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  1. I stopped using any form of survivability other than infested mobility and speed. I use arcane consequence and phantasm
  2. The problem it the fact that right now wf is playable in your sleep and not everyone likes the vegetable levels of difficulty
  3. Grineer power cell units spawn in Roche kuva lich exterminate node, remastered corpus tileset
  4. I hate it with a burning passion, but there's potential in it. If only enemies didn't take 3.5bln years to get to you.
  5. Bruh it's even worse when they invite you to their dojo and immediately leave
  6. Not really, check out some new warframes, preview some new cosmetics, get your forma and dip. Unless you have some ppl to play with but that makes any game fun
  7. I'd love to see something Thor themed, same way Zephyr has a Gundam theme
  8. They are irrelevant. You're either a god in star chart and sp missions or ignoring stats like health in extreme endurance, because invisibility or niduses infinite armour scaling beats everything. Period. People use them because they're newer, repainted and slightly better skins.
  9. They're meat tanks designed to take damage, there is no significant difference. They all do the same boring routine of get hit, get energy, heal/steal health in a fkn loop
  10. Just play nidus, or inaros. They're the same frame, but better; and both about to be checked off as primes if you really care about those irrelevant little stat boosts.
  11. Hopefully it will be implemented well, not like in lua spy missions
  12. It's a band aid, for someone with a hard on for quality of life de loves to cram useless augments like this and pretend like it shouldn't have been how the base ability works. Stop praising bad game design
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