine the power of a weapon, what do you have to say? Where do you draw the line? Isn't it arbitrarily deciding "this counts and this doesn't" instead of using everything that the devs intended? Well from my side, I could make an opposing principle and start posting it on every weapon thread where Rivens aren't used, don't you think it'd be annoying for the other side?
  5. It was shown without a riven first for the Riven Atheists, you can ignore the rest of the video, that's what the weapon can do
  6. I don't care about your dispute, just came to point out that this is a famous fallacy called "Argumentum ad populum" which is something similar to "If it's popular, it's true, because most believe it" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argumentum_ad_populum You can google it too if you don't like the Wikipedia article
  7. That's amazing, It would solve the disputes once and for all and everybody would be much more excited about the weapon
  8. Bear in mind Damage 3.0 will put an end to weapons with insane reach, and iirc they wanted to implement an absolute limit for weapons, so it may be a bug showing a feature of melee 3.0? "I didn't see any video/post covering it", "It" being: "why it's so OP", hell, even in this thread most disagree with that. So, it's not a lie. I've made a video before this one, the video about the Tipedo Prime is actually an "addendum", an addition to that video, and as such, I followed the same conditions, otherwise it wouldn't have been rigorous at all. The reason for the 3x combo is because it lets you test the weapon without an additional intervening variable, and let's you make several measurements, also, it's easily attainable in-game, 2.5x and 3.0x combo are very similar, and since Warframe is a Horde Mode, if you're using melee, you'll always maintain at least a 2.5x combo, regardless of the ramping up of the weapon. The process of acquiring a 2.5/3.0 is on the end user, I see this not as a cars competition, but as a long-distance running competition, since everyone can quickly sort out the combo condition (also, I haven't used any slow weapon because of that). This was something I had to take a choice, if I went the route of measuring time from combo 0, the video would play very similarly, but I already picture a comment criticizing that very same thing, I see no way of getting out of this. And, also "alomst all the damage comes from that combo mechanic", this is factually incorrect, the evidence is the video I'm showing at the end, you'll see that, despite many weapons having a 3x combo multiplier (and Venka Prime a 4.25), you'll find a huge difference between weapon performances, if most of the damage came only from the multiplier (and I'm always using the same builds), then there shouldn't be a gap so giant as it's shown in the video (the first weapon performs around 5 times faster than the last one). I see these videos as a scientific experiment more than anything, and there are so many variables you have to trim out for the method to be "acceptable", I still have issues like "should I count the headshots" and things like that u.u And the Napalms instead of Corrupted Heavy Gunners is something that I decided in the last video, I don't remember why, I probably thought "they are basically the same" and went along, I may re-do the video in a future with Corrupted Heavy Gunners, but not now, it took me more time that I'd like to admit. And, yeah, with "slightly more tankier against viral" I was actually referring to the x10 health Napalms: instead of 5.22 seconds it probably takes 5.5, it doesn't have any impact on the weapon against regular lvl 145 Corrupted Heavy Gunners, not at all. Here's the video I referred to so many times
  9. Yeah, the general somewhat "meh"/negative reaction leads me to believe that players hate Staves stances, it's just that I don't understand where does the hate come from, I mean, I hate Flailing Branch because it's incredibly weak (and I hate that DE puts it as the default Stance in several Staves), but Clashing Forest isn't, with a quick 3-times-hit and a guaranteed impact proc it hits quite respectably, and also has mobility with a knockdown The attack speed drop is non-existent, you wouldn't notice it tbh, even stacking a 30% AS over the berseker is barely noticeable. 52% base damage increase isn't a "slightly increased overall damage", specially paired with improved numbers for a Hybrid build (and this weapon really needs the status chance, only a 4% of status chance increase would make it much stronger due to the high amount of Status procs due to high AS) Could you point to a Staff Zaw that you think is stronger/on par with Tipedo Prime? I'd like to try And yeah, I don't even count the paused combo for a high AS weapon, I mean, you won't even be able to time it right most of the time lol
  10. I mean, like most Prime variants, specially in the melee category, the "Tiberon Primes" are more an exception than a rule
  11. Why? Is it too "weak"? Is it the short range? You don't like Staves stances? Do you have a link to a video/post? I haven't noticed any bug as of yesterday That was a pretty cheap Riven for the Tipedo Prime, so I suggest you to watch the video to see what you can do with it, I wouldn't say it's trash
  12. Hi tennos Up until now I've seen disappointment about the Tipedo Prime and even as if it was dismissed and nobody even cares at all enough to make a post or a serious video, even in Youtube there are just a few, whereas Equinox Prime and Stradavar Prime abound, and it's not that Stradavar Prime is the most exciting and special weapon ever, it's cool, don't get me wrong, it's just that it's not a game defining weapon. Is there a Primary/Rifle bias? Are there too many Melee weapons and nobody cares? I don't know. Anyway, I found myself loving the weapon since it hits so f*cking hard and fast, so I decided to get a great Riven and add it to my collection of weapons I tested (I did a video about that). I could go on for a bit to explain why it's so OP and I didn't see any video/post covering it, but I've already made a short video about it, so yeah, insert brazen self-publicity. Also, I killed a level 500 Dargyn Pilot in 3 seconds, at least you'll find the bug hilarious May RNGesus be with you
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