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  1. Don't bother bringing anything like this up because the warframe forum hivemind will always try to silence you and anyone else trying to question or criticize any aspect of their 'perfect' game
  2. Hopefully new war can be used as an excuse for eidolons to be roaming around day time
  3. You're right it's absolutely not worth your time
  4. Relic missions are missing from the navigation menu and when i do find them manually, game forces me into normal version of that mission
  5. It might just be a coincidence, hijack target doesn't move at a constant speed
  6. I get the same thing for tenet livia, always blue energy no matter what
  7. 100% agree, unfortunately most people who play games don't bother with stories/reading/forums, and whatever else. And that's a problem in DEs case because a major profit drive for them is new players. If they want to keep the attention of your average normie they need to figure out some way of expanding the tutorial, BEYOND choosing your warframe. Like a mini quest after, driving players towards junctions and new quests, instead of dumping you in an empty ship and doing the shoulder gesture of 'idk, have fun i guess'. Which is kinda the point of this post. I hate using this word, but 'vets' like me constantly struggle bringing our friends along because warframe turns into a multiple day lecture
  8. You're playing a game, not learning books worth of bs
  9. *Vietnam flashbacks to lunaro, archwing, railjack launch* Let's not forget tencent owns them now, im not a doomer or anything, but I'd just like to pion out the convenience of these two events (acquisition and mobile version) happening not too far apart. In all fairness yes they wouldn't be pouring all that wf money into mobile if they didn't have confidence in it, but let's not forget we don't live in a perfect world and not every financial decision de made was exactly.. perfect. Idk
  10. This could be mitigated by cutting things like spin during a bullet jump, or making camera 'stationary' like in mirrors edge, example to fix melee stances could be skyrim camera, where lets say even though you're swinging a longsword your eyes don't follow it, you're just looking forward. And there's a lock on toggle 'melee auto targeting' already in options for ' missing hit boxes'. Idk man not trying to argue against your point, just feel like if they already tacked on worse features and left them dead (archwing) and compared, a lot less people would have a problem with first person camera.
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