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  1. Ye i was busy playing the game while dev s was on. But they did mention unvaulting so im technically right
  2. Im wandering what y'all think about this news. Some players mentioned this would be a band aid solution for "endgame" but im curious what others have to say
  3. Octavia is popular, especially around the modern Warframe player circles of god awful 'fashion' frame captura-only runs. This cool lookin trailer serves only to fool new and returning players into thinking Warframe is more than melee spam farm and standing grind.
  4. How else are they gonna force people to watch that cringefest. Heavily time gated items and plat giveaways for thirsty new players, the backbone of this game.
  5. If this one's up hopefully others will be too. I want some of them for the sake of collection but no way im gonna pay 1000s of plat for mostly useless items
  6. No, most of yall fashon frame makes me wanna throw up. If you're so bothered by in game wings please reconsider your life choices
  7. De makes most money from forma bundles and prime/vault access, while alot of us hate the grind and see the relic system as too unfair in rng department, it's necessary for the game to be financially viable
  8. At least i can use resources i already slaved for, but i get ya point
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